Print Fake Parking Tickets - A Free Gag To Pull On Friends

You can print fake parking tickets for gags to pull on your friends or family members. This is a fun gag where nobody has hard feelings after it’s done. You can get think in a number of places for free, or you can buy some if you choose to. Regardless of where you get them, a gag violation is a good laugh. Let’s look at some places to print fake parking tickets off for free, so the phony replica traffic citation won’t cost you a dime.

Online Sources:

Perhaps the easiest place to get print fake parking tickets free is from online sites like Google Images or Yahoo Images. With either site, you can simply use your printer to make them. It may be a good idea to use colored paper, using red, yellow, or orange, and adjust the size of the gag citation. Few police departments would use full size sheet of paper, so your imitation should be about four to six inches wide, by eight to ten inches long. This way, when you print fake parking tickets using these online sites, they will look more real at first glance.

You can find blank templates to use online when you are looking to print fake parking tickets. This would allow you to tailor the imitation citation, using local Police Department names. Just make sure you state on the form that it is a simulated violation. This will reduce confusion in your practical joke, so nobody actually believes they got a real citation. That could ruin the joke.

If you aren't finding a suitable template to use to print fake parking tickets, perhaps you could make your own. It shouldn't be too hard to pull off, and you can make it fit many possible ideas.

Other Sources:

If you don’t want to go through the hassle to print fake parking tickets on your own, there are plenty of novelty stores, both online and local, that will have them available for purchase. They are generally pretty cheap, but not free. Still, it’s a great, cheap joke to play on someone.


When you print fake parking tickets, you may want to make yours a little specialized. They don’t all have to be a standard replica citation, you can really mix it up. Here are some ideas to help get those creative juices flowing.

· Taking two spaces

· Driving a gas guzzler

· Looking stupid while parked

· Driving a piece of junk

· Having one tire on the curb

Obviously there are many more ideas you can use to print fake parking tickets to use on your friends and family. You can actually make them apply to specific situations or reference an inside joke. No matter how you do it, when you print fake parking tickets, you can have some free laughs.

Should I Buy Fake Parking Tickets Pads Instead?

That's a matter of personal choice. While it will cost you a few bucks, they are still a very cheap way to pull a fun little joke on one of your buddies. Most are well under $5 for a nice sized pad and they look very real at a glance.

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jennifer mullendore  5 years ago

you are in violation 101 of the handbook!!!!!!!!!!!!

god damet learn whehe to park and you wont receive another!!!!!!!!! If not the consequences will be more severe next time!!!!!!!


Miniey 3 years ago

Honestly I agree with hayden., and I love the whole sell your squad idea. Personally I'd love to see pace beocme less of a factor. I'm a very total football kind of man, I love having passing specialists in my team and being able to dominate possession which is why I hate those stupid untalented quick guys some shit team sticks up top. I think I also want to see more specialization when it comes to stadiums, like if I'm at the etihad, I want the net to be black or if I'm at the bernabau I want the crowd right behind the goal instead of 80 yards away. I also want more freedom on celebrations. If I just scored a goal in stoppage time, I whhjhant to o rip my shirt off or go celebrate with the crowd or the subs. And if I'm up 6 or 7 nil why can't I just start walking emotionlessand give one of my teamates a gentle high five. I also want new commentators, like Macca or and Ian darke on ESPN who are the best! Rather than Clyde tilsley and his butt buddy Andy town send, I mean come on EA get creative!!!

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