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Anushka Shetty is one of another successful famous Tamil and Teugu actress .During her career, She has acted in more movies in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Bengali including the international productions too.She is very successful Indian actress and her success prover's more and more about her intelligence while she chose right film at right time.I really dont know whether she has Master Degree, Bachelor Degree or Doctorate Degree in Indian or abord university but I thinks she is one of intelligent actress of her field.Hear are some famous films which is more commercially successful of her movie carrier. Lakshyam, Chintakayala Ravi,Vettaikkaran, Vedam, Varudu, Don Seenu, Panchakshari, Takita Takita, Baladoor.She is one of the most hottest and most sexiest super actress in Tamil and Telugu cinema.

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santhosh 7 years ago

I am ready to share my bed with this sexiest gods gift .....

krish 7 years ago

i am ready ....... with this sexy hot lady

sumeet 7 years ago

i want to meet anushka

diana 6 years ago

i love anuksha she is the best actress !!!!!!!!!! i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want your autograph!!!!

sanjay dixit 4 years ago

mother, give me some milk,

sanjay dixit 4 years ago

mother, give me some milk,

Sanjay Dixit 16 months ago

Dear Anushka

Warm,gentle and passionate kisses.

Kisses that warms your heart on a very rainy dark


A night deep in the rain forests in our cottage.

A lantern that swings to and fro shedding its light

on the two of us - the only light on a lonely night.

Your cold wet body and a warm heart filled with love

seeks the warmth and love. The sound of kisses unites

the spirits into single unit. Our own spirits

merged into one from our kisses permeates into the

spirit of the earth and the universe.

The winds, trees and the our lantern sway and swirl

even more strongly and the rains pours all its love

on us. The life energies of the earth and the

universe are profoundly energized and are extremely

delighted with our union - the union power of the

natural world.

This wonderful thing happening in nature;

the blood of love and life from me moves into you

and the our singularized spirit merges with the infinity

of the universe moving billions and trillions of

light years within fraction of seconds spreading

the love into several universes. The stars and

the universal matter welcomes the energy of life and love

from Earth and overjoyed with tears to receive

after a countless years.

Kisses that the infinity of the universe listens

to and knows that the energy life will last for ever

into the infinity of time.

Life and death united into one. Both cannot exist

without the other.

Death wants life for death to exist.

Life wants death for life to exist.

Man wants woman for man to exist.

Woman wants man for woman to exist.

The early morning rays of the

sun and some rain, you made hot coffee

and some breakfast.

The steam rises in front of the

window, you the window of love and

life see the meaning of life.

Open the door and in the verhanda,

and lovely birds greet us with love

and the wonderful energy of life infusing

in us the strength of life and to live.

We sit in our chairs and sip hot coffee

and have breakfast that felt like a treat

of a life time. Only the most fortunate

are destined to have such a lovely


The birds kiss each other and tell us

to do the same. We kiss and they see and

feel we are one among them - in love since

eons (1 eon = 1 billion years). They wish

more eons of love for us and confer us with


Since eons we were to gather and for

eons we will be togather. Afte eons we

will sit in the same way and do the same

things, the lovely birds conveyed.

Space and time merged into one

like our spirits that united at night,

on the cold pitch dark rainy night;

the lantern swinging like a pendulum

shedding its lovely light upon our

union all through the night.

Now merged into a unitary spirit we left

our cottage for our return back to work.

Windows locked, doors locked the lantern

says i will keep burning and every night

see the union of the spirits for I need

to burn to see the union for ever.

Come again said dear lantern with tears

in the eyes. We promised we will


The birds sitting on the roof bid us

adieu with tears in the eyes.We promised

we will return.

On the way back home in our car,the

lovely breeze through the woods caressing

our bodies and tell us lovingly to wait

aside and wish to see the union of the

spirits again.

You lips like rose petals touch mine and

they merge into one. The autum leaves come

thorough the window and sit on us watching

the union and the unification of the

spirits. As like the spirits the

lips merged, the bodies become one.

The winds and the leaves flow through

the union and transmit the union energy

of life into the universe.

The winds see and thank with tears of joy.

The flowers see and thank with tears of joy.

The leaves see and thank with tears of joy.

The trees see and thank with tears of joy.

And then we leave them, promising to


Your lips are like rose petals.Your lips

feel like rose petals caressing my lips.

The lips thirsty for love kisses, seek your

rose petal lips. Truly you lips are Rose

Petal Lips.Not getting your lips for the

special rose petal kisses feels like a thorn

in the heart.

Your rose petal kisses will

take out the thorns in my heart.

Your rose petal kisses will

take away from me the problems of life.

Going deeper into the roses petal kisses,

there are no thorns,there is a cool, serene

and a clam ocean

of love, care and a place of fantastic

beauty of nature in which I wish to swim;

to be the only fish in your soul that swims

till eternity in it.

Nights of kissing all night long.

Days of missing all day long.

All night kissing for the missing of th

day. Thirsty soul quenching the thirst

of the day.

Moon says, hello do the love,

Sun says, day long work for her love.

All the day, wait for her love

all the night, mate with her for her love.

A rain drop on your lips,fell down on your


moved down you hips,

left a trail of love from your


A lone drop from your lips

felt the love on your hips.

One drop lead for love,call

to more for your love.

From your lip fell the love,

on the hip for your love.

Drops and drops came to your lips

for the love on your hips.

In the fort of your love flanked

by your hips was the door.

Water from your lips fall on your

hips - like a water falls from both

your hips.

Drops of love went for the door.

Drops of love opened the door.

Charged with love went through

the door.

Each of them ran in ecstacy for

you. To reach you.

Love Love Love and Love.

All of love.

And so you come from the love.

Love drops in the fort ran for you

through the door.

More of you and me found their way

from your door of life.

With love,

Sanjay Dixit


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