Pam and Jim from the office

One of my best shows of all the time .. (the office)

We all know the complex relationship between Jim Halbert and Pam Beasley in this series and how they separated and met more than once in the impossible love affair .. Is not that wonderful? How beautiful and cute are the two of them? are not they raise your laughs and spoil your tears?

I have seen just three seasons of the series .. I think they are airing the sixth season now .. and I'm on my way to download and watch them all as rings fly out of my mind already!I love this series and I love madly Pam and Jim!

Top moments between Jim and Pam in two seasons and a half:

  • In the basketball game of season one, when Jim was competing with Roy .. former fiancee of Bam, the scene was very funny and exciting, jim trying to grab a .. satisfaction of Pam and Roy feel jealous and competition from this newcomer.
  • When he said that his feelings for pam are gone and he had become over her .. this was not true and was very emotional
  •  when pam was preparing her wedding details in the office in the presence of jim and very narrow to the extent that the written complaint to the Blessed
  • When Jim told her in the final episode of the second season that he loves her .. Aowooh This was an indescribable scene .. when she told him she could not . Oh I have cried from the intensity of his love for her .. What did you do this for you, Pam?
  • When he kissed her moments after the previous scene..and asked her : are you really gonna marry him? She said yes!
  • At the beginning of the third season when he returned to office after the closing of the section near Newyork where he had been .. Do you see how she jumped in his lap, laughing when she saw him?
  • When Karen asked her to resolve the dispute between her and Jim and she did .. then sat crying .. Oh My Gad
  • at the wedding of phylis when he looked at her while he was dancing with Karn

I did not see only half of the third season so I can not complete ,but I think that the last of this season would be great .. I will continue strongly to an article later longer when watching the full series.

Now what do you think? :D

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prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

nice information. Thanks for showing me about this. good work.

amagdy profile image

amagdy 7 years ago from giza, Egypt Author

u r welcome, thanks for stopping by

angela_michelle profile image

angela_michelle 6 years ago from United States

I love this show!!! And good pictures! By the way you should so update this hub!

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