Part Of You Remains

Part Of You Remains

Part Of You Remains

by Chuck RitenouR 10-23-2K2

verse 1:

Time has passed and the healing has begun

somedays it rains but somedays I can see the sun

sometimes I cry but somedays I'm ok

Part of me is missing, while part of you remains.

verse 2:

Your shadow is still walking across my heart.

when you left, your love left its mark

no, it doesn't really matter who's to blame

part of me is missing, while part of you remains.


that part of me that was happy and felt like it belonged

that part of me that sang about you in every love song

those parts of me are missing and I think that its a shame

you know, part of me is missing while part of you remains.

vese 3:

If your memory should ever fade away

and if I shouid find true love, true love someday

will it make me feel whole, will it banish the pain

but now part of me missing while part of you remains.

the end


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