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I don't normally recommend movie, because I know that everyone's taste is different, but I recently saw a very heartwarming comedy called Ping Pong Playa, and I really do think that it appeals to members of nearly every demographic. Ping Pong Playa stars Jimmy Tsai, who I think does a phenomenal job in his role as the main character.

I watched this at a friend's house, who had bought the Ping Pong Playa DVD. We had a great time, and lots of laughs while watching it.

Unfortuately for me, I am not that good of a film critic, so I will let a real film critic do the talking here:

"Jessica Yu's Ping Pong Playa is that rare film unlikely to appeal to a director's usual fan base. Best known as a documentary filmmaker, her first feature targets a completely different audience. In it, co-writer/production accountant Jimmy Tsai plays Christopher "C-dub" Wang, a Los Angeles-based, basketball-obsessed, Chinese-American slacker. Chris shares his enthusiasm for urban culture with African-American best friend J.P. Money (Khary Payton). J.P., in turn, has been taking Chinese-language lessons, so the cultural exchange doesn't just run one way. Unfortunately for Chris, his family lives for ping-pong, a pursuit in which he has little interest. When his mother (Elizabeth Sung, The Joy Luck Club) and brother, Michael (Roger Fan, Better Luck Tomorrow), are injured in a minor traffic accident, however, they recruit him to help run their supply store and to teach table tennis at the local community center. Since Chris has just lost a gig hawking cell phones at the mall, he's in no position to decline. Along with some Asian-American youngsters, both Chinese and East Asian, who hunger for a cool role model, Chris changes from the world's laziest human being into something that almost resembles a respectable member of society. With its antic humor and underage hijinks, Yu's self-proclaimed popcorn comedy offers more mainstream appeal than her inventive documentaries In the Realms of the Unreal and Protagonist (she won the Oscar for non-fiction short Breathing Lessons). If the loud-mouthed Chris can be fairly off-putting at first, her affectionate representation of his multicultural world rings true. --Kathleen C. Fennessy"

Overall, I think that the movie portrays a really positive message. If you would like to see a preview before deciding whether or not to buy the Ping Pong Playa DVD, then I have included a video of the trailer below.

Ping Pong Playa Trailer

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seasoning 7 years ago

this sure does look like a good movie..... looking forward to watching

Daniel Townsend profile image

Daniel Townsend 7 years ago Author

It is hilarious. I would gladly recommend it to anyone.

mannyescu 5 years ago

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