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Pandora Radio is a free internet radio site. Pandora Radio is unlike any other radio station because you get to pretty much listen to what you want to hear. All you have to do is go to the site and put in the name of a music group or song and it will play that artist and also play songs or artists that are similar to your choice.

When you choose a music artist or a song, Pandora Radio looks for certain characteristics of that particular song or artist and tries to match it to other songs or artists, to eventually play them next for you or as you listen.

Pandora Radio is part of what is called the Music Genome Project, which started in 1999 and eventually resulted in Pandora Radio in 2000.

How does it work?

Pandora Radio takes enjoying music to whole new level. Pandora Radio has turned the pleasure of listening to music into a science. Each song is analyzed for up to 400 different and unique traits. Once they are analyzed, they are basically matched and compared to other songs and music artists. When a user of the service enters the name of a song or music artist, Pandora Radio automatically starts coming up with songs that will fit your personal taste.

That means if you put in the name of one music artist or song, Pandora Radio will more than likely start playing songs or music artists that you may have never heard before, but you will probably like! I think that's an amazing triumph for the avid music listener!

Pandora Radio is a wonderful opportunity for those that really enjoy music. It is a great way to discover new artists or songs that we may have never heard before without having to listen to a lot of music we probably won't like. It is a great way to find great music that fits our own personal taste and find it strategically. On the site you can create up to 100 of your own personal stations, which means you can define your music enjoyment for any style or mood imaginable

Constantly Updated With New Music And Artists

According to the Pandora Radio's website, they are constantly updating their library of songs and music artists. This means that new songs and new music groups are there just waiting for you to discover them, all based on what you have always enjoyed before.

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L.M. Hosler profile image

L.M. Hosler 2 years ago

I was surprised that so few people had ever heard of Pandora Radio. There are a couple of other features that I like about Pandora. If they play a song you don't like you can easily skip it. You can also give feedback whether you like the song or not. It is also commercial free, at least it was.

PhoenixV profile image

PhoenixV 7 months ago from USA Author

Thanks for the comment.

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