Popular Spanish Songs

Every now and then, I get the spanish blues. That's what I call it when I start missing "home". All my family lives in Spain, and although we keep in touch regularly there are days when I miss them all terribly. When that happens I usually put my spanish music on to bring back the memories of family days and happy times. These are all songs which bring back fond memories for me but are also popular spanish songs that you can hear in old spanish bars where the tourists don't go! These particular songs are older ones by artists who are household names and whose music is played again and again to each generation at the fiestas. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!

El porompompero

La Zarzamora

El Fary

Amor Eterno

Canta y no llores!

La Revoltosa

Asi fue

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Scribe For Hire profile image

Scribe For Hire 6 years ago from Connecticut

It's always amazes me how many memories you can recall when you hear a certain song and how you can easily be transported back to that space in time. Thanks for sharing!

LaMamaLoli profile image

LaMamaLoli 6 years ago from London Author

You're welcome!

ajcor profile image

ajcor 6 years ago from NSW. Australia

This is a great option when you feel homesick for the land of your birth - I love Spanish music, food etc so enjoyed this hub a lot...thanks

LaMamaLoli profile image

LaMamaLoli 6 years ago from London Author

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by!

pager7 profile image

pager7 6 years ago from Kampala-Uganda

Beautiful! I got here for RedGage, am a new member there!

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

I really enjoy all these songs. Thank you very much. I vote this Up.

LaMamaLoli profile image

LaMamaLoli 6 years ago from London Author

Thank-you all!

anon Y mas profile image

anon Y mas 5 years ago

Thank you for these memories. It is hard to find the old Spanish songs rather than the Mexican bar type.

My favorite "Solamente una vez"

xcancer714x@yahoo.com 3 years ago

very greatly appreciated,have u got any records of late famous spanish singer Teresa de Alba? any relatives maybe knows her? pls.get in touch

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