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Manuel Ponce
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In the 1920s Manuel Ponce composed a set of 24 Preludes for the Classical Guitar.  These preludes are unique in the repertoire they cover all 24 major and minor keys.  Besides that, they are great to listen to!  Here are two of my favorites: #5 and #14.

Ponce Prelude #5

Ponce Prelude #14

Recommended Recording

There are many other recordings available on YouTube - some better than others.  The recording that I recommend is by the acclaimed guitarist Stephen Marchionda.  One this one CD you can listen to a professional recording of all 24 of Ponce's Preludes, as well as many of his other works!

Ponce's 24 Preludes Played By Stephen Marchionda

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Derdriu 5 years ago

Ari Lamstein: Thank you for the brief introduction and the two performances. Both videos are dramatic presentations, particularly the andante.

Voted up, etc.,


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