Plants vs. Zombies Endless Survival Strategies — 1,000+ Flags

Plants vs. Zombies Endless: Best Survival Strategies

Plants vs. Zombies Endless is one of the most challenging and most fun elements of the game. But it definitely takes some planning to figure out how to arrange your plants for the best chance at survival. Take a look below at my game, which I've screencapped below. I've survived 800 flags with this setup and am still going.

PVZ Endless: 500 Flags

Plants vs. Zombies: 600 Flags

700 Flags

800 Flags

Do you like Endless Eight?
Do you like Endless Eight?

900 Flags

I was busy with something else last week.
I was busy with something else last week.

Finally, 1000 Flags!

Is it really Endless?
Is it really Endless?

PVZ Endless Setups

There's more than one way to kill a zombie. See setups that have no corn cannons and some that have up to 14!

No Corn Cannon Strategy: Asymmetric

Use two different strategies, one on the top and one on the bottom. You can see which works best for your playing style.
Use two different strategies, one on the top and one on the bottom. You can see which works best for your playing style.

Two Corn Cannons: PVZ Setup

3 Corn Cannons: 400+ Flags

Similar to one setup of 4 cannons
Similar to one setup of 4 cannons

Four Corn Cannons: Version One

From iisbc007
From iisbc007

Endless Setup: Six Corn Cannons

from coolctfy
from coolctfy

14 Corn Cannon Setup: Version One

from jiangxichu_1
from jiangxichu_1

14 Corn Cannon Setup: Version Two

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Luiginator666 2 weeks ago

awesome ideas, but the one with all those gats and the bottom of winter melon, Im pretty sure everyone went with the gats

JJ Dizon 2 years ago

Tnx a lot for the picture's ! its help me a lot ! im in 315 flag now !! Good luck to me !!

alan 2 years ago

I cant even survive 10 flags

Johng707 2 years ago

I really like and appreciate your blog post.Thanks Again. eggbkaedkegb

aaabbbb 2 years ago

Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! how did you do that much?

Kevin S. 3 years ago

Wow! Good job. You have great way to get so many flag.

simonlevi 3 years ago

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chichak 3 years ago

I also use two cob cannons ,winter mellon ,spike rock ,,umbrella leaves ,gloom shroom and gold magnet.

chichak 3 years ago

I survived 6453 flags. First wave have to collect many sun using many sunflower andimitater sunflower and don't forget to bring a garden rake and plant a cattail once you have 4 sunflowers on the lawn.

Jack 3 years ago

How are you able to use sunflowers?

SAN 3 years ago

WELL DENISE, i have 8233 flags

Denis 3 years ago

I have made it now to 7862 Flags, who one can beat that!

TiBr 3 years ago


At 1393 flags the iPad app had a major breakdown, was closed and the game can't be resumed! With 9990 suns and complete defense. Aarrgg!

So there are even other problems to reach the attempted 2500 flags then just the Zombies.

wayne10043 4 years ago

i always played my game pvz it is the best game in my whole lifi because i sayYEAH ITS ASOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

TiBr 4 years ago

Now 1340 on IPad .

Still same game described below.

PETER 4 years ago

Wow! I only get 13 flags! ·_·

TiBr 4 years ago


The SF are twins.

ob = on

Schuld = should (the autocorrection on the german IPad doesn't speak english).

You have to have one Cattail in the first row because of double waves of Balloons. Otherwise the Cattails in the 6. row start fighting against the 2. wave before the complete 1. wave is shot down.

TiBr 4 years ago

1000+ ob IPad


P-WM, P-UL, P-SF, P-GS, P-GS, (P-)FS, FS

P-SF, P-SF, (CC, CC), P-WM, P-CT, P-GS, P-GS, P-GS

P-CT, P-SF, (CC, CC), P-WM, P-SF, P-GS, P-GS, P-GS

P-WM, P-UL, P-SF, P-GS, P-GS, (P-)FS, FS


For Replacement:

Gloom, Fume, Coffee, Pumkin 1, Pumkin 2, Cerry , Jalapeno, Ice, with Jack in the Box Lily Pad else Boom.

The Pumkins on the the 1. and 2. row on the Water are not necessary. I use them to prevent accidental loss of one while collecting suns in heavy figthing.

To save suns don't try to defend the frontal Fumes as long as there are no Jack in the Box.

you Schuld never ever loose WMs, SFs or CTs because you need a very easy round to replace them. If you loose a 3. row WM, replace them with Fume until you get to a round, where you need no Cherry and Boom/Lily.

PVZurvival 4 years ago

I would suggest this setup:







M=Winter Melon

M.=Gold Magnet


C-C= Cob cannon

U= Umbrella Leaf

G=Gloom Shroom

S=Spike Rock

I am currently at 400 flags

please help!!! 4 years ago

i only survived 97 flags with zoyra setup. please help me.

Mr.No one 4 years ago

I´m playing on an iPad and is now at flag 1252.....still living

Cool 4 years ago

I only can reach like 235 flags

ericoidx 4 years ago

I thought I was the only person placing the sunflowers up front. I'm at 178 flags right now and have gotten into a routine so 200 shouldn't be out of the question. 200 was my goal. I think the hardest thing was learning to trust those glooms to take out the zombonis in rows 2 and 5, which they do with about half a block to spare. The zombonis were ending my games heh. That leaves rows 1 and 5 to defend with my 4 cobs and instants. You will always have to replace glooms(jacks) in the pool at some point and prompt pumpkin replacement is necessary all over. I lost 4 glooms on one occasion.

I thought you had to have firepower all the way to the front but it's really all about timing and using your instants wisely. The freeze shrooms are vital IMO and 90% of the time I use a freeze shroom imitator unless my pumpkins have taken a beating then I use a pumpkin imitator. Anyway, here is my setup and sorry about the low tech. I haven't taken a screen shot.

umb gloom melon fume freeze

melon gloom melon sun fume gloom

cob pult cob pult sun sun gloom gloom gloom

cob pult cob pult sun sun gloom gloom gloom

melon gloom melon sun fume gloom

umb gloom melon fume freeze

some random person 4 years ago

I can't get ast 40 flags.......... plz help

zombie killer 4 years ago

Evryone that says they completed the game....go screw yourself....i cant get past the 1st flag in survival endless please help....

ROBLOX123 4 years ago


Person 5 years ago

@Hitoridakeno Fan

Just so long as a setup lasts (about 200 flags is what I consider a pretty sufficient test), I wouldn't say that any setup's "better." I guess one that's easier to use is better, but other than that, how would you define better?

Hitoridakeno Fan 5 years ago

No offense, but this 20 Cob Cannon Setup is the best, check it out:

Ako 5 years ago

GAGO at Gung-gong ang mga nag-POST dito...

blaaag 5 years ago

I personally like a more automated(minimal cob cannon) setup, because then I don't need to rely too heavily on something I can make a fatal mistake on. So my current setup uses lots of gloom shrooms and fume shrooms and surprisingly minimal outer row (1 and 6) attack type plants. I have 4 cob cannons after a massive mid game renovation, lazy me, then with my current setup, even Giga Gargantuars die before they become much of a nuisance. The perks are that I don't have to worry about Zombonis or Catapulters or imps or dolphins or even at this stage, jack-in-the-boxes!

niya 5 years ago

i love this game it is so fun people who do not like is a hater yeah u said it

Jhodel 5 years ago

d totoo ? try mo

The Uchiha Killer 5 years ago

I survived 142 flags i am not die i use

cob cannons

gloom shrooms

umbrella leaf

winter melons

twin sunflowers


and i use cattails for baloons first

but now i use blover and replaced cattails with ice shrooms

i also use (cherry bomb-jalapeno-doom shroom)

i deal with gargantaurs and giga gargantaurs with cheap

shrooms such as puff shroom sun shroom scaredy shroom

they are fast recharge

my cob cannons are 8 but i lost one and replaced him with two twin sunflowers and i always pick up pumpkin and imatater pumpkin

Person 5 years ago

Oh, I forgot to mention something in my previous comment. For setup, for the first stage, bring Sunflower and its Imitater, Potato Mine, Lily Pad, Twin Sunflower, some other instant (such as Cherry Bomb or Squash), and a few plants to get your build going. Your first few flags should have at least 2 Cattails (even if you aren't planning to have any in your final setup), just because they're so awesome at taking out zombies. Use Potato Mine on the first zombie, then start planting Cattails. Start planting AS MANY SUNFLOWERS AS POSSIBLE while still defending your home. Remember to put in Twin Sunflowers in slots they'll be in your final setup. Keep kneading your lawn into its final state.

Person 5 years ago

Kent Plant,

There have been a lot of builds.

0-4 Cobs generally follow a pattern similar to Draco's "Elegant" Setup, which can easily be found on Google Image. 0 Cobs require lots of explosives (including, generally, Ice-shroom and its imitater.) 2 Cobs don't require so many, and 4 Cobs rarely need any.

6 Cob setups have 4 Cobs in the back of the pool with 2 on land 3 squares from the Zombies. (No more; otherwise, Imps can chew on them.) They have 6 Gloom-shrooms in the front of the pool to take care of most inner row zombies, and lots of Winter Melons in the outer rows.

8 Cob builds don't require the Gloom-shrooms (0-6 Cob builds generally do), but they do need Spikerocks 2 squares from the front. You can actually Cob almost every zombie into the dust now.

10 Cob builds can be unstable, as ambush zombies can nom on two of the Cob Cannons, but I get around that by planting an Ice-shroom such that it explodes after the huge wave starts to appear but before the ambush zombies pop out of the pool. This actually stops them from coming out, and you don't have ambush zombies to worry about! Also, with 10 Cobs, other than Diggers and Dolphin Zombies, when timed properly, you can blast EVERY zombie into bits. My current setup is a 10 Cob, in fact. I sometimes mess up a bit and then a Giga smashes one of my Cobs. That's always fun. =P

12 Cob builds, when timed correctly, can ignore Digger Zombies and Dolphin Riders, as when timed correctly, you can blast Diggers while they're still underground and you can blast Dolphin Zombies before they can get a single bite.

14+ Cob builds follow a pattern similar to 12 Cob builds, just more frequent Cobbing.

The craziest setup I've seen is 24 Cobs. Just Cob Cannons up until the zombies have one row before they get to your cobs. This is actually playable (though not easy). You're supposed to time your Cobs such that they hit Imps while they're in midair. Probably the best player I've seen hasn't mastered that yet.

Oh, and, try to have a plant distribution that snares (freeze with Winter Melon) almost every zombie.

And how to prevent running out of Cobs and explosives? The answer is to ration them. Don't use one unless you really need one. With any Cob build (not so much 2 Cobs, but especially 6+ Cobs), you have to figure out how to time your Cobs. Cob Cannons, I've heard, take 36 seconds to reload, and you'll want to fire them in pairs (one to blast the front 3 squares of the top half of the screen, one to blast the front 3 squares of the bottom half of the screen.)

Oh, and, here's a really good FAQ I've found, probably the best:

This has some pretty good tips, and a huge collection of setups.

Burnt Shoe 5 years ago

I still don't ven have survival: endless. Is irt on the ds version?

ruben 5 years ago

ola o meu nome e ruben aguiar e tenho 10 anos e faço anos dia 10 de novembro nasço em 2001 e moro na d.durao

Cherrybee 5 years ago

Well after a solid month of banging my head off my keyboard, I've finally cracked it! My first attempt was 23 which I was very proud of until I read this page :P Finally got my set-up ticking over nicely. I still have some 'hairy' moments but as my sun is often 7000-8000 I can usually rebuild whatever those pesky exploding zombies destroy on the next flag.

I've found that I need 2 umbrella leaves, one at the top and one at the bottom, to save my important plants from the vehicle zombie that flings stuff. I don't worry about bungee zombies at all anymore, I just place an ice-shroom after they mark there targets, and activate it after a second or so as then they're frozen and will die from the other plants.

Also, one way of combatting the dolphin zombies, is aim your corn cannons just above where they normally land, and that way you can kill both waves of walking zombies, and save on how many times you have to replace your pumpkins. This is very useful if you're playing a flag that requires a lot of pumpkin replacement. And of course the jalapeno and cherry bomb as a back up!

I play with 8 corn cannons and have just broken 360 flags. Not everyone who reaches a high score uses cheats, it's taken me a month of getting my set-up just right and knowing how to preempt which pumpkins are going to be hit hardest.

Good luck all!

kentoy 5 years ago

i'm currently on 200 flags without cheating... my plants are still complete but i getting tired.. hehehe

Kent Plant 5 years ago

I have tried many configurations and most I have made is 51 flags. What would be helpful is insight into the huge waves that happen and how you overcome running out of Cob Cannon fire, bomb plants etc.. you cannot have enough cob cannons to complete full cycles around constantly. HELP understanding how you get so many flags.. any serious tips or hints? I can find none on the web...

aaron parcon 5 years ago

hehehehe!!! usually i always get 30 flags above but when i get 48 i was so very happy my lawn composed of only 4 cob connons! hehheeee!


hitoridakeno 5 years ago

i use a cobless setup and i had reached more than 10k flags

ADRIAN ACEJO 5 years ago


PvZ Sucker 5 years ago

Can I post a link from my blog ( to this hub?

ARABEL 5 years ago


profile image

ji_bardell 5 years ago

I have survived above 1000 flags. To Zora and others: Take out the shields... Not necessary. Use freezer mushrooms, and activate on the YaaaHOO. I would show my setup, but I don't see a way to do that.

LULZ 5 years ago

You say we cheating?!? Wow, honestly, you guys don't know how to earn sun power well.

wARtist 5 years ago


Guy 5 years ago

I survived 9

wartist 5 years ago

hey im up to survival endless 28 flags

profile image

lawinder 5 years ago



mario 5 years ago

the survival endless Does end. the last flag is 2^(31)and goes to flag -2^(31)and counts up from there

mario 5 years ago

any asshole who thinks these people are cheating:

if u cant get higher flags than them don't complain! you are just envious. i bet u cant get past flag 100 with YOUR setup. i am 11 years old but i use 9 seed slots to claim 300 + flags. here is the setup from hardinero on youtube:







T= twins G=glooms CC=cob cannon

B=blank T=tall nut W= winters

everything except cob cannon is a damn pumpkin

wizard7 5 years ago

in my setup, I use 8 cat tails (effective against diggers since it can shoot enemies at the back, 4 cob cannons, mostly fume shrooms, and spike rock

mario 5 years ago

no cheats, 10 cannons, 164 flags

mario 5 years ago

i survived 164 flags and going strong with 10 cannons...

rba 5 years ago

i think more cannon you use more zombies attack you.

sasuke 5 years ago

i survived 999 flags 1 more and lose

lehagila 5 years ago

i have finished 357 flags,, no cheat...

flyarb 5 years ago

I got to 52 the other day. Regularly get in the 40's but I had a hot streak and reached 52. I also used ALL my sun. I had zero left which is what you want. No sense having seven hundred in the bank when you eventually lose. Once you hit 50 you get SIX of the Gargantuars coming at you so you have to try to get those snow peas set early. I try to find one and plant it on the top or bottom row with a squash in front of it. The big guy will do all the vasebreaking for you and the snow pea will keep all the zombies coming at you at the same speed. The single squash will kill them all and if you put a repeater on the right side, that should be enough to kill him without using a second squash. If you get several squash after popping the first few vases, don't worry. Just place them in the second column from the left, just in front of the unopened vases. You might get lucky and the big guy will be in that row. Same goes for the potato mine. Try not to use your cherry bombs unless you have to. Especially in levels 1-20. You'll need them later for when you hit the 30's and 40's.

I also sometimes try to clear out the very top row without using a repeater on that row. That way, you'll have six repeaters for the remaining four rows. Then you can plant the threepeaters on the third and fourth rows, maximizing your attack. Clearing out the top row is tricky. You need to pop the vases open one at a time from the right and try to time it so the zombies advance at the same time. Then a single squash can finish the job. It's tricky because the zombies don't always advance at the same rate. Try to keep track of how many big guys are left on the level and how many plants you have left. If you can keep track of it you can guess what's in the remaining unopened vases.

Well, that's my tips. You could write a long article on this but hopefully these tips will help you raise your streak level.

survival master 5 years ago

lol i survived 6000+ flags.......... i'm still continuing

now im in flag 6142

andy 5 years ago

i achieved 590+ flags i lost because of carelessness i forgot to bring the fan thing to fight those balloon zombies

moo 6 years ago

The ones complaining about no cattails... You do realize he has the clover? It blows them away and recharges pretty fast >> It's all I use myself~

hate cheaters 6 years ago

Ok PAstor Dizzy... your words really move me.... but will you please just die and be FAT... your full of know that...jeeeeezzz

Andy Milne 6 years ago

@dizzy: thanks for the info! Yesterday started a new endless, one without cob cannons, relying mostly on gloom-shrooms. The setup is from another topic, and so far it seems to work much better than any cob cannon setup I've ever tried. I'm at flag 40.

dIZZY 6 years ago

@Andy:I forgot to include something in the "repair kit": coffee bean, fume shroom, gloom shroom, lily pad, and, of course, the pumpkin.


dIZZY 6 years ago

@Andy: Cattails, blovers, and cob cannons are awesome to take out the balloon zombies. If someone has four or more cannons going off all the time, the balloon zombies are gonna be wiped out.

As for the Jacks, sure, they are gonna blow up your front defenses; usually the blow up at least two gloom shrooms in the pool, plus a pumpkin off of a third gloom in the pool. After a while of playing Survival Endless, the Jacks blowing up are most challenging part to Survival Endless.

You have to make sure you have a "repair kit" handy when you see you will have Jacks on the current level. By repair kit, I mean a coffee bean, fume shroom, gloom shroom, and a lily pad.

If a Jack(s) blow up a gloom(s) in your pool, try to freeze the board with a Freeze shroom, and pumpkin any glooms that aren't protected first. Then, repair the the defense in the pool once the pumpkin recharges, and use squash, cherry/jalepeno, cob cannons, and whatever other explosives you have to protect that side of the pool, until you have the pool completely fixed.

You will get better at those situations the more you play. That's half the fun of it!


Andy Milne 6 years ago

It is a little hard to believe the 800 flags, since there is no defence againt balloon zombies. Or is he that lucky?

And also, no matter what I try (I've tried all these setups), the Jacks always take out my front defenses (some of them just explode on arrival, with no delay). And then I'm lost.

Christopher Robert 6 years ago

I could only finished 26 flag on the endless survival mode. I could not believe if anyone could achieve a 1000 flags.

ashole 6 years ago

hi i beat u zorya may flags now is 2000 my strategy is 6 canons only 1 piar of sunflower.and cheating

There is sun cheat but i dont think used here 6 years ago

i have a cheat edditor with unlimited sun, chocolate, money, treefood and no recharge.

There is also a alto farmer somewhere on the net

Mariyam Samha Anwar 6 years ago

I am 15 yrs old and i have finished only 13 flags :(

can anybody help me??

Prince Vince Enriquez 6 years ago

No Cheat Man

I Only Got 1000 Flag ?

My Army....

Fume Shroom Upgrade All ! And Twin Sunflower! Thats All !

So Try It ! You Will See....

So Easy So Try

dIZZY 6 years ago

To JJhelterbrand and to others who think these players are cheaters:

There is no "sun cheat." You simply plant a regular sunflower and a cloned sunflower in the beginning over and over again. The more you play Survival Endless the better you get at preparing your battlefield.

Instead of insulting better players, simply ask for some advice. Remember, it's just a game after all and the point is to have fun playing the game. If you're not having fun, stop playing.


I have only gotten to 129 flags, but I still have fun trying to beat it.

LOL 6 years ago

Just because you can't reach 200 flags or more doesn't mean the others are cheating! Cmon don't be sore losers! I reached 1540 flags without cheating and I'm sure you will call me cheater as well. Sorry but I won't brag it if I knew I was cheating...

HATE CHEATERS 6 years ago

This place sucks... It's full of GAY CHEATERS who likes to brag... You make me sick...F U all

JJhelterbrand 6 years ago

hmm..can you survive without sun cheat at the beggining?your money is at maximun at level 16 and at the same time perfect plant formation,,

nathan Berg 6 years ago

5000+ Flags Beat that! Unstoppable

zombie bane 6 years ago

got 2 flag 240 with your strategy thanks!!!

mofo 6 years ago

my current best is at 156 without cheat. and the setup is a bit like number 3 Cannons 400 Flags+

Jonathan Adrianus Gani 6 years ago

i survive 34 flag using

gatling pea


magnet shroom

tall nut

spike rock


les paul 6 years ago

i finished 65,,, beat that cheats man... just skills...:-)

budi 6 years ago

99 flags w/o cheat..

ert 6 years ago

listen tards,,, Everyone knows how to cheat this game... I'm Just playing an honest game, so that I can shove it up to your cheating face....and By the way My Best is 56 flags...JELOUS my ASS you RETARDS LOL....

dude 6 years ago

ppl its actually quite easy to get to 200 flags with this setup i don't know why ppl are accusing

LOL! 6 years ago

You guys who don't know how 2 cheat r just jealous and so just shut up and go cry to your mommies!

ert 6 years ago

I survived 45 flags with no CHEATS...anything else CHEATERS hahahhaah

Elson Lee 6 years ago

I survived for 200 flags withou cob cannons.

The arrangement is pretty flexible and only Gloom Shroom,Winter Melon,Gatling Peas,Cattails and Spikerocks were used.

Chj 6 years ago

mine is 46 flags ;_;

demidart 6 years ago

my highest is 39 only.. no cheat. @_@

spikeweeed 6 years ago

my best is 43 flags no cheats attached, those cheaters bragging about there 100 flags or more, i think you really need to know how to play real PVZ...

Someone 6 years ago

Lol awesome. Fail my highscore is 11.

chomper 6 years ago

I have my best setup for PVZ. no cheats involve, i shall post it once i reach the 500 flag...;-)

PVZgaz 6 years ago


Gerald 6 years ago

I noticed it too, maybe the balloon zombies are the reason from it, he has no cattail that can pop the balloons zombies... still, congrats to make it to 1000+ level im only in 100th level using 8 cob cannons and winter melon combos, hope i can go to 500, lol..

SwagBucks Dave 6 years ago

OH my god! These are such amazing builts! Thank you for the insights!

SwagBucks Dave 6 years ago

OH my god! These are such amazing builts! Thank you for the insights!

Pvs2 6 years ago

i had a 1000 flags in survival endless

Kiro 6 years ago

Is it really endless or does it end with an Exception at Integer.MAX_VALUE? ;)

maron 6 years ago

comment for the guy who posted his 1000flags survival endless setup:from 500flags, u hav had 1 lawnmower & 1 poolcleaner...then at 800flags, 1 lawnmower remained..and lastly at 1000flags..i can't already see any lawnmower or poolcleaner...does dt min u ran out of them after surviving d 1000th flag?

jst want also to share mine..i'm n my 750+th mowers and cleaners are still complete..i'm using d 8-cob-cannon formation with some modifications i personaly made to counter any type of zombie(basing on each zombies' manner of attack)...i'm planning on going up to d 1000th flag...(and i think wd this formation, i'll b able to maintain my mowers and cleaners up to d 1000th flag and even beyond;if it's really endless).

To start with, i completed dt formation after surviving d 8th flag and been using it till was quite a fixed/simplified formation....well as for me,i'm having jalapeño and cherry bomb at stand-by for add'l support..

UPPER 6 years ago

yeah he is right

profile image

AllenWalker2 6 years ago

Watch my video in youtube vasebreaker lvl 5

profile image

AllenWalker2 6 years ago

im survive for 120 flags

Gloom Shroom

Winter Melon

Cob Cannon

Gold Magnet

Umbrella Leaf



Imitater pumpkin


Cherry bomb

Go to

edward 6 years ago


Master4002 6 years ago

@nic Do you know the word " ENDLESS"? If not, then it means you NEVER finish. You can go up to like flag 987863451.

nic 6 years ago

Hi everyone uhm how many flags do i have to beat to finish survival endless? please let me know ty

ej pogi 6 years ago

wooooh hanep dudes,.,.,, 6 years ago

i am survived 89 flags


umbrella leaf, winter melon, gloom shroom, twin sunflower, gold magnet, cob cannon, spikerock

profile image

vst_70 6 years ago

I survived 302 flags so far and iam still hoping to reach 900flags (^_^)...hope my setup works with everyone. here's the link for my setup so far...

draco and kennedy inspired me to build this setup, I used 2 iceshrooms, coffee bean, pumpkin, puffshroom, sunshroom, flowerpot, fumeshroom, gloomshroom and lilypad. hope everyone reach 1000 flags with my me for an deeply explanation of this setup and plants i used... 6 years ago

I am survive 57 flags

Things that i use

winter melon

gloom shroom


imitater pumpkin


gold magnet


cob cannon

and also the umbrella leaf

things that must use every flag

squash, ice shroom, doom shroom (if that flag has the red eye gargentuar), jalapeno, cherry bomb, pumpkin, and the copy things.(Like copy pumpkin, cherry bomb, ice shroom, jalapeno)

James Carlson 6 years ago

Killer setup and strategies. I was wondering how people got that many flags.

I am trying to put together an I,Zombie Endless guide and resources page here -

If anyone knows of any good strategies for I,Zombie Endless, let me know.

abcdef PIE 7 years ago

i like these

FlyinFree 7 years ago

Posted a YouTube video of my survival endless setup and how I use it along with some other tidbits. Hope it helps.

mckoi 7 years ago

my build is:

winter melon = wm

umbrella = um

ice shroom = is

cob canon = cc

cat tails = ct

sunflower upgraded = sf

spike rock = sr

gloom shroom = gs

magnet shroom = ms

top lane: [wm][gs][wm][sf][is][sr][ ][ ][ ]

[um][gs][wm][sf][sf][is][ ][ ][ ]

pool lane:[cc--cc][cc--cc][ct][gs][gs][gs][gs]


[um][gs][wm][sf][sf][ms][ ][ ][ ]

[wm][gs][wm][sf][sf][sr][ ][ ][ ]

carry items are:

levels w/ jack-in-a-box in the proper order:

[pumpkin][coffee][iceshroom][imitater-iceshroom][cherry][squash][jalapeno][spike weed][spike rock][lilypad]

>bring lily pads so u can easily fix the pool area which will most likely be destroyed if ur cob canon timing is bad.

for levels w/out jack-ina-box: just replace the lily pad w/ any needed plant or shroom.

for levels w/ destoryed pool shrooms:

[lilypad][fume shroom][gloom][coffee][pumpkin][ice][imittr ice][jalapeno][spike weed][spike rock]

im currently at flag 556 and im really bored because the zombies don't get any tougher after flag 100. (i think) the most important part of the build are the 7 sunflowers which will really take you a long way. even levels with jack-in-a-box get easier with the build.

carlo 7 years ago

paano ba mag download ng unlimited?

FlyinFree 7 years ago

Died at 1678 flags with no cheating

Here's a clean screen shot from 1600 flags showing my setup

jelo 7 years ago

how is it possible for the cob cannons at the back to survive diggers?

MariaM 7 years ago

I am a 61 year old female lawyer who is addicted to plants and zombies. I have made it through 89 flags in Survival Endless and it is hard to believe that other people have done hundreds of flags, then I saw a post that mentioned a cheat that gives you unlimited sun. I never use cheats, what's the point, I want to win with my wits, but are some people using this cheat, if it even exists or actually works. Now for some comments. I find that I can easily defend the pool it three rows of shrooms, one row of cattails and a row of winter melons followed by a total of four cob cannons in the pool. I find that if I can replace all the pumpkins as they are used up this will last forever, the cob cannon in the pool are always the last to go. The cattails are needed for the balloon zombies and the melons kill all the zombies the shrooms can't handle. The two outer rows are the worst to defend. Even with eight cob cannon eventually the pole vaulters or the ladder guys will get the cannon. The diggers are the worst. the row of shrooms works but if you don't use umbrellas the bungees use up all your cannon power. I use two umbrellas in the back and kill the ones in the middle with cannon. Sun is always the problem. I get to the max and then I start replacing flowers with melons and the next thing you know your sun is dwindling. Last comment is actually a question. Any hints on timing of cannon shots. If you shoot one after another the zombies get you during the recharge. I supplement with jalepenos and cherries but eventually the zombies win. Any hints?

Ron 7 years ago

Hello, How many gattling peas does it take to kill a white-eyed Gargantuan? I take it that number + 50% will kill a red-eyed Gargantuar?



Dr Nhan 7 years ago

Hey. why haven't all of you guys think about a strategy for Vasebreaker Endless and I, Zombie Endless for the n00b! I know they not too difficult (or really difficult) and they're in the Endless series. So, if players like you, want to achieve every bit of Plants vs Zombies. You must become best at those two Endless, too, I guess!

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

wARtist, I'm afraid I will have to disappoint you. But you think you are good, so beat it, just beat it. Show them how funky and strong is your fight. It doesn't matter who's wrong or right. Nobody wants to be killed by the dancer zombie. So beat it...

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China

I'll beat all of you as long as I have time finish my ultimate setup. Maybe within one week?

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

My setup is exactly the same as Zorya's. The only difference is our pickup.

defication 7 years ago

i will beat you zoyra...................

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China

Chinese people are always brilliant!

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Hey Zorya for 14 cannons type B the tall nut is no use against the dolphin zombie. So does that mean we still have to use cannons against them? That's very dangerous.

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Hey Zorya for 14 cannons type B the tall nut is no use against the dolphin zombie. So does that mean we still have to use cannons against them? That's very dangerous.

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

If I'm not wrong, I believe wArtist, 52miji, you and I are all Chinese. China FTW!

Pamda Man profile image

Pamda Man 7 years ago from Pandaland

Yes I tried 12 cob cannons once and I epic failed at flag 44. Underwater zombies killed my 2 cob cannons and then I just messed up. It's very hard to control the timing. They are sure to get a bite every level and after a few levels they die.

52miji 7 years ago

profile image

Zorya 7 years ago Author

To panda man:

14-cannon setup is not invented by me. Another people created it and have used it to reach a very high Flags record.

I agree with you that you can only safely to put 8 cannons in NORMAL status. but when you got 14 cannons, you can kill digger zombies, bungie zombies and underwater zombies by cannons when they just appearing.It is hard to learn good timing on there targets, but it is possible. I also tried it by myself. it's really really tiring, but it is doable.

For 0 cannon setup, it is just for fun. You can use it to reach around 50 flags. The spikerock will  delay gargantuars for quite a while. But you have to replace it very often.

profile image

Zorya 7 years ago Author

to wARtist

Welcome!. =)

Indeed I created this hub just to host some pictures at the beginning. it's too simple, and roughly written.I'am very happy that you find something useful here. ^_^

Panda Man 7 years ago

Hey Zorya, from my experience it is impossible to put more than 8 cob cannons, well you can, but they will die eventually, or you will have to waste them to save them from being eaten, which is not useful. Lol. But they are interesting. About the first one with 0 cob cannons, is it POSSIBLE? :D 7 gatlings + torchwood can kill 2 giga gargantuars before they step in the lawn? That's 2x2x7x2 = 56 peas shooting per second. You should add an analysis.

Panda Man 7 years ago

Can I open a hub? : P

7 years ago

cool lulz

Passerby 7 years ago


wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China

I am awared that I am so untalented for this game since I read this hub. It's great that You collect so many great setups. Thank you!

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