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Padmapriya is probably the boldest actress in the south indian film industry. And probably the most educated actress too, she has an MBA. Unlike most other actresses down south, this girl knows how to choose her films. Padmapriya is a thinking actress and she knows that acting is not just about looks. Her attitude may not get approval from the male chauvinistic majority of the society, but that doesn't stop her from being herself.

Padmapriya is a trained bharathanatyam dancer. Her first movie is Seenu Vasanthi Lakshmi (2003) in tamil. Later on she acted in many malayalam and a few tamil movies, most of which required her to showcase her histrionic skills on screen rather than the usual body shows and gimmicks shown by  a majority of the south indian actresses. Especially in malayalam, she got to play some wonderful characters and work with some notable directors. Both the critics and the masses were all praise for her amazing performance in the magnus opus "Pazhassi Raja". And her performance has won her a role in the bollywood movie "Striker".Padmapriya has always been very careful not to be typecast. She has handled a wide variety of roles with amazing ease and maturity.

Padmapriya is an actress who has very good social awareness and is never afraid to speak up. She has been involved in a few controversies , like slapping the director of one of her movies . She is not one who would allow men to take advantage of woman. She  has that rare combination of beauty, talent and attitude and it is sure to take her to great heights. So we dedicate this gallery to you Padmapriya.

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riz_hus2001 6 years ago

she is very beuty

vishnu 6 years ago

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eo 6 years ago

her lips is very sexy

vimal 6 years ago

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chandu 6 years ago

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ramesh 5 years ago

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daredevil 4 years ago

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hh 4 years ago

i love you

Aswin 4 years ago

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Aswin 4 years ago

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4 years ago

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ad 4 years ago

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Sasi 3 years ago

Wow give me one bite darling padma you are super ooomma

jesi 3 years ago

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af 2 years ago

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karthik 2 years ago

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sarath 2 years ago

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2 years ago

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anil 2 years ago

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Ajith 2 years ago

Avarude chirinu thali thirikkum najan

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