Prince William Engagement?

Single Prince William - Not For Long?

Prince William Engagement Announcement in the Works?

Rumors are swirling again that Prince William and Kate Middleton are about to announce their engagement, according to Fox News and several newspapers and tabloids. The rumors got started when photographs were released of Kate with Prince William's father, Prince Charles. Kate was accompanying the royal family on a hunting trip in Scotland.

This is apparently the first time that Kate has been photographed with her royal boyfriend's prince of a father. The photographs of Kate going on a hunting trip on the royal family's estate and being photographed seems to have convinced the media once again that the couple are going to make an official announcement soon.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton attending a 70s party. Is she the future fiance of Prince William?
Kate Middleton attending a 70s party. Is she the future fiance of Prince William?

Prince William and Kate Middleton dated for a few years after meeting at the St. Andrews University in Fife, Scotland. Prince William and Kate broke up in April of last year, just when the media was also predicting a future marriage for the couple.

The couple started dating again this past summer, according to reports. Just recently photos have appeared of the two together at nightclubs. They also were seen together at Camilla's birthday celebration.

There has been no comment from Buckingham Palace.

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Prince William Engagement Comments 17 comments

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 8 years ago

Hmmmmm!!! Interesting!

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Sad. My plan was always to seduce Prince William before he was taken- looks like time is running out.

devindra lall 8 years ago

i hope they have a happy marriage. and i also hope he bocome the next king. and i also hope that the rule again.

devindra lall 8 years ago

i hope they have a happy marriage. and i also hope he bocome the next king. and i also hope that the rule again.

shazia qureshi 7 years ago

common william you can do better than that meet me instead

einelej 7 years ago

not too soon...`.- i think???

Crazy Girl 6 years ago

they're a pretty good pair...

jules 6 years ago

if he wont pop the question sooner, there will be no wedding at all...

the time table for child birth for Kate is ticking.... he might consider other younger girls....

jeny 6 years ago

gusto ko pa naman siya

Noushreena 6 years ago

If they love eachother, they decide about their life...

they are not the toy of the public just blaming them instead of thinking positively.

laura ibbitson 6 years ago

i dont think that they should be back with each other and with the engagement if it dint work before when they was thinking about it what will make it happen this time round and the reason i dont think they should not be with each outer is because i dont want it in the papers that he has had his hart broken and u may not like this but i think she is a snob.

carl 6 years ago

We are busy with our troubled normal lives.

This is just another snobby matter: Who cares?

Sheila Craan 6 years ago

If Prince William marries Kate Middleton because she is pregnant will he be renounced from being crowned the future king of England?

frankie 6 years ago

Why should we care i mean its just another wedding to organize :(

boytoy 6 years ago

i dont care...Im far more hotter than that prince

ann 6 years ago

and why you ask because kate is so not rite for him.kate should marie some one elss thats like her. best wishis'

love you willam not kate

sabaenoor 5 years ago

Kate looks nice but I don't know if prince William will like to take her as her wife when she gets old , I mean that some men's don't like their wife when they get old.But

I love prince William so much I wish he could be my husband.

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