Pink’s Greatest Hits Album...


I love Pink, so it goes without saying that her album, Greatest Hits...So Far!!!, is right up my street.

I remember when she first arrived on the scene with ‘There You Go’. I was real curious about her. Fascinated. Intrigued. Who was she? Where was she from? Loved her sass. She was different.

Great dancer too.

She’s one of my inspirations; doing some of the stuff I’d love to do if I had the courage. If I could invite seven strong female performers to teleport to my kitchen for a mean helping of homemade rice and chicken wings, Pink would be one of them!

The Album...

...has 19 tracks in all (17 old; 2 new), including ‘You Make Me Sick’, ‘Just Like a Pill’, ‘Stupid Girls’, ‘Dear Mr President’, ‘Family Portrait’, ‘So What’ and ‘Funhouse’ and, of course, ‘There You Go’ .

My favourites are ‘There You Go’, ‘So What’ and ‘Family Portrait’.

In my opinion, ‘There You Go’ is spunkier than Beyonce’s ‘Irreplaceable’ and Rhianna’s ‘Take a Bow’ (though I like all three songs).

‘So What’ makes me feel super independent and powerful. Makes me feel like jumping about and nodding my head energetically.

I think ‘Family Portrait’ is a very sensitively written and vocalised song. Is easy to relate to. Also shows that some experiences stay with you and are just as fresh as the day they happened.


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