Pictures From the October 29, 2011 Snowstorm

Greetings from a hilltop in Pennsylvania, now more closely resembling the Arctic circle! The major snow storm that has swept through the Northeast hit Eastern Pennsylvania pretty hard- there are downed trees everywhere and I consider myself extremely lucky to have electricity. I think Halloween may be effectively canceled in the Lehigh Valley, this year.

As of last measuring, the snow has reached 8" on level ground and over a foot in drifts. It is still snowing and should start to peter out at around 2 AM. Tomorrow I face the unenviable task of clearing my very long driveway of small trees and large branches on my own. Yay! In the mean time, here are some photos of my property as Mother Nature decides to kick start the holiday season. To anyone still in the storm: stay inside, stay warm, and stay safe!

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Update: 10/30/2011

Today was nice and sunny, so the snow receded quite a bit. I went out and about to see how the community fared and the roads are a mess. Just a few yards from my driveway there's a giant tree hanging over the road by some telephone wires. How do I still have electricity?

But, the worst is over and now it's time to clean up the mess left behind. Some photos from the day's work...including my dogs being cute. As far as they're concerned, snow days are the best thing ever.

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November Update

Just a few more images taken of the damage. We are slowly cleaning up, but it seems that every tree has lost branches. What a headache, and winter's still on the way!

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Comments 9 comments

gail641 profile image

gail641 5 years ago from Mason City

Beautiful pictures!

Gofygure profile image

Gofygure 5 years ago from Kutztown, PA Author

Thanks! I might update tomorrow with more- thankfully it's supposed to be sunny and above freezing!

Tara4 profile image

Tara4 5 years ago

These are wonderful! Even though I am not excited about the cold, these make me *almost* look forward to winter.

shami327 profile image

shami327 5 years ago from Dubai UAE

Beautiful pictures!! Living in UAE, we can only dream of days like this.. hehe :D

Gofygure profile image

Gofygure 5 years ago from Kutztown, PA Author

Thanks for the comments! I added an update as the snow melts (yay!) I have been lucky to only lose my phone and internet for most of today, considering the huge tree that fell across the lines near my driveway!

gail641 profile image

gail641 5 years ago from Mason City

Great picture of the dog!

Gofygure profile image

Gofygure 5 years ago from Kutztown, PA Author

Thanks. I'm lucky to have two very photogenic pups.

BWD316 profile image

BWD316 5 years ago from Connecticut

cool photos, this storm was crazy! I live less then a mile from Long Island Sound, which is still at 60 dgrees, in Ct and still got snow, not as much as inland or in your photos. Cool photos of your dog, he/she seems to really love the snow.

amy jane profile image

amy jane 5 years ago from Connecticut

I just love the pics of your dogs! So cute! As for the storm, we had it pretty bad here (Western CT) too. So glad it is all over. :)

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