Good Pranks to Pull on Friends

The Prankster

My family found out early in my life that I was a prankster. I would pull all kinds of gags just to get a laugh.

Mom still wants to beat me for the day I put a big black snake in the mailbox.

Thank God that I didn't go to school these days and times. I was the one in junior high who tied three M-80's together, lit them, and flushed them down the school toilet. That did some bad damage. One M-80 is equivalent to 1/16th stick of dynamite.

This hub isn't to show you those terrible pranks, but to give you ideas on some simple ones you can do.

Scroll down and learn some pranks.

Prank List

Here is a list of simple pranks you can pull.

  1. A small can of tuna with a small hole in the top placed in a hidden spot in a car can stink terribly, but once found the smell goes away somewhat quick.
  2. Taping receiver buttons down on a phone so it keeps ringing when picked up.
  3. We once caught an opossum and released it in the bosses office--NOW THAT WAS FUNNY!!
  4. Releasing crickets in an office can be mean too!
  5. Turn off the ceiling fan and fill styrofoam cups with confetti. Tape one on it's side to the top of each fan blade. Now just wait for the person to turn it on.

More Pranks

  1. Glue a quarter to the floor and get a laugh out of people trying to pick it up.
  2. A lot of bird seed in a person's yard and driveway can usually cause problems.
  3. Here is a mean one; put the victims name, address, and phone# on about one hundred sheets of paper with a message about a scientific study on how many will contact back. Tie each one to a helium balloon and release.
  4. Jack the victim's car up and put blocks under each axle just barely lifting the tires off the ground. This is fun to watch when they go to take off.
  5. Last but not least, my old favorite--The sprayer on the kitchen sink; rubber band the handle so when the wife turns the water on she gets sprayed. But got me a black eye.

Hope You Enjoyed

Hope you enjoyed this hub.I had fun making it.

Let me know what you think.

Have a great day prankster's!

© 2008 Greg Boudonck

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compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 8 years ago from London UK

I used to love playing practical jokes when i was much younger! I now do not play any jokes at all, because when ever people had prolems being the victim, i was alwasy being blamed, so nmow if anyone ever has been the victim of any joke, at least they know , in the words of Shaggy, "It wasent me!!":)

A really fun thing to do is (you need two phones) and call two diffferent cab companys and listen to there converstaion...

"hello cab cars?" hello! you called me!! NO you called me!! its so hilarious!!

Also the "cry wolfvstory" helped me stop being a joker!

ps, im at your new websirte and i like the chicken touch! Shirley Anderson the last H.O.M would love it!!

Shirley Anderson profile image

Shirley Anderson 8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

So good, you said it twice. Well, now that you've said that, C.S., I have to check it out for sure!

Great hub, Froggy, though I fear there are many children who are going to be sent to their rooms and grounded. :)

Froggy213 profile image

Froggy213 8 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico Author

Thanks friends--children-do not do these things!!!

jim10 profile image

jim10 8 years ago from ma

One of the best pranks my friends and I pulled was at the mall. We got a couple of free lobsters and took them to the mall. The local mall had some great fountains. So we figured the lobsters could use a dip. We then stood around and watched a huge crowd form. Eventually the mall security showed up and tried to figure out how to catch them. After about 5 minutes one went and got a net from somewhere and our little lobster pals were captured. It was nice to give everyone at the mall a chuckle and a break from their normal shopping routine. Needless to say I am guessing other people did lots to things to these fountains besides throw change in because they removed them when they remodeled.

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 8 years ago from London UK

I forgot to mention, that you place the two phones next to each other so they can speak and hear each other!:)

Some mobile phones can have terrible feedback, so land lins are best!:)

and dont forget to hide your number prior to calling!:)

TravelMonkey profile image

TravelMonkey 8 years ago from United Kingdom

Working in an office i find the following amusing:


- Put pin holes in peoples plastic beakers at the water dispenser so it sprays out when turned on its side.


- if someone is on the phone, tip a small amount of water on their crotch and watch them walk around embarrased as people think they have wet themselves.


- coat the phone in black ink (stamp ink) and call their phone, when they answer they will have black ink on their mouths and ears.


- swap the numbers around on their keyboard, don't swap obvious ones, normal keyboards will read 1234567890, change it to 0123456789. Small changes wont be easily noticed but have hilarious consequences.


-personal favourite, pass details on of a missed call from a Mr C Lion (sealion) and provide the number of the local zoo and watch their face as they embarass themselves.


Try all of these, im sure it will brighten up your day in the office.

zippo 8 years ago

this is a nice website.

here is one: pop off the N and M keys on a key board. switch them and people will get so confused!!

a second: left up the toilit seat and type seranarape on it. put the seat down. The next person to go, is gunna get a rush :-)

Deb4FlatTires profile image

Deb4FlatTires 8 years ago from Tennessee

Great ideas!!! I have many pranks I've performed myself. Deb

whitney 8 years ago

hey how could i get my moms boyfriend back


Froggy213 profile image

Froggy213 8 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico Author

There are many ways Whitney--how about a little itching powder in his underwear? That always is a good one.

mastermindpranker777 7 years ago

well for me and my friends, we have turned ding dong ditching into an artform. Haha. We also get loads of enjoyment from forking peoples yards at night. The best one, eve though it is a little extreme and is best done when you know the person is going to be gone for a few hours or more, is if you have a neighbor or friend you know pretty well and have a key to their house, unlock their door and on the inside of it, the art that is hidden behind the door frame when closed-its only about an inch or less- completely coat it with extra strength gorilla glue or super glue, you can get it at a hardware sore most likely, coat it with super glue. Then leave and slam the door and pull on it when its closed. Best to do it as soon as possible afterthey leave so it can dry. after an hour or so of drying, hid in a bush or something and enjoy. You will be in stitches watching them try to open the door. Like I said, its pretty extreme but if you really want to get back at someone for humiliating you once in a while, its perfect.

Chloe 7 years ago

put plastic rap on someones door so they will run into it

polar 693 7 years ago

get a plastic bottle and cut it in half to make a funnel and tell ur freind to put it in his pants and tell him to put a coin on his chin and try to drop in to funnel but have a cup or bottle of water some where and pour in funnel

~♥ShyShy♥~ 7 years ago

this isen't my best but get some rotten eggs in some1's shoes b4 they put them

Leesha Irene 7 years ago

Have one egg in each hand. A raw egg in one hand, a boiled in the other. Toss the raw egg up and down-without dropping it, of course. "Accidently" drop the egg on the ground. When the person jumps back or reacts however they do, go after them with the boiled egg. When you smash it on them, they'll laugh and say, "Ya got me."

And if you really want to get them, have two more eggs with you, and give them to that person to let them try, but instead of giving them one raw and one boiled, give them two raw..tell them one is raw and to make sure they don't get it confused. Then watch as they make someone very upset.

My dad tought me this. It was on an old movie called "Porky's.

corazondeangel21 7 years ago


Have been laughing here at your pranks nice and light hearted good job you did´nt go to my School which although I´m proud of it was more like Lowood Institute "Jane Eyre" style lol. Thanks for being a ray of sunshine.

Take care all.

pizza 7 years ago

i need a few small jokes to play on my friends brother asap

Coriqam 7 years ago

you should hide a mask that looks like a person's face in the freezer. of course, it should look realistic.

kk 7 years ago

tou should try putting a mask in the toilit and leave the lid down

funky button 7 years ago

you should put a disk in a copier cut it out ,and get a blank disk and glue it on . then wait intill some one wants to watch it . ps hide the other disk.

soccer1 7 years ago

that would be funny!!

JAcko 7 years ago

get me some goods pranks asap

anna 7 years ago

i cant wait till i pull a prank on someone

Kota 7 years ago

Hey i got two. Take your friends cell phone when there over wrap it with shrink wrap tightly put in a container and pour water in it and let it sit in the freezer. after that take it out (frozen) and put it next to your friend when there sleeping and call it Funny.

laurie&delaina 7 years ago

yall need way better pranks than this!!!! how bout puttin dog crap in a paper bag and putting it at someones door and light it on fire then ring the door bell or nock and run then when they go to open the door and see a bag on fire they stomp it out and get mushy crap on their feet lololol halarius!!!!!!!!!

oo 7 years ago

you guys are posers. none of these are that funny. too pull a really good prank you have to be really immature and care free. this whole website is a joke.

terra 7 years ago

I think you guys who made the web site need more pranks from kids. Like the one I am going to give you.I bot some silly string and put it down on my Dad's door and he did not yell at me. It was not a bad prank. It was a good prank.

Kodi 7 years ago

some of these pranks r really funny!

Kenz-a-nater 7 years ago

I really could use a prank for this guy. He has this "webshow" and it is a hidden camora show he is ALWAYS pulling funny little pranks. The thing is he has gotten me not on the show but just in Church; So the camora he uses is mine and his "cohost" is my boyfriend and we really need something funny but not to horably mean we are doing this at CHURCH remember this please... anything will help thank you.!

Prank-out-loud 7 years ago

I sure will try those!

maria 7 years ago

your good.

Troy 7 years ago

You guys are amatuers.

Try this......Get a sheet of tin and cut out the shape of a gun. Place the 'gun' inside a book and place that inside the bag of a friend that's about to travel overseas

bulre 7 years ago

ooo right great

JJ 7 years ago

Froggy, you are so awesome!


Okay, so I've got one. Find a person in the phone book with a funny last name and call them. Ask where George is. Then, call again and say that you really need George. Call a few more times and do all of that. Then, call one last time and say, "Hey, I'm George. Do I have any messages?".

evan 6 years ago

i no one in my family im the prank king put the sugar in the salt lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololollololOLolololol

MEE 6 years ago


cassie 6 years ago

my friends made a thing for my on craigs list.. i got a bunch of phone calls and apparently.. im selling a ps3!! i need payback!

Iseeyou. 6 years ago

Try this guys....

Take coffee, put it on a piece of cloth and rub it all over a white board... when your teacher tries to write on it the marker wont work ..and they'll try all sorts of markers but none will work thanks to the cofee .. xD

sjkahafjka 6 years ago

lol good pranks.:P

XD 6 years ago

hey. today ma bro and i wanted to egg someones house. he "accidentally" threw it at someones house with some witnesses. o.o u can guess wat happened then. now we are afraid to go outside............................... O.o

needhelpedgirl 6 years ago

i want to play a pank on my bff at school and i need to do them safe yet funny, anything i can do to her locker?! ASAP HURRY!!!!!

Bailey 6 years ago

On a random day put a paper on her locker and write happy birthday Freddy! and put come confetti around it and stuff, she'll be soooo confused!!! LAWL!!!!

Jayden 6 years ago


Mars 6 years ago

Well, here's one you could try at work if you so feel the desire.. pardon me if you think it's "lame." One time at work I stayed late one night and brought a ton of foam peanuts in. I took all the foam peanuts and poured them, not only around my friend's cubicle but in all of her drawers. Everyone thought it was hilarious. But, try not to get fired: clean it up yourself, ok? They were flying everywhere and hard to clean up but it was pretty funny watching her at the desk all day reaching for pens and such, throwing peanuts onto the floor. Also, we have a giant fountain in the middle of town and went there at say 4:30 AM, poured bubble bath in it and took off. Traffic was horrible for the commuters traveling to work.

zack r. 6 years ago


juliaann 6 years ago

So for the past few days my dad has been pranking me bad, I want revenge~!!! I need good pranks ASAP!!!!!

profile image

liltreegirl 6 years ago

These pranks are for 2 year olds you need to be creative peole.

here is a better one

if you are sleeping at a friends house wait till everyone is asleep and go into their bathroom. clear out the mirror cabinate and hide their bathroom things them fill the cabinate with something else like marbels,rocks,candy ect. it will be funny to see their reaction.

duhhhhhhhhhhh 6 years ago

put gress all over someons door handle ring the doorbell and run they will try to open the door again and it will be coverd

funny 6 years ago

well i pulled this on my big sister she was trying to get her shaving stuff standing on a stoll too shave her unybrow well with out her noticing i poured oil on the flour well she was shaving she stepped off the stoll and slipped half her eyebrow is gone she thought it was my brother

Rosa 6 years ago

Try this girls! My man pulled the horrible water in a bowl put in on the ceiling and hold it up with a wooden pole and the water will "disapear", well I stood there for an hour before he came up and slapped my ass, I got water all over me, so it's pay back time. While he was in the house I put pink lengerie in his glove box, I hate the colour pink. Well, I said I needed a napkin after grabbing a bite to eat, I reach in the glove box and start freaking out on him demanding why the lengerie was in here, he ran a red light. Then I devices to tell him it was a joke, I was conveyed for our saftey lol. It was awesome!

lilmissjess 6 years ago

all theese jokes are rubish guys we need sum new 10ns :) xzxx try whiles sumeones sleepin if they hav der hand out put some sort of cream in there hand and then tickle thew with a duster or something lol i gets a lil bit messy on ya victim but its funny the next mornin lol works evry time :) xxx

Jane Adams 6 years ago

Take a cloth and coat the toilet with white Karo syrup, when it is dry and invisble and someone sits on it, it works like crazy glue . Especially on men's hair legs!

Emily Paz 6 years ago

Lol, ok so all of the pranks above are kinda lame... some are okay.. but I think a good prank would be to get a bucket of ice cold water and wedge it between the door and when someone opens the door, it will get poured all over them.

Another one would be to duct tape someone's feet down to where they are sleeping and watch them try to get up lol.

Another one, you could wrap saran wrap around the toilet bowl (under the seat) and put the seat down and when someone goes to the bathroom it will just come back up. Ewww. but so funny.

Avonna Humpalot 6 years ago

lol seran wrap + toilet seat = fepic :)

I Luv Soccer 6 years ago

i need a prank thats good for getting back at someone while at school. i don't want to get into trouble but i do want to make him mad. lol

Diga Queso! 6 years ago

So, me and my much older brother are in a prank war. He is leaving for college soon and I need an awesome prank to pull on him. Here's the catch, he's currently living in the basement with his fiancee, so I need something that will only affect him. Ideas?

Soonerfan 6 years ago

My girlfriend has been pranking me a lot lately, I need to get her back good but not make her too angry. Can someone help please??

steveo 6 years ago

thats dumb because if dude was mad he wouldnt start shotting the guy in the mail box he would pull the top off an kick some ass

lisadpreston profile image

lisadpreston 6 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

This hub was funny. I was never really a prankster. All I really remember doing was ordering about 10 pizzas while at a slumber party and sending them to our rivals house thinking they would get stuck with the pizzas and the bill. That was before caller ID and we thought we really pulled one over. Somehow our rival knew it was us and convinced the pizza place and we got stuck with the pizzas and the bill. Pretty lame prank. I do intend to try a few of these that you listed as they seem pretty harmless but funny as hell. Thanks for the laugh.

katie 6 years ago

what happends if the person you pull a prank on hits you then they take you to the princapal's office and will I get in truble do u think i will get in truble and im trying to follow the Jackass cast and try to meet them so we will tape a vidieo of my friends and i on youtube and we NEED a lot of good pranks and stunts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trevor 6 years ago

grease the toilet seat with butter or something very slippery!!!

Sami 6 years ago

my uncle always pulls pranks on me at family gatherings and its time for me to finally pay him back so anyone have some ideas????????

Emma 6 years ago

I'm Gonna Get My Dad Back Really Good I Got My Dad With The peter's Answer's Well lets See What They Will Look Like When I Do These!!

JD 6 years ago

Ever see a mongoose box? It's a long wooden box with a cage at the front half. Talk about the dangerous mongoose you have inside.

Have someone look into the cage while you rap the box to make the critter stick his head out.

When you secretly flick open the lid it throws a piece of fur at your victim, who then screams and runs.

Good times.

mikalah  6 years ago

wake up early on Christmas and replace everyone things in their stockings with coal

Tiffy  6 years ago

k i got a good prank here it is:

invite like 8 people over to ur house and b sure one of them is like realy un popular and lame. u and the 7 other people stay up and wait untill the lame persone is sleepin.then drag the victom and there blanket/sleepin bag out in the frount yard and draw on thier face like a mustache and pelt them with water ballons or condoms that are filled up with water(those dnt pop it makes it painful for ur victom) and dump water and stuff all over them

u can even try expermenting with differnt liqueds i did that for my 14th b-day party it was halarious

unknown 6 years ago

a great prank is to put sticky things in someones underwear

profile image

boyler1 6 years ago

i contacted jeremy kyle show with my mates details to get him on the show, said his wife caught him with another man, they haven't contacted him yet but maked me chuckle inside, cant wait for the outcome lol he he he

That Nerd In The Back Of The Classroom 6 years ago

I think some of these are actually pretty good!!! But anyway, the true way to prank someone is that they all think you're the sweet, innocent nerd at the back of the classroom. Pull a prank on someone, they never even suspect you.

This one time I went in while everyone else was in an assembly, even the teacher. I began moving little things around like the pencil sharpener and pencils. I then proceeded to put wet paint all over the teachers chair, I made sure it was black paint since the chair was black, and naturally since I'm a painter I have to have paint.

After I was done, I snuck out of the classroom, and proceeded to phase two. I opened the star of the football teams locker, (I knew how to open any locker in the school, cheap people...) and got about 300 hundred "love letters" out of my bookbag, and dumped in there, shutting the locker quickly. All of tem had different names on them, none of them had my name on them though, it took a while to make them the night before, but it was worth it, I locked his locker back, and snuck back into the assembly. No one even noticed I had left.

I followed the rest of the class, and we entered the class, I was a sophomore at the time. I pulled out my book for homeroom, and watched as the teacher sat down. Didn't even notice it. She was wearing a light blue skirt that day, but the paint wasn't watercolor, it was acrylic, but I made sure it washed out easily.

After a while some people went looking for the sharpener, and I helped, which I had put in the bathroom. I kept a blank face as the etacher got up, and everyone bust out laughing. She was so mad, but they never figured out that it was me.

After homeroom, I went to my locker, which was right next to the football captain's (convenient eh?) and I opened mine up, looking out of the corner of my eye as he opened his up. They all came spilling out, and I loved the look on his face. It was hilarious. But what was even funnier was when his friend came up, slapped him on the back and said, "GET SOME!!!"

It was quite possibly the best day of my life.

Unknown . 6 years ago

Tiffy , that's really mean you seem like a bitch . " make sure it's someone reallylame " your just a low lived birch who thinks she better than everybody . How could you do something like that ?

LilPhreak 6 years ago

Hey, you guys want a good prank? If your victim is one of those lazy type of people, it's time for a highly abrupt awakening. If you have a computer with a nice sound system, make a scheduled task for the computer to open up to a highly annoying song and blast it.

Another way to get your victims is the 5 star car prank. How my brothers and I pulled this off on our parents was ridiculous, but hilarious. Take every tire off their car and put them up high, like on a roof or in a tree. Pop out the vent covers and fill it with flour or confetti, take toilet paper and weave it all around the interior. Swap the wiring for the headlights and volume control (Please do not attempt unless you know your stuff, we learned the hard way). Lastly, some say place a thin layer of super glue to the seats, I find super gluing a condom to the seats in various places more funny.

Krista 6 years ago

I've gotta good prank!!! Firs.t walk 2a frenemy and say 2close there eyes and pretend 2run in a forest and tell them 2run faster and secs later smack them in the face and yell"Ooooooo! U ran in2a tree!!

sorority girl 6 years ago

I am in a sorority and our house is connected to a fraternity house. We are in the middle of a prank war with them and we need some ideas for clever pranks. they can't be messy though because we had a huge food fight and almost got into a lot of trouble. anyone have any ideas??

Anonymous 6 years ago

These are some real pranks

1)Piss all over everything in a public bathroom when their is a huge line behind you. Make sure you get the seat, mirror, toilet paper, and doorhandle. Make sure you leave quickly.

2)Take a shit on someone's car.

3)Poor gasoline on someone's front lawn in the shape of a Nazi symbol.(Careful with this one)

4)Forking- Stab hundreds of plastic forks, with the fork part up, in their yard. Harder to clean up for victim if done during winter because the ground freezes.

4)Stand atop a tall building a drop a massive bucket of shit onto a crowd of people and have a friend video tape it. Run.

5)Mail shit to someone. Make sure they open it somewhere public. Cow patties work well.

6)Smear shit all over someone's garage door. Write a non-discreet message for extra revenge.

7)Piss on someone's doorstep with a friend, ring doorbell, run like hell.

8)Get like 20 friends, get in teams of two, mass ding dong ditch everybody on a street. Don't be stupid and snicker and stuff, be very quiet.

9)Slaughter and gut a pig and discard it with the innerts in someone's front yard overnight.

10)Spread a rumor that someone had intercourse with their cat. Works best and is more believable on weird people.



TPing is illegal in some states, so be EXTRA careful when TPing. Make sure your always physically fit when pranking someone in order to run away if something happens to go wrong. Never do something illegal to someone in order to get revenge immediately after they have angered you. Use someone else's shit when doing shit pranks. DNA is in shit. You can get shit at Wal-Mart. Not getting caught is priority one.

Anonymous 6 years ago


Don't go into Wal-Mart and buy a shit load of toilet paper at once, it's suspicious, obtain it a different way. Get your shit from the BATHROOM in Wal-Mart bring some bag to store it in. It will look suspicious if you walk out with someone else's shit in your hands.

If you really want revenge, put shit in someone's backpack. Stinkbombs are a pranksters best friend.

sorority girl 6 years ago

This will help out so much!! TYVM!!! I'll win my prank war now!

JK 6 years ago

Everyone in my office drinks coffee so this April Fool's Day I am going to put green food coloring in the coffee and watch all of them walk around with green mouth's.;)

ash1995 5 years ago

put hair remover in someones shampoo!!!

Elianna Heyen 5 years ago

Tomorrow is April Fools I need a good prank for the teacher it can't ne to mean and it has to be appropriate cuz I'm 10

colita 5 years ago

I put cups on top of the fan and put paper scraps in it and then at diner i will ask for her to put the fan on lol!

vistor 5 years ago


visitor200 5 years ago

theres too many coments not any good pranks

jammie 5 years ago

just pelt eggs at ppls houses!!! OR TE PE IT WITH TOILET PAPER!!!!!!

HI 5 years ago

:) :) :) :) :) :) I LOVE PRANKS

kool 5 years ago

these pranks suck are there any other pranks like this that i dont need to see

walas 5 years ago

ok. i like to pull pranks on my friends. ALOT. but the thing is, they've gotten used to it, i need a MASS prank that will have them laughing for life, but wont get anyone into trouble. also, on april fools day, i told my friend that i talked to the guy she had a crush on, and told him that she liked him, but he said that he liked her back. the look on her face was priceless. works best if other people are there to see your friends reaction.

marisa 5 years ago

u no wat those r the stupidist pants i ever herd

marisa 5 years ago

i meant pranks

MLIA 5 years ago

Today I was sitting on my couch, bored, when my phone rang. I picked it up to a girls voice, sounding to be about in her teens, say "Hi is nathan there?" I replied "No, I'm sorry he is still out with Ashley, can I take a message?" She immediately screamed "ASHLEY?! who is Ashley?!" I responded "I'm sorry, Kate he still hasn't told you about the others?" As I hung up the phone I heard the girl scream "KATE?!?!?"

gerogly 5 years ago

i need a websight for prankink

mwah 5 years ago

not bestest but if u no no some1 going 2 walk through 2 doors put water above first 1 n flour above second quiet funny

princess 5 years ago

hers a good one,i hancoffed my mom and dad to the bed for the weekend and took the keys and went to seattle and did not get in 1 reck.when i got home, i let a bird in side the house and it got the hole house messed up.

ashlee 5 years ago


Ellacat 5 years ago

I'm planning on pranking my teacher when we go to space camp for two nights I'm really good at lying and sneaking around but I can't think of anything PLEASE HELP!ps nothing major I'm only 10 and surrounded by tattletales

Ellacat 5 years ago

My teacher is one of those people who's sickly sweet one moment and then all the sudden she blows up I really hate but I've been hiding it so she won't suspect me Any suggestions on how to humiliate her will be appreciated but it can't be anything that requires more than one person because none of my would go through with something like playing a prank on a teacher 5 years ago

Soak all of someone else's underwear while their sleeping and put them all in the freezer overnight! 5 years ago

Whoops, *they're.

Also, this is really mean, but replace someone's shampoo with Nair.

Or, fill their shoes with Kool-Aid mix. It'll turn their socks into a different color.

Or, I did this a couple days ago--my friends and I filled someone else's truck bed with a ton of lotion.

Wrap their car with crepe paper/saran wrap + duct tape/balloons. With a loaf of bread on their antenna. :D

Put vicegrips on someone's fuel line in their car.

That's all for now! :)

shantel 5 years ago

can't wait to prank my friends

Bob4president 5 years ago

These Pranks suck put sugar and salt on ur victims toothbrush a nd film them brushing their teeth.

YaMum 5 years ago

duct tape your friends mouth and hands to their bed and wake up in the morning and they will be stuck and cant get out

j.i.m. 5 years ago

rub meat all over someones underwear.preferebly a guy. and make sure theres a dog there when theyre wearing the unders.epic


mr.funny 5 years ago


Mr pr 5 years ago

tie a string to a door knoob than to another door knoob and that person cant get out.

Spy 5 years ago

i got my own slave.find sombodys secret and tell him or her to do what ever you want or youre gonna tell his or her secret.revenge is sweet!

jr kid 5 years ago

i put the bucket on the door filled wih wet sand and my cousin open the door and the bucket fell on him and boy was i proud.

j.i.m. 5 years ago

the slave thing is more like blackmail than a prank.but it is a prank in a different way.normally its not supposed to be a threat but a way to get back and humiliate them:)

sincerelysweet 5 years ago

th eonly prank i thought that was actually REALLY good was the one where u post something on craigs list and put your friends phone number so theyre phone gets blown up lol i just made three posts on craigs list in the relationship section (he's a guy) i put one under men seeking men one under sex no strings attached asking for a guy and another under men seeking women asking for a big beautiful woman and i put his number and wrote something clever at the end saying ask for big gay al when you call ;D i cant wait to see what happens :D :D :D

........ 5 years ago

This is not a good website. These pranks are all immature.

lol98c 5 years ago

When someone calls you (they have the wrong number), say, " didn't hear? Um Bobby died yesterday....."

Also a good one is a prank call.

call some one and say hello we are currently working on you areas power lines. Please do not answer the phone in the next 30 min for it can hurt our workers. thanks you. then hang up.

call in like 5 min and when(they WILL pick up) they pick up, Scream into the phone.

haha its great

Pakita 5 years ago

When the temperature is under 32°F, get a damp paper towel and stick it to a car window. This will make them uber mad, put its hilarious! :)

5 years ago

I love pullingg pranks on my siblings

cristen brocketts friend 5 years ago

i did #5 before you know the cieling fan one lol i love pranking im even goin 2 prank my best friend in the whole world and hopefully she forgives me becouse i couldnt last a day knowing she waznt my friend i would literly DIE sooooo wish me luck after i do the prank ill tell u what i did if she waz still my friend and how funny it waz lol wish me luck :]

Ella 5 years ago

target: 13 yr old boys

k, get ur old magazine and search through for any pictures of Justin Bieber. when a boy in your class isn't looking, steal one of his books or his planner and stick in some of the pics. it helps bookmarking the page with a subtle dog ear, so someone else is more likely to see before him. hope you enjoy! :D

Ella 5 years ago

this one's pretty funny, I've never done it, but I thought of it and it sounds hilarious! get some itching powder and secretly sprinkle it over someone's head (quite a lot but dont let them notice) during the day their head'll get more and more itchy, then when they go to itch, white flaky powder falls out their hair -dandruff1

Ella 5 years ago

my fave pranks are framing ppl- get someone's planner at school,then write in 'date with ____!!) fill in the blank with whoever you like, surround it with lovehearts and doodles of his name, then subtly dog ear the page, so it falls open and looks hilarious!

rodolfo 5 years ago

my pranks are better i already got 27 victims of my pranks and i got busted in 4 pranks and nailed 23 pranks 6 cried (especially my younger sister shaoroon he cried like a baby even he is a baby) the art of the prank need guts im a prankster that carries a spare of chocolate bar and stuff(the chocolate bar is for bribery give them one and they will be happy but dont prank sacary or powerful friends they will not accept the chocolate so watch out)

Ummm... 5 years ago

Ok my friend is sleeping but I am gunna prank her but her dads in the living room o dint no wat 2 do any ideas ??? FAST !!! 5 years ago

wow nice pranks but i wonder how many kids are gonna get grounded and adfults get punched lol

PIE 5 years ago

Ummm... duct tape her to the floor FUNNY!!!

noahbody 5 years ago

squeeze a hole bunch uv lemon or lime on sum one's toothbrush and try to get it on video. its gonna be HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Breann 5 years ago

The best prank my friend pulled on his teacher is that the teacher was gone and my friend got under her desk and wene she came back he had a rubber snake and it felt real and he rapped the snake around her leg then she screamed and she kikked him 10 or 11 times and i bursted out laphing then he went to the hospital P.S.the teacher had high heels on.

olivia 5 years ago

u all r fails:/ those are the qworst pranks i have ever seen in my life

samantha trannor 5 years ago

hi my name is sammantha trannor but i like to be called Sam an theas pranks are stupid and i dont even like them and you people just need to get a life and you guys are retard

johnathan 5 years ago

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you crack me up!

Mike 5 years ago

I went to a county fair with my sister Kim and our friend so I saw a huge wad of kinder old bubblegum on a bench then I said hey Kim there is a spot on the bench over their that you can rest.Im hoping she doent see the bubblegum on the bench but then she saw something and shes touching and feeling it then she turns around and Im like dam she saw it and thats when she sat down on it about 10 minute later the bubblegum is stuck on her butt I LOVE THAT.

Dr Jackal 4 years ago

Here is one the I am currently planning for April Fool's Day: I have an old cell phone that allows voice recordings to be set as ringtone/alarm sounds... Don't get ahead of me on this one. I will make sure the battery is fully charged for this one. After recording several sounds to inculcate fear and discomfort I will set them to different alarm times to go off at random times throughout the work day. The evening of March 31st the cell phone will placed in the overhead of my victims' office. I have been, since my arrival to this building, setting the scene for what is now believed to a haunting. Now I will take it to the next level.

wright8750 4 years ago

Wait till your friend goes on vacation and is due to return. Get some chalk and do a body outline in the drive way and then string up some crime scene tape around it.

$H!+$ N GIGGLES 4 years ago

so, me and this guy have a prank battle..never really pulled any serious pranks on anyone..for my first prank I'm going to gorilla glue change all over both soles of his shoes n on 8 quarters(4ON EACH SHOE)

it will say "I GOT YOU!"

jessielily 4 years ago

Salt insomeonrs pancakes.....she got so mad!!!

sw@gg 4 years ago

lol i get a teacher to say sm1 is in big truble!!! i did it once and the guy freaked out!!! :p

karol 4 years ago


juliette 4 years ago

When ur friend is sleeping lightly drizzle some honey and your friend will be in a very sticky situation!:)i tried it was so funny but BEWARE don't do it on adults!

destiny love 4 years ago

ha i wanse pulled a prank on a person at night when my sister went to bed i put hot sause under the toothpaste so when she would brush her teeth in the morning her mouth wouth would burn

JM14 4 years ago

hahaha I will try the quarter one with the best glue I can

bad girl 4 years ago

its not very good but u should put some baby powder in the cars air vent then turn the air unto high so when they turn on the car they will be covered in white lol

flaming crap 4 years ago

pranks are the best thing to do to friads,famuly,and have fun lots of fun.

zach 4 years ago

my sister and i are at a prankwar and i need a good one

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