Kapalbathi & Pranayama Cures many ills.

Baba Yog Guru Ramdev doing Pranayama at Yoga Camp Bangalore.

AC Bed Room at Yoga Training Center.

At a yoga training center you can stay in AC rooms and good food without any thought for quality in clean atmospheres all around.
At a yoga training center you can stay in AC rooms and good food without any thought for quality in clean atmospheres all around.

A Yoga center of different kind.

A Yoga center for Meditation.

A Yoga Seminar.

How do you do Kapalbathi.?

Kapalbathi is a breathing technique that cures all stomach disorders if practiced daily and as instructed by the guru.Pranayam is also another technique to make your body more perfect.Please record your weight,BP,Complete Lipid Profile Test before you begin your Pranayama.A ECG taken would further show how you are benefited after a year.People of all ages can do this any time and before starting pranayama it is advisable and better to consult your doctor if you have any health problem.

If all people in India practice Pranayam all Doctors will close their shops but they will live doing some other work.To learn the method to practice Kapalbathi and Pranayama you have to join a good yoga school and there are many ashrams also in Bangalore teaching these two methods freely to all people.All you have to do is tell your driver or Auto driver to take you to a yoga school.There are special camps freely conducted to drivers to keep good health and NGO'S of Bangalore are helping them.Yoga for good health,body and mind has now made its presence in all schools and homes.Young and old practice at home or in ashrams on regular basis.There is awareness among all sections of society and it is now a business on large scale.Equipments to practice like tread mill is so common that there is time restrictions in all Gym's that dot the road in many places in towns big and small.Girls in tight dress doing Aerobic exercises with music along with boys in early morning hours and evenings looks like dancing for fun and joy to the innocent onlookers.Bangalore is full of these joints and is growing along with the young population from all corners of the country on account of the growth in employment in this city.

Do Yoga if you don't you will Get Roga ( disease.).

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