Pinterest Makes Me Feel Like a Girl.

Donning a tiara one pin at a time.

So, I joined Pinterest today. I had browsed it a little bit, but I didn’t think it was for me. I am a mother of three boys. I am a humor writer who’s focus is generally on more “toilet humor” or cynical humor or just downright raunchy humor. I climb mountains and kayak and drink beer out of a bottle. I am a tom boy. I am not much of a girl, to speak of. But, I’m engaged. I’m planning a wedding. I have a desperate affection for shoes. I advocate for domestic violence. I have hair and wear make up and buy clothes to match those fabulous shoes. I’ve never been much of a girl, but I’m a girl. So I joined Pinterest today.

It’s been 3 hours now and I feel like donning a pink dress with ruffles, a tiara and some sparkly heels. Why? Because I realized after 3 hours of posting on Pinterest, it makes me feel like a girl. It’s filled with recipes and fashion, wedding and home ideas. I’m Martha Stewart all of the sudden, only with great shoes and Tiffany Blue wedding bubbles floating out of my ears. I want to bake. I want to go to the salon. I want to conquer the girly WORLD.

I’ve read a few articles where people were touting that Pinterest made them feel inadequate or bad about themselves and their level of girlyness. Pshaaa! Listen, in my world, girlyness isn’t cool. Girlyness is eye rollable and scoffed at. Thanks to Pinterest, I have a place to embrace that little part of me (you know, my feet where I put all those shoes) that is all things GIRL.

My sparkly tiara thanks you, Pinterest, for giving it a place to flourish.

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Uhh come again? 4 years ago

"I advocate for domestic violence.".... Wait, what ?!

shancontented profile image

shancontented 4 years ago from Someplace, Somewhere Author

LOL! I suppose that should be better wording?

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