Pictures of Dolphins - Cute Pics of Dolphins

Dolphins are one of my favorite photography subjects, and I really enjoy taking pictures of dolphins. Dolphins are beautiful, playful, and intelligent. Pictures of dolphins really illustrate the reasons so many people are fascinated by these animals of the ocean.

My husband and I travel a lot. We just returned from a trip to San Antonio Sea World, which I highly recommend. We got some excellent pictures of dolphins. Here some of our photos of dolphins as well as some other favorite dolphin pictures.

Amazing Pictures of Dolphins at San Antonio Sea World

More Pictures of Dolphins at Sea World in Texas

Pictures of Dolphins Show Their Fun Personalities

This dolphin came right up to us at Sea World
This dolphin came right up to us at Sea World

Why I Love Taking Pictures of Dolphins

This is one of my favorite of all of our dolphin pictures. Why? That is me about to pet a dolphin! I was so excited.
This is one of my favorite of all of our dolphin pictures. Why? That is me about to pet a dolphin! I was so excited.

The Last of the Dolphin Pictures From Sea World in San Antonio, Texas

More dolphin pictures below
More dolphin pictures below

Pictures of Dolphins in the Ocean

Close-up Pictures of Dolphins

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funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal

Great hub, they are really beautiful creatures! Last time I got the chance to see them in action was at ZooMarine in Albufeira, Algarve. It´s amazing to watch how the babies start to learn all the stunts just by following the older ones and I was amazed to realize how much they really love to perform for an audience. Before the show we could see them trying to look over the fence that separate the main pool and their anxiety was obvious.

John Chancellor profile image

John Chancellor 8 years ago from Tennessee

There is nothing quite like dolphins swimming along side your sailboat, riding the bow wave. They truly are beautiful creatures.

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 8 years ago

Great pics. Thanks.

donnaleemason profile image

donnaleemason 8 years ago from North Dakota, USA

Beautiful pictures.


solarshingles profile image

solarshingles 8 years ago from london

Wonderful photos and hub, Angela. I've never really touched anyone, but I had a chance to swim surrounded by very many of them. They were 'spin dolphins' in Indian ocean. Amazing creatures and so peaceful and curious.

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

funride, that sounds fantastic. I didn't know about baby dolphins learning to perform like that. It makes sense, though, because dolphins are so intelligent. We saw the whales at Sea World getting excited before the show started like you said the dolphins did.

John, I hope someday to have that experience with dolphins!

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 8 years ago from Northam Western Australia

Beautiful pictures. And yes they look so peaceful and docile BUT they can be very aggressive in the right circumstance especially in mating season or if sharks around... They still look beautiful. thanks

Wbisbill profile image

Wbisbill 8 years ago from Tennessee USA

Beautiful pics. Great hub!

Stacie Naczelnik profile image

Stacie Naczelnik 8 years ago from Seattle

The dolphin show at Marine World in California was always my favorite. Great photos!

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 8 years ago from London UK

I have never ever seen a dolphin in real life:(

Great pics:)

stephanine cisneros 8 years ago

you guys need more picurs of dolphins

Erica 8 years ago

I think that you should have vidoes! i am a dolphin lover!

Erica 8 years ago

you are amazing i love your web site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kasey 8 years ago

heyy love the pics

luisa 7 years ago

beautiful gusta mucho...

luisa 7 years ago

beautiful gusta mucho...

stephanie 7 years ago

if you hate dolphins your lame

7 years ago

it would be better if you had pictures of dolphin's wholebody clearly under wuld have helped me with my project a bit more.......

steph 7 years ago

ok if ur a dolphin hater well ur f in crazy. they are beautiful creatures i never touched a dolphin or seen a dolphin in real life. :(but i would love to see 1 in real life cause there so cuite and love ur website!!!!! sorry abought my spelling im 11

jk 7 years ago

This has some great information for my reseach project!! * I am a dolphin lover!!!

R.F 7 years ago

Hi ive always wanted to see a dolphin its my dream and i dont no if it will happen im going on holiday on monday i wonder if there are some there and i love the photos dolphins are beautifal species???.....

NIA  6 years ago


rachel 6 years ago

do you like dolphins i do if you want info ask me i know a lot about dolphins. why do you people post about these things

gduram 6 years ago

thats so cute

Calara 6 years ago

I think dolphins are amazing!

kim 6 years ago

i love dolphin they r the most beautiful animal in the world

maria  6 years ago


XONG 6 years ago


shanuka sriharan  6 years ago

these pics of the dolphins are so cute and admirabal

tori 6 years ago

beautiful pics thanx

jenna 6 years ago

haha they are sooooo cute!

alex h. 6 years ago

omg i just watched 'The Cove.' dolphins are sooo freaking adorable!! especially that one named Flipper, who Ric O' Barry used to have or something? REALLY CUTE! :D

@XONG: why would you want for dolphins to stop being slaughtered everywhere else in the world except Japan? that doesn't make sense. Japan, in fact, is one of the countries that slaughters the MOST dolphins. shame on them!

sasha 6 years ago

tis is kool

ashly 6 years ago

love dolphins and the pics are great hope you guys keep on doing it

valkryie 5 years ago

you people have to get a life go see a marine show instead of posting about these things i luv dolphins but not as twisted as you guys =P

kaitlyn shanahan 5 years ago

dolphines are great swimmears with many kinds and colers oww what buttaful mammles they are i wish i could swim with them oneday love love love dolphines

kb 5 years ago

beautiful pics i love dolphin

sweety pie 5 years ago

cool people sooooooo cute i wish i

could swim with them.Ther beautiful buy brosssss

summer 5 years ago

dolphins are so cute... wish could swim with one

hameez 5 years ago


its realy beautiful

laura 5 years ago

ilove the photos they are wonderful and some are so cute i wish i could of seen a dolphin because i have never seen and they are my favourite animal

it looked fun i bet it was

Brigitte 5 years ago

I sike dolphin are so nice their smarter thaie pepeol.

mad-dog 5 years ago

i love theese pictures of theese pictures of the dolphins because dolphins are my fave and theese pics are so cute and i think everybody should come and look at this website even my grandmaw even liked it and she laughed at it to so did check out this website if you do you really should look at this website and i keep saying that because it is so cute like

Dolphin Lover 5 years ago

I love dolphins!

rosie 4 years ago

stop killing those pore creatuers beacuse imagen you as acreatuer you wouldn/like to be hunted

sarah 4 years ago


abby love 4 years ago

I lov dolphins they r bad ass :) love them they r so kute love ure pic

marysol 4 years ago

i love dolphins they are sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

madison 4 years ago

in my opinion i think dolphins are so cute that if i could i would go to the ocean/beach and go far out on a boat and catch one and keep it for my self

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