Pause For a Laugh

Del Boy - Only Fools and Horses

Trying to explain something to the folks down the Nag's Head

Alan Partridge

Flatley my dear, I don't Riverdance.

Dennis and Dee - It's Always Sunny..

The show, in a nut shell.. and in two pictures. At least, the never ending approach to Dee by all of the main characters.

Andy Millman - Extras

Bored during a meal with a boring man, Andy tries to take the boredom away and demonstrate how he feels. He has tried with words, often. Maybe this can get the message across..

Micky Pearce - Only Fools and Horses

Explaining something or other - perhaps wind and weather.. or how to fall asleep on your feet with your mouth open.

Rich & Dave/Wormwood - Snuff Box

You, you, you.. x 100. Who needs words when you have a talent for pulling faces and coming ouot with random nonsense like Rich?

Dennis and Dee - It's Always Sunny..

Who needs health insurance, who needs exercise.. TWO things that we do not need with science on our side..

Matt - Snuff Box

Take this letter back in time - after I have pulled of my pouting duck face, that some joker has caught in a paused moment.

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Needless to say... 2 years ago

You have misquoted Alan Partridge. It should be 'Flatly my dear..' ..

Tyler Bracken profile image

Tyler Bracken 2 years ago from Berlin, Germany Author


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