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I just recently saw the sequel to the hit movie Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Activity Two. I was a big fan of the first mainly because it was original and was made for so little money and became a movie phenomenon.  I enjoyed the second installment as well. Even though you kind of expected the suspense and style to be the same, it still had a lot of unexpected thrills and scares.

The plot of the sequel went more into detail on the back story of the demonic entity that was haunting this family. The sequel acted as a prequel as well. Giving the explanation on how this entity haunted the family in the first movie. The plot was much more detailed in the second movie and it explained so much with even more interesting details.

The movie starts off rather slow like the first one. Building suspense and becoming much more intense towards the en d of the film. I must say though, I jumped a few more times in the Paranormal Activity Two than I did in the first movie. The scares are a lot better and more intense in this film than the first movie. Even though I kind of knew what was coming, you had no idea exactly how they would scare you.

I have a feeling this will not be the last film in the franchise. Once again, they have left the film open for a third movie. However, I do not see the third film being as good as the first two because I feel that it will lack storyline.

The characters were rather more believable in the second film. And the dog in the movie, I felt, stole the show. It was very well trained and gave a more eerie feeling when the dog would bark and go crazy when you could not see anyone there.  The dad and the young daughter were great as well. The added a more reality performance rather than a stage performance.

I would rate this movie a two and a half. Though it was better than the first movie, there wasn’t much difference between the two other than a few more scares and more intense sequences. I felt the movie could have had some originality like the first one did. I was hoping they would change up the style. It is a moving worth seeing once in theaters, then again when you have forgotten much about the film.

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timonweller profile image

timonweller 5 years ago

The first one was excellent, can't wait to see the second one.

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