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Oh great, another bunch of sleepless nights to look forward to.

For those the read my review for the last "Paranormal Activity", then you'll know how scared I was of that movie. In fact, I couldn't sleep for days after I saw it, as it guaranteed nightmares to anyone brave enough to watch it. Sadly, that wasn't even the scariest film of the franchise, as the sequel was by far scarier. Of course, it didn't help that I was the only person in the theater watching this, as I was completely alone watching "Paranormal Activity 2." Heck, I'm not going to lie to you people, I was just freaking scared. There were times during the movie I had to look over my shoulder because of how scary the movie was. Heck, it gives me the creeps just thinking about it, as I write this review.

Set a few months before the events of the first movie, "Paranormal Activity 2" centers around a newly married couple residing in their new suburban home, with their family that consists of their teenage daughter and their baby boy, Hunter. After what appears to be a break in at their house, the family decides to set up various security cameras around their home, to monitor any suspicious activity. Unfortunately, what they find out through these tapes isn't exactly pleasant, as they soon realize that the events that are transpiring are far more sinister than they seem.

For those that saw the first movie, then you should have a general idea what to expect. Images that seem eerily subtle, to where one could dismiss them logically, around the beginning. Then as the movie reaches closer and closer to it's epic climax is when the images become drastically more frightening. So frightening and realistic, that you'll be scared out of your mind for days. Trust me, you won't sleep for days, after you see how realistically terrifying this movie is.

Heck, what makes the movie even scarier than the previous one are the shadows. That's right, even the shadows move in this sequel, as you'll have to see it to believe it. The way the shadows will subtly move and create a foreshadowing of terror is just spooky, as it will create the perfect tension to send chills down anyone's spine. Plus, it really doesn't help when the cinematography is shot in that same home video style that made the last film so realistic and scary.

Definitely a great horror movie to see if your looking to get scared for this Halloween. Just one word of advice, don't see this film alone like I did. Seriously, if you do, then your going to be scared out of your wits. Trust me, you don't want to see this movie the same way I did, as I barely got any sleep the same night I saw this movie. Therefore, don't make the same mistake I did, and don't see this alone. When I saw the first movie last year, I honestly thought that was the scariest freaking movie I had ever seen. That is....until I saw "Paranormal Activity 2." Guaranteed to haunt and give all it's viewers nightmares, as the shadows and creepiness is so eerily realistic, that you won't believe your eyes. That's why I have to give this movie a perfect four stars out of four. A must see for those looking for frights this Halloween.

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profile image

rakuba 6 years ago

Still.. very few people see ghosts.

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago Author

That's true, but that doesn't make this film less scary. Anyways, thanks for stopping by and reading my hub. :)

angela kekahu profile image

angela kekahu 6 years ago

cant wait to see this movie! ^_^

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago Author

Thanks angela for visiting my hub, and I hope you enjoy the movie when you see it. Just don't see it by yourself like I did, as this film is way too scary.

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA

I'm a little afraid to watch the trailer lol cause it's almost , well it's very late here!! But this looks very interesting. thx for reviewing it :)

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago Author

Your welcome. I don't blame you for not viewing it. The trailer still freaks me out just watching it. lol. Anyways, thanks for stopping by again, as it's always a pleasure seeing you. I hope you like the movie when you see it. :)

profile image

jca197493@yahoo.c 6 years ago

I will not watch any horror movies because I am the one that jumps throughout the movie and drives everyone nuts! Going to MAKE myself watch Paranormal 1 & 2.

Fullerman5000 profile image

Fullerman5000 6 years ago from Louisiana, USA

Great review. I am actually going to see this movie tonight. The first one was great, im sure this one is going to be awesome.

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago Author


Well I hope you enjoy the two movies when you see them then. Just be sure to have someone with you when you watch them, as they're literally that scary. lol anyways, thanks stopping by and reading my hub, as it's a pleasure having you here. :)


Thanks Fullerman, I appreciate you saying that, and for stopping by. Well I hope you enjoy the movie later tonight. Trust me, if your into horror films, then this one is a real treat.

profile image

ankigarg87 6 years ago

Great review !

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago Author


Rusty C. Adore profile image

Rusty C. Adore 6 years ago from Michigan

I really enjoyed Paranormal Activity 2. I think that it was definitely creepy and they totally delivered with amped up activity. I personally liked the first one better because it literally kept me awake for days. And when I was finally able to sleep I had to shut the bedroom door. I got no sleep after watching that one.

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago Author

Thanks for stopping by Rusty, and sharing your thoughts with us. I know exactly what you mean to. I remember after watching both films, I couldn't sleep for days. Hell, I still get nightmares just thinking about those films. Anyways, thanks again for stopping by. :)

Alyssa 6 years ago

just seeing the previews made me and my friends scream bloody murder it's so intense.... omg i don't know if we are prepared enought to see this moviee. But, we are gonna find out.

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago Author

Well I hope you guys enjoy the movie then. It's a good thing your seeing it with your friends, as I know what it's like to see this film alone, as you can tell from reading my review. lol. Trust me, if you think the trailers for this one is scary, then all i can say is you're going to be terrified out of your mind when you see the film. ;) anyways, thanks for stopping by ladies, as i always welcome new visitors here. :)

PaperNotes profile image

PaperNotes 6 years ago

Wow, I sure hope to have the guts to watch this. And hope my husband would agree to watch it with me!

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago Author

lol. Well I hope you both enjoy the movie then. Yeah, it's definitely not a film you want to watch alone, as I can tell you that from experience. ;) lol. Anyways, thanks for stopping. :)

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