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Another day and another sequel to the incredibly terrifying and the incredibly profitable Paranormal Activity series. Now, in my opinion the first two films were both very good and the third stumbled as it lacked some of the more frightening scenes that the first and the second had. Paranormal Activity is a series that will always be one of the top horror films in my opinion solely based off of the way I felt when I left the theater upon seeing a midnight viewing of the first film. Mind you, I am not one that is easily scared, yet when I walked out after seeing the first, I was visibly shaking. I had never seen anything like it, a film building tension and anticipation for an hour and a half making your fears of what could be the driving force of the experience. In terms of story-telling, surprisingly it doesn't falter as it does just enough to keep you engaged. After the third, it can be hard to judge whether or not a fourth film is really necessary but it can be done. In this article I will go over some possible scenarios as to where the fourth could go.

The Signature Scene of the Series (DON'T WATCH IF YOUR EASILY SCARED)

Katie and Kristi as children again? Possibly
Katie and Kristi as children again? Possibly

Prequel: Katie and Kristi Visit the 90's

I have read a rumor of the fourth one going in the direction of Katie and Kristi and their mother moving in with their father in the 1990's. Katie and Kristi obviously at this point would have no recollection as to what happened in the third film, while Julie will most likely remember or simply be an emotional wreck. Which makes sense when you take a look at the second film and how Katie tells Kristi what she remembers from when they were kids. Katie told her that she remembers how scared they always were and how Julie and Kristi at times would go extended periods of time without even saying a word. The film most likely will introduce more of the cult that their grandmother was in, as they will be around much more frequently. For all we know Katie and Kristi's father could be apart of the cult.

What happened after Katie took Hunter?
What happened after Katie took Hunter?

Sequel: The Hunt for Hunter

I like many others I think, are a little interested as to what happened after the second film. However, if the fourth or fifth film go in that direction it would then become something completely different than what has made the first few films so successful. So frequently the real terror behind this movies is the build up we create with our own imagination as we hear creepy noises and see people getting dragged by nothing. If you do go the direction of Ali and possibly the rumored Micah's brother chasing down Katie that goes out of that realm, which could also create a scarier more in your face type of experience that would be more likely to turn people off from the series if done poorly.


CONFIRMED. It is a sequel in fact considering the new trailer that was released yesterday on 8/1/12. It shows a new family with a blonde teenager being the main character as she tells her mom that they have new neighbors across the street that are a bit odd. The next scene shows her talking to her boyfriend through her webcam about the creeping people that moved in. The lights begin to flicker and she explains how it must be the boy. Oddly enough, we see a little boy with two eerie shadows standing in her driveway. He eventually turns to face her and when he does all of the lights go off outside and electronic interference occurs after that forcing her boyfriend to hardly understand her. The houses alarms then can be heard going off saying "front door open", "back door open", "side door open." The lights in her room also go off and you see a familiar figure standing behind her at the doorway...leading everyone to believe it is in fact Katie. My only gripe with the trailer and the premise would be why is Katie and Hunter haunting this innocent family that has nothing to do with the deal the initial family made? I understand demons are all about chaos and havoc and so forth, but still for a film it has to have some sort of reasoning. If they get away from the formula that has made these films so popular as well then they run the risk of losing some fans. Although, I personally think it is the most logical way to go. The third to me was a disappointment as it never had any signature moments that really left you shaking with fear. By going with a sequel, with two people we have grown attached to possessed, it has plenty of potential for many more truly terrifying scenes.

I don't think they will jump the shark just yet...I hope not
I don't think they will jump the shark just yet...I hope not

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Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 5 years ago

Pretty interesting theories, as it could go in a variety of different directions from here. I'm a bit interested to see how they're pull off the next movie though..

Nickalooch profile image

Nickalooch 5 years ago from Columbia, MD Author

I really hope it picks back up. I was really disappointed with the 3rd.

lol 4 years ago


Newave 4 years ago

Hi I hated the third one I like the idea of the hunt for hunter the third one was not that scary it wasnt even scary

Haven 4 years ago

I dont think all the movies were that bad

I do think that they should pick up on the hunt for hunter

But if they do they have to do a really good job on it

The guy in the theory was right if they dont do a better job people will get drawn away from this great series of movies.

Taylor 4 years ago

Okay I love paranormal activity even though I'm ll years old anyway r any of them true I always thought the 1 one was true but I do t know about the other ones. Also why does it go back in time I just don't get it

Desiree 4 years ago

I think that the paranormal movies are a little cool but at the same time a little confusing. I think that the paranormal movies should be a little bit more scary. And why does it go back in time like can't we have one about

B-Mary or something scary.

jullian 4 years ago

the first one was bad the second one was bettar and the third one was lame so i hope the fourth is bettar!

hunter 4 years ago

the second one was the scariest

annpetro 4 years ago

I absolutly HATED para. normal activity 3

hunts 4 years ago

paranormal activity 3 was alright the blanket scene was the best bit with babysitter

Jahlyn evernden 4 years ago

I was so scared all the way throuh PA3 it fightened me so bad I had to go under the blanket.

Jason 4 years ago

Clearly the 4th will go into the girls teenage years in the 90's. If you go back before number 3, you have to film in the 70's and that film quality is just garbage. If you go forward after Katie steals the baby then it won't make any sense, the whole story is based on taking the first born son and that happened in number 2, The End....unless demons carry cameras. They have the 90's to go to, and that's pretty much it.

Nickalooch profile image

Nickalooch 4 years ago from Columbia, MD Author

They will milk it. They could really change it all by going past PA2, which would take away the appeal of the series as you would no longer have the buildup of tension.

Kaitlyn 4 years ago

I, personally, liked the third one and thought it was just as good as the others. But, I hope in the fourth they keep going the way they have been, back in time, and go to maybe the grandmother's or mother's childhood. Or, go further into Hunter. Either way works for me.

isaiah 4 years ago

Well i know for a fact the main character in part 4 is katie. Now for their mother i am assuming that when they got brain washed that their grandmother gave them a adopted mother because in part 3 it specifically says that julie and dennis die. Also their mother is still alive, because in part 1 when the priest came to talk to katie and her boyfriend he says it thrives on negative energy, and then katie boyfriend says then we probably should not see your mother anymore. Which basically proves she is stil alive and probably in a mental instatution

Nickalooch profile image

Nickalooch 4 years ago from Columbia, MD Author

maybe its my lack of sleep lately...but i dont follow what you are saying at all

Yusuf 4 years ago

Dudes, whichever direction PA4 may take still gives me the yeebi-jeebies.... Cos we get to meet Toby again... :-o

Christian 4 years ago

The third one was gay it was not scary

zeus1111111111111111 4 years ago

1 was ok

2 was horriable

3 was awesome

Damon 4 years ago

i like the idea of the hunt for hunter (im only 12) because they could search in the woods and get chased by demons and stuff, i really want a number 4 and i hope its a hunt for hunter as that would be the coolest one yet!!! :D keep up the good work

Lou 4 years ago

None of you lot can spell on here. Get your asses back to school

GothicSerpent 4 years ago

I too have to wonder what the direction will be for PA4. But, somehow, I don't think it will be another trip back in time largely because- as one poster stated- it would likely occur in the 1970s, which would be before Katie and Kristi. And, I really don't feel that it will go into the 1990s either. Just seems a bit too far fetched to go that route as it would just drag the story arc along. Too long in fact. So, I would definitely be open to a hunt for Hunter story because I think that is what most PA fans want to know- what happened to Katie and Hunter after part 2? As for my opinion of PA3, I thought the whole idea of grandma being part of a witch coven was too cliche'. Personally, I would have opted for a different approach than witches conjuring up demons in order to haunt the girls until the first born male child comes. But, if they do do a hunt for Hunter concept, then more than likely, part 3 will actually make a little more sense and actually bring about closure to the over all series.

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