Is Prodigy from Mindless Behavior leaving?

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Prodigy Leaving Mindless Behavior Behind

Is Prodigy leaving Mindless Behavior? Is Prodigy going solo? Is Mindless Behavior breaking up? These rumors have been running rampant ever since the group became a household name. With any musical celebrity group, comes rumors and gossip surrounding if they are together, breaking up, or going solo.

Although, arguably the most talented singer of the group, Craig Crippen Jr A.K.A. Prodigy has not yet come out and publicly commented on his mother's, Wanda Armour Instagram announcement on Friday, Nov 1st that as of 9/28/13 he was leaving the group. We have no doubts, should he want to pursue a solo career at a later date, that he has the skills to be hugely successful in the music industry.

Wanda Armour Instagram

Wanda Armour announces Prodigy leaves Mindless Behavior.
Wanda Armour announces Prodigy leaves Mindless Behavior. | Source

Wanda Armour Instagram

Friday, November 1st, Prodigy's mother Wanda Armour made a huge announcement on her Instagram account. She indicated that as of the end of September, Prodigy (A.K.A Craig Crippen Jr) has decided to leave the group Mindless Behavior.

Although, his mother did indicate the reason behind his leaving, his friend Shayla has been quoted as saying he left because of differences with management, but then later reported it was due to "emotional health issues".

Prodigy Left Mindless Behavior Months Ago

It has been confirmed that Prodigy wanted out months ago, as early as the beginning of 2013. He has wanted to go solo for quite some time, but contractually he was obligated to stay with the group a little bit longer.

Who will replace Prodigy in group Mindless Behavior?

Millions of Mindless Behavior fans are still reeling from the news that Prodigy has decided to leave the group. Mindless fans were sent into a frenzy when his mother announced to the world that he had made the decision to leave the group back in the end of September.

Truth be told, Prodigy wanted out months ago.

This comes as no surprise, as is the way with many young boy bands that are thrown together. Prodigy, the lead singer of the group, was always a risk to leave and set out for a solo career. He is the better singer of the group and performed most of the lead vocals.

Tami interviewing Jacob Latimore about being asked to join Mindless Behavior
Tami interviewing Jacob Latimore about being asked to join Mindless Behavior | Source

Jacob Latimore will not replace Prodigy in Mindless Behavior

Jacob Latimore is rumored to be the front runner to replace Prodigy, in the group Mindless Behavior. However, this is false. Jacob Latimore has had some success on Radio Disney, and also toured with Mindless Behavior this last summer. So he is familiar with the group and their songs.

In some opinions, he has a stronger vocal ability than Prodigy, although probably not the same dance skills.

According to an interview by Tami with TWT, Jacob Latimore admitted that the Mindless Behavior team had approached him multiple times throughout 2013, to have him be a part of the group. He won't go into details as to the why, but admitted that they were very interested in having him. (Full interview details here)

There would be no reason to add a 5th member to Mindless Behavior. The only logical conclusion is that he was asked to join to replace a member. That member can easily be speculated to be Prodigy.

Can you convince Prodigy to stay in the group Mindless Behavior?

Should Prodigy stay with the group Mindless Behavior?

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Prodigy Pics

Prodigy from Mindless Behavior
Prodigy from Mindless Behavior

Prodigy Shirtless

Prodigy from Mindless Behavior Shirtless
Prodigy from Mindless Behavior Shirtless | Source

Who is Prodigy from Mindless Behavior?

The oldest member of the group Mindless Behavior, Prodigy, who's legal name is Craig Crippen Jr was born on December 26, 1996 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to parents Wanda and Craig Crippen Sr.

Prodigy, given his name due to his ability to pick up any dance moves and choreography quickly and easily, has always been into dancing and singing. Check out a young 5 year old prodigy dancing. or just freestyling with friends at the bowling alley

Facts about Prodigy

Favorite Jewelry Piece
Teddy Bear Necklace
Favorite Color
Favorite School Subject
Favorite Movies
Hansel & Gretel, I-Robot
Favorite TV Show
Max & Ruby
Favorite Video Game
Madden 2011
Signature Hairstlye
Mohawk with MB on the side
Usher, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake
Chill, laid back
Favorite Qualities in a Girl
Confident, own sense of style
Celebrity Crush
Keke Palmer
Collaboration Choice
Usher, Willow Smith
Do in Spare Time
Relax with family, movies, ride go-carts

Interview with Prodigy from Mindless Behavior

Although there are no indications that the young group is splitting up anytime soon, it does beg the question, if they did split up, who would be the most likely to try for a solo career? Who from Mindless Behavior do you think would be the most successful as a solo artist? Post your vote on the poll below.

Which Mindless Behavior member is most likely to have a solo career?

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Mindless Behavior performs at Time Square

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EMMA 9 months ago


Kennaya 14 months ago

Plz dont break apart i am you biggest fan ray ray prestion prodigy and rock if yall got kik add me ilovemybae23884 i need yall just text me and i will make it up o yall o love and peform together yall are makeing me fell bad

Promise 18 months ago

Sorry I forgot about mb but i love u

mb best fan keagen 20 months ago

yo prod plzzzzzzzzzz don't leave I made a group with my friends cause of mb I will hate mb if u leave u are the heag of the group don't le plzz our mb will take a huge crash so plzz don't leve

p.s my friend jakai Garcia says ur his unckle I forgot why but DNT LEVE UR THE ONLY ONLY THING I LISTEN TO

janiah 21 months ago

i luv prod why do you have to go your the hottest out of the whole group. people are calling u dom and stupid but i think your awesome

pridigy cuz 21 months ago

pridigy and me makes the same moves and i don't want him to go and don't for get that

Mb biggest fan keagen 21 months ago

Prod my man don't leave I don't want a new guy I am a huge fan don't leave I am always looking up to u me and my friends made a group called golden rocstars cause of u u can't leave or my would take a huge crash don't go

Prodigy 23 months ago

I love u mb plx dnt break,i will be the must greatest but only when u did not break up.I love my mb........................................

kiara/luv u princeton 23 months ago

y'd yall have to breakup yall r amazing together and well yall were a HOT boy band.if yall just stayed together yall could of made a lot of $ but nnooo prod u wanted to leave but I still will luv yall no matter wat and forget ej srry/ prodigy,princeton,rayray,and roc royal luv yall not Ej


ray rays girl 23 months ago

On why is he leaving he is cute but im not cheating on ray rat

ray rays girl 23 months ago

His ray rays friend plus i miss you.

ray rays girl 23 months ago

His ray rays friend and don't leave.

chanelle 23 months ago

Pleas don't leave I love u where my passion but scince iv ben crying all the time please don't go we need u

Yarielis 23 months ago

Please don't break up, you are my favorite boy band in the whole WORLD! !!!!!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡

Miracle 24 months ago

They should all stay together no matter what because they all are sexy together and they can sing

Allyssa steele 2 years ago

No one will listen to mb eny it prodigy leads

kayale 2 years ago

I like michael jackson so as you and i like red to

NAS.J 2 years ago

Prodigy, please don't go . You were my favorite from mb.(no offense roc, ray, and princeton. I love u guys too.) PpppppppppppppLlllllllllllllEeeeeeeeeeAaaaaaaaaSsssssssEeeeee come back.

ellee 2 years ago

I love mb and if prodigy leaving he is dum

ellee 2 years ago

Prod shouldn't leave the group

princeton's girl 2 years ago

prod God will lead u the way u need to go and i know u believe or hopefully u believe in God but im just sad that u left the group and pray that your heart leads u the right way.

KaLyn2002 2 years ago

Prodigy is the most hottest boys in th group. If you leave the group will have no flow your voice is perfect and if I could I would totally date you. I don't have a sense of style but I am confident. I love you do much. I don't have style because no one likes me so there is no point of me having my own style.I have always been single. When I see you sign it cheers me up.

P.S.In one of your videos they did a close up on you face and it made you look hot when you were singing.

Madison 2 years ago

Prodigy is so stupid to leave the group, I hate him now. He can do a solo I.D.C.

Mz mind ur buz 2 years ago

Prod u left now my just had an interview on their new grp member

So let's see why did you left the internet not telling me pacific details

We'll miss u

olivia a 2 years ago

143, please don't break up I love you all soooo much p.s. my fave song from yall is 'my girl' (1436196060)

mindless behavior loveer 2 years ago

don't go prd im am ur nvery first biggest fan soooooooo plzzzzzzzzzzz don't go love u

Laquita 2 years ago

I love u guys don't break up pretty pretty pretty please

yasmine 2 years ago

I love ray ray

tytianna 2 years ago

Do not have to go out of mb please stay in I always loved u in mindless behavior please do not go I bet you ROC Ray Ray and Princeton will miss you and all of you fans to :-(

Antigone 2 years ago

Prodigy plz don't' leave .

Claire 2 years ago

Prod mindless brought.u up u made mindless n mindless made u if u leavewesupport u truly but ......

TAmika 2 years ago

Y i lobe you y is rhis happening i will miss you

christina 2 years ago

Don,t. Live. I. We. Will. Miss. You

MRS.RAY 2 years ago

RODIGY!didn't have to leave cuz i guess if u leave ray ray will take over for u

Cania williams 2 years ago

Why do you have to leave the mindless behavior group I am going to miss you prodigy plz do bot leave and they say that you was better then every body but you was the best singer ever and if you do leav I am going to cry so plz do not leave AGAIN PRAY EVERY DAY SO YOY CAN COME BACK and I do bit won't a new boy in the mindless behavior I love all yall I LOVE YOU PRODIGY

nakasia 2 years ago

Hi prod pleas don't go I hope u hear from my message because this is serious so don't go and if u get it can u put my comment about u not leaving on the Internet but that is not the point don't go please

nakasia 2 years ago

Prodigy don't go I love u and the rest I'm yall number #1 fan if u leave it will not be mindless behavior and this is from the heart u should stay we love u but as a group we love yall so don't go please I'm begging u I hope u read this dorsal I'm serious

candace 2 years ago

please don't leave I love yall

Roc's Wifey 2 years ago

Please Don't Go Prodigy, Mb Will Never Be The Same

sara 2 years ago

I miss you pro


dt 2 years ago

I love your dances. And your singing is awesome. I love you don't go

dayday12 2 years ago

I will miss you prodigy

Desiree Mitchell profile image

Desiree Mitchell 2 years ago


Alicia 2 years ago

prod your the best if you leave I am going to be really sad I am also very young so do you really want to leave I love you the boys love you don't leave

leonie 2 years ago

i mean he has a health situtaton I think it best for him to leave

victor v-man 2 years ago

pls pro.......dn't do ths 2 us ur fans..we rly luv u ,man,and we wnt u back.and nt only us ur fans,bt also ray,roc and th right choice.,dn;t leave bcz mb is nthng wthout u...u'r th bst.

crystal f. 2 years ago

No matter what happens, remember to keep God first! You may or may not want to hear this, but pray about it and God will give you an answer. I know myself, i would love to see you on stage whether it's with mb or not......that's your decision however! Through everything I really hope that you will remain the sweet, caring, humble, gentlemen you are. At least that's what I think of you...just being real. Again, Pray!

shyeisha 2 years ago

Prodigy plz don't leave you and the group made life like u guys made a lot and if u give up now the grou wont be the same and the new kid is another roc royal he rappes just like roc so plz we need our lead singer back plz prodigy look at the fun moments u have had with the group u guys are stronger then one direction and aim a fan u and the group plz prod look on the inside u guys are talented cme prob plz do what u love an that's being with mb

crystal f. 2 years ago

Again prod....(craig) i wish you happiness and success! Do what's in your heart!!

jay 2 years ago

I was sad when Craig left but I seen it coming because he wasn't gettin as much attention I know this for a fact but Craig is my favorite forever and always

crystal f. 2 years ago

Think about it, this is something you've dreamt about doing....this is what you love! You guys looked great together, you had chemistry on and off stage, you were like brothers! Hate to see it happen, but whatever you decide to do, I wish you much success. I got love for you prod regardless!

Aaliyah Armour 2 years ago

I love mB do you love me yes or no I'm 9

Aaliyah Armour 2 years ago

I love you do you love me yes or no prodigy

kayla 2 years ago

I also agree that prodigy shouldn't leave but I guess the best is for the best think about it you and your friends grew up together you guys had a bond I also felt bad that prodigy was leaving. I think the new member would be good we as mindless behavior fans have to sometimes think of someone else I hope you come back too also I been a fan of you guys since 2011 ever since you guys came and I love the album and the old one so prodigy don't let us we love you PS roc royal is cute.

Lay 2 years ago

Please Craig stay I was reading the comments and I am crying please come back they need you plzzzzzzzzz I'm begging you plz come back mb is nothing without u and I just listen to mrs right ,use to be, valentine girl,Christmas with my girl,hello ,girls talkin bout I listen to just them songs to here your voice again so prodigy plz go back

Drose1 2 years ago

Remember what Ray Ray said do what u think is right if ur happy with mb than u stay wit them and tell yo mom wassup stand ur ground nobody can stick wit u or take ur spot look at all the adoring fans look at all he comments just for one person that is how special u r what did Ray Ray Princeton and roc do to u anyway nothing nobody can stick wit u maybe except chris brown sike if u leave people will continue to hate u for leaving and nobody will remember u u will let ej just take the spot light from u and I know u are lonely right now if u leave u will probably never have friends like that again

Mindless 2 years ago

Come back!!!!!!

gardelle 2 years ago

Plzzzzzz come back prod I MISS YOU A lot!! and the worst part is I'm just now finding out. I have been a fan since I was 11 or 12 years old and now I'm 15 hearing my favorite boy band having to lose their lead singer the best one... ily prod and nothing can replace you EVER! my # 1 boy ;))

NAI 2 years ago


Denai 2 years ago


vlad 2 years ago

donot go

Amber 2 years ago

Exactly plzzzzzzz don't leave they need u back it won't be the same without u Prod. U were such a good lead plz go back.

Novel Treasure profile image

Novel Treasure 2 years ago from US Author

Wanted a solo career

Zakiyaa Vinson 2 years ago

Why did Prodigy leave the grounp

mb fan 2 years ago

please don't leave there is no m without you ray ray (my boo) Princeton (2 boo) and roc will miss you don't leave pro if you did then plz come back im 12 and im in love with yall

mindless behavior 2 years ago

I love you mindless behavior and prodigyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.I don't want a new member of MB

aj 2 years ago

if you go break up we will miss you .

brithney J marshall 2 years ago

Poridlgy home cry in son fun mindless behavior

dejauna 2 years ago

Don't leave because I'm trying to get tickets and backstage passes to see you but guess that wont come true if you leave I'm going to cry my heart out I'm 11years old

Marza 2 years ago

Plz don't leave the group it wouldn't be the same without u plus ur fame comes from mb and do u really want to leave ur friends?????

joy 2 years ago

I know right he's just leavein without a warning he just left like that :'(

atwell 2 years ago

love you

daja 2 years ago

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ..............................pls

Prodigy bro 2 years ago

Prodigy don't leave even though ur gone u can still go back and make more greate songs

olivia 2 years ago

no matter what I will always remember all the fun you had with mb

samantha 2 years ago

Don't leave Mb you all mean a lot to me and it won't be the same without you

p.dee 2 years ago

yo prod that's a whole lotta guyz holding onto you and telling you not to go.....just go back to mb man

prod's fan Mary 2 years ago

Look it won't be the same without u we r doing this cause we love u.....think about it please

Love Sadaira 2 years ago

It doesn't really matter if he leaves or not bc Ray, Roc n Prince still got talent. I luv mb no matter wht but then again prob did a selfish thing. He shouldn't have left but its too late now bc we all know tht EJ will do great with the band n prob can come bck but mb don't need him. Ray, Roc n Prince got this n now they got EJ. Things might not be the same but its better then the hole band breaking up. I LOVE MB SOOOOO MUCH N IM MINDLESS NO MATTER WHT

princeton 2 years ago

I know it hurts that prod is gone that was my bud dog and me rayray an roc miss him comeback prod it aint the same man

Jamysha-kisses 2 years ago


By the way, Rayray is really hot ;)

Ánìshìà 2 years ago

Look I luv MB but they remind mii of the temptation. So I think u should go solo...I give you much love to a lot u hav 2 go through

Dasia 2 years ago

Please don't leave there is people that love and care about you what I mean by that is ray, Princeton, and roc why leave them why leave us your fans we love you I love you and it wouldn't be the same with out you.that is all I got to say :( I love you make the right choice stay with ,or without mb

shontiaza 2 years ago

i love prodigy

cathy 2 years ago

j'aime prodigy sans toi mb c'est rien

Special dover 2 years ago

I have been crying everyday since you left the group

bre jones 2 years ago

o my god like are you kidding me so you are leaving just like that. I just want to like know why are you leaving. I mean just think about your fans out there just think about it please I love u. I am a 9 year old girl on my cousin's computer and she doesn't know about but really I love you so much and please don't go.

zar$ 2 years ago

prod I listen to your new solo song will you be my valentine it was great but get something and slam it on your head and go back to mb no body can replace you but EJ is kinda good but not as good as you the group and your friends are missing you plz come back prod it don't sound right with out you well I got to go cry under my bed

Tonjae 2 years ago

Pleezzzzzzz prod y u have 2 leave plezz come back 2 mb i love u and the music dat u prince ray and roc make don't leave nobody wants ej and nobody will b able 2 replace ur voice and fly moves so bae plezzzzz come back

rain 2 years ago

Prod piz piz don't leave

luna 2 years ago

i love mb

Erin Collins 2 years ago

Please get back in da group we spent so much time tryna learn about u an now kno every bit of info please reconsider getting back in da group me an a million other girls find u attractive but only one has da key to ur heart........

Lashai 2 years ago

Do NOT LEAVE THE GROUP PRODIGY! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yollanda Soniye 2 years ago


crystal 2 years ago

no prodigy don't leave the group

Adrianna 2 years ago

Plz don't leave MB it won't be the same with u gone is the other members okay with it your fans want to hear more MB and we can't just replace u your special and I hope u read this and understand that is this really what u want to do and just leave the friends that u made a special bond with because maybe outside their just I'll miss u but on the inside their probably really broken down and thinking to their selves saying don't go WE NEED U❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

Georgette 2 years ago

Don't break up I know he is having issues but it is important for u guys to stay together because of the relationships u have formed with your fans and each other so how bout you all just take a break and be with your families and then a month or two later come back to being the inspiring group everyone loves u have put in so much work so u can't just give up on them and us because we need someone to help change the world so just think about what u are doing because mindless behavior does no exist without u no offense Princeton u are my life

zar$ 2 years ago

prod don,t leave the band if you do mindless behavior will never sound the same with out you if you leave ill cry every night and every morning

lilmama 2 years ago

I am only 11 fin to be 12 in i love mb but prodigy more don't break up

love prodigy 2 years ago

Prod I lobe u so much and me and ALL of TM miss u SO MUCH

remmy ray 2 years ago

Prodigy, pliz don't leave mb

Tajanell Strawder 2 years ago

Please don't leave mindless behavior! MB is my inspiration.. It would never be the same if you left.

CJ 2 years ago

You shouldn't leave mindless behavior. I don't know if you have already but, if you did you need to go back. The world wouldn't be the same with you out of the group.

davell 2 years ago

I love you so much me my couison max want to have a band like you it is called boss biavear.I am your number 1 ffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn

keairah 2 years ago

prodigy please don't leave the group we all love u

Mekiyah 2 years ago

I love you so much.You can make your decisions but. Mindless Behavior needs someone like you.They are your family so you love to chill with your family so chill with them.

Destiny AKA MS.August 2 years ago

Why mindless behavior needs all it's members y'all sound good together and all yo fans will be heart broken like I am going to be I love all y'all I would do anything to keep y'all together really I would.ppppppppppllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee stay.please I beg u

Neicey 2 years ago

Truthfully it really hurts to hear that your leaving Prod. For real I don't want to believe it and I'm pissed off too. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with all the negative things people have to say about you because then you would be a hypocrite. You tell us to stay mindless and not care about what people say but you not listening to your own advice. Whether you believe it or not, the Mindless movement had a huge affect on MILLIONS!!! You all showed us how to be ourselves and live our own lives how we want and not care about what anybody has to say. But I'm just a fan. I don't know the reason behind your leaving the group like I said I hope its not that. I will always love you though. You were my favorite.

Malaysia 2 years ago

Prodigy please don't go if you do i think that there should be no more mb

love 2 years ago

please don't go i am your number1 fan and if you go im going to

shi 2 years ago

I love you

lafaith 2 years ago

plz don't go im ur biggest fan out of all the people i love u soooo much im going to cry u going to breack a lot of hearts

3 years ago


lil tuenchi 3 years ago

Prod I'm I'd biggest fan and plz don't leave I need answers like I'm scared to perform how do u perform the first time was u scared

tierra lindsey 3 years ago

Be smart and think about how your career will go if you go solo or if you stay with mindless behavior

london467 3 years ago

Don't leave prod You. So. Fine i don't want You to leave mind less behavior.

markitia peeples 3 years ago

I say follow your heart if it say to go than go but if it say stay than you will truly know that mindless behavior was meant to be. -:-) :-) :-) :-)

Jameisha 3 years ago

Hay prodigy come back u can't just leave the mb like that but I mean if u don't come back the I'm guessing rock royal will need to be lead singer

amy grace 3 years ago

i think he should totally stay he was like the quiet sticky glue that kept this amaze ballz band together love you too much prod!!!!!

Jordan 3 years ago


Prodigy lover 3 years ago

I miss u mb jacob Latin more is ugly he loks like a gurl i been watching yall since i was 4

prodigy#1 fan 3 years ago

well all i gotta say is we miss you so much.i seriously can't stop thinking about mom getts mad at me for putting you guys before school.well yah i literally dream about ya every night.i wish i was able to meet and hug ya. i cried so much when i found out this news.i promise i will always be there to support you prod. nd you will always be in my heart nd ill never forget about mb.gtg ttylxox. i really love you. and im not just saying that to be saying that. love you much prodigy. i wish i waz old enough to date ya. nd hopefully if i see ya sometime we can seriously have lunch or something. you should follow me at i love you

prodigy#1 fan! 3 years ago

omg! why are you leaving? you guys always say we do ths nd tht for our fans.well this aint for ur fans prod.just kno we all miss you very very much and will support you in wat ya do luv ya much

ariana golaub profile image

ariana golaub 3 years ago

and I wish you all the best prodigy

ariana golaub profile image

ariana golaub 3 years ago

prodigy please don't leave mb we miss u even if u aren't my fav person in mb I still love yall equally if u knew how much ur fans love yall especially you maybe u wouldn't have made that dicision but anyway it goes mb wont be the same please don't leave now im on my knees crying please don't go im am count to three and everything should be back to normal so here I go 123 or u bk in mb yet I know im not a fairy and faries don't exist but im a wish for u to go bk in mb don't u here it craig (prodigy) prince ray and roc are calling u so go they are cing out loud for u they miss u but anyway it goes and if u are going for a solo career I will support u and im sure ur fans would too 1-4-3 I hope what I said changed your

shaniqua thomas 3 years ago

Bae don't leave I love you without you mindless is nothing its just like me having a life with no meaning but bae come back imma miss you my lil cuz crazy about yall she got mb ever where in her room she got the cd the movie the earrings the neckles the poster and the pillowcase and I got the phone case and she want let me touch non of it so bae please come back

jasonsmith 3 years ago

PPlease don't go prod we need u team mindless me and mi cuzins wanted tobe like yall and i was u if u go its gone be a big disappointment come prodigy hope u read the comments and change your mine

Cutie pie 3 years ago

Mb is still going 2 be mb even with out prodigy nd the fans will still support u in wat ever u do but for me my FAV is Roc royal anyway so

m.b lover 3 years ago

I'll miss prodigy but M.B is still M.B with him leaveing or not and I think Jacob whould be 100%perfect for the group I'll miss you prodigy but M.B is M.B I hope the group with Jacob will be fine

Tiffany 3 years ago

Do break up I love you kiss

Dbsifkesneb 3 years ago

It will still be mb without prodigy cuz my favorite person is PRINCETON!!!!

we love you 3 years ago

Prodigy I am 10 years old and I am a big fan I have you all over my room I kiss your poster ever night without you there is no mb prodigy please come back now that you left I cry every night

pearly 3 years ago

I don't care if prodigy leave my baby will always be roc royal

shayanna 3 years ago

Prodigy don't leave

Maliah 3 years ago

Mb I will always love u please don't split up y'all made it so far :(!!!!!!!!!!???? I'm very sad I'm going to cry

satara 3 years ago

Maybe its something really like going on like I love mob lol I stay up all night watching them on YouTube and it seem like I be there but yea prodigy is really dope and he probably will be back or won't leave but by y'all being bad fans attacking him and his family is not helping at all it shows what type of fans y'all are and it is not cool CME on now mob fans do y'all really think he would leave for nothing like just stop with the rumors like Princeton say SPREAD THE PEACE

dejanae 3 years ago

prodigy i love you so much you should not leave mb we love well i love u with all my heart yall music makes me to stay strong all of yall songs help me to stay strong like i said porodigy is like aboyfriend to me and princeton you are my husband and adrayray is my brother and last but not least roc royal is my cousin yall make me happy a laugh and whaen i heard prod was leaving mindless behavior my heart was broking

3 years ago

P don't lave b I will kiss p ton

heaven 3 years ago

Prodigy we support you on any decision you make,but everybody will miss you being in mindless behavior.

Fine Hood Rat 3 years ago

im tryin to think of MB without him but i just can but I love ray ray but i can't see just the three of them

precious 3 years ago

I love MB

Rhaiven 3 years ago

We love and miss u Prodigy. Mindless Behavior is nothing without u 3 band members is incomplete Mindless Behavior.I seen Princeton, Roc Royal,and Ray Ray on December 30,2013 and it was good but incomplete without u Prodigy.I MISS U AND LOVE.PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!! I'M MISSING U MISSING U. :(

macala 3 years ago

I love mob and really hope they don't back up

lilmama 3 years ago

U never know how someone is feeling in the inside.You can't judge prodigy for what he did.I mean foreal let the boy live his life.Stop being so stubborn.Yea everybodies upset but please people stop complaining

Amber 3 years ago

Prodigy please don't leave ur the star of the group

DON'T LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


erika 3 years ago

Prod please don't come back to the group it is nothing without u I listen to your songs all day I am you #1 fan I love u prod be safe think about all the fans please I am begging u please oh please come back:-) .

Nyene 3 years ago

Yo prodigy I don't care if just don't let princestin if I spelled your name wrong don't be mad at me ;) :(

WE MISS PRODGEY 3 years ago

Prodgey I am a 9 year old girl and you just leavening the group just broke my hart in pecies. Prodgey you were my favorite person in the group and if you don't come back you will break my heart for ever and ever and ever. Think of all of your fans they want you back in the group and I care about you and your disingenuous JUST PLEASE COME BACK. When I found out you left you it just broke my little hart. MB IS NOTHING WITHOUT YOU. I AM REALLY SAD AND I THINK MB IS SAD TOO. Who meanest one in the group.


sarah marcus 3 years ago

No matter what we should support MB just because prod left doesn't mean the group is over don't down Princeton,roc royal,and Ray Ray they are apart of the group too prod is not the group it consist of four people so you should support all four if you are a true fan then be true and stop acting fake putting the others down that's just crazy how people who are so called fans act these days saying he was the best part of the group don't hype his head up because he wasn't the best part was all four of them together that bond that they share I am just saying I am a true fan and no matter what happens MB I will always support you I got y'all back

cierra143 3 years ago

Prodigy don t leave there no way in life you can get a second chance at doing something you really love so think about it

heaven 3 years ago

do not leave baby i love you hope u are ok but with out you ther is no mindless behavior all of u make one but wait....................... who is really sing ok who can u hear u not no 1 but prodigy .but wait if u r ready to be by your self do it i will be with u all way god bless love make sure u still talk to the other boys but all ways and forever LOVE PRODIGY 4EVER TILL DAY I DIE

lil sexy 3 years ago

prod is nolonger in mindless behvor. jacob latimore is going to get in prod spot. love sexy . i love you prod . please go back in the goup.

honey 3 years ago

i hope this is a rumor

Kiki2000 3 years ago

Look Prodigy,you shouldn't leave the group because you're are what makes mindless behavior,mindless behavior and although I do think you would have a good solo career,wouldn't you miss the other guys? But it is for you to decide do whatever you decide I support you 100%

Ariana Jackson 3 years ago

Please stay the group won't be the same I guess we have to say goodbye to your awesome dance moves we love you always your #1 fan ari

little girl prodigy 3 years ago

prodigy i know you feel unloved i know exactly how you feel i have always been like you afraid please don't go i love you and at least your mom let you become famous because i have alwas wanted to your smart and that's something i want to be please stay .but if something about your health is happining i hpe you feel better yours truly your fan. bye and love ya.

ayb06 3 years ago

please come back i love you preatey please i am crying

regie_boo 3 years ago

Please please don't leave the group it wont be the same with out you your the lead singer we love you just please don't go please don't go pleaseeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeee stay please please please please please oh please i don't want you to go or any of yall who am i gonna look up to now yall my role models if the group broke up wat am i gonna do please prodigy don't leave i wanna be a singer and i hope to work with you guys one day and if you go how will i make my dream come true please stay :D

kitty cat 3 years ago

i really wish that prod was still in the group.I love him so much.When i found out i started crying.PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim 3 years ago

prodigy i love you a lot!!!i do not think you should leave mb bcuz it will not be the same without you!! it does matter who they try to bring in!mindless behavior is prodigy,princeton,ray ray,and roc royal!!!please stay everybody loves you and needs you too much for you to leave!!!!!!!!

briar woods 3 years ago

I hate prodigy I wouldn't mind if he left roc royal and Princeton are the real $stars and ray ray just looks to girly but that's just my opinion!!!!!!!!:)

shaniah johnson 3 years ago

hey don't really know me but I know you alot.......

im not gonna lie to you but I was really pissed when my cousin told me that you had left the group back in really broke my heart...even though I don't think your the cutest in the group I still think your the most talented person in the not writing this to make you change your mind even though I know you won't but to tell you the truth I don't want you to leave I want you to stay...becuz I love the group just the way it is.......!!bye prodigy and wish you the best if you go solo


LOVE,your #1 one fan shaniah johnson

anastasia 3 years ago

tbh their nothing without prodigy

Cookie 3 years ago

We are still going to love you no matter what Prodigy

minime143 3 years ago

I love mindless behavior so much and even though Princeton's my #1 boo mindless will never be the same and I wish that prodigy could know that we still love him and support his decision 100% ,but we wish that it is to stay with the group

Cookie 3 years ago

We are still going to love you Prodigy no matter what We Love you.

Micky 3 years ago

Prodigy I am from the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago) and to hear this news that u guys are breaking apart it really breaks my hearts I hav every single one of ur songs and I love them so much so please you hav fans ALL AROUND THE WORLD so plzzzzz don't break my hav ov u guys wish u all the best ; )

NICILE 3 years ago

I thnik that they should thnik abot it

Danyale 3 years ago

Prodigy u r the cutest 1 out the group to me and I luv your singing plzz stay I beg u :(

#Mindless behavior 3 years ago

Prodigy is on my mind doesn't matter who's your favorite or not luv them equally that's important PRODIGY DON'T LEAVE MINDLESS BEHAVIOR they need u and the fans please I'm 100% a Mindless Behavior fan 24/7 always will be 143:)

queenbea_bee99 3 years ago

i think he should go with his heart and go where the wind takes him....but also think 'bout the people that got him to the success where he is today!!!

evan brown 3 years ago

Prodigy should not leave because mindless behavior is nothing with out prodigy

alaynia 3 years ago


ayebrybry 3 years ago

. You guys are wanting him back in mindless behavior . Maybe he was miserable ? Ever thought about that ? . Maybe he wanted to go solo ? You never know I mean yes of course I want him to stay in mindless behavior . But it was his choice maybe he did it for the better ? . I'm sure we haven't saw the last of him though so that's a good thing . Just think about how he feels !. Craig..

tabreya profile image

tabreya 3 years ago

i totally agree with cayenne perez

keke 3 years ago

Prod is happy that all I care about. Ray Ray was always very rude to him.

Cayenne Perez 3 years ago

I honestly think that Prodigy is awesome,but that does not mean that Roc Royal,Ray Ray and Princeton are useless. PROD might be the leader but they are all equal in everyway!If leaving Mindless Behavior suits Prodigy's standards then he should totally go for it,we just hope to see him again in the Music Industry♥

Vonshatoocute n mindless 3 years ago

Ok to tell the truth most fans didn't even recognize prod you only knew him as a member of mb so stop acting like yeah I love prod cause most of u think he is ugly . But to me Craig is my inspiration, he makes me feel mindless and from the first day I saw them on MTV my life changed one I felt inspired two prod is really talented and cute I liked him the moment I saw him cauz I know he is a good person I went to the concert young and in charge and for the whole time I was upset cauz prod wasn't there I even saw roc and I took a pic and an autograph then started to ask where prod was but no one knew plus I was backstage n I saw the other members struggling to perform with out prod . So if you are out there reading this prid please think about the fans who recognized you from start an brush off the haters an keep doing what u doing. Just think about me Jivonsha Ffrench when you are making your decisions . I LOVE YOU 143 u r the best

Anisa 3 years ago

Dear mindless behavior i know you all are not going to read this but please do not break up you all mean everything to me it will break my heart nto a million pieces prodigy please come back you all are coming to my town soon and i don't want to go if its not mindless behavior its just omg girlz princeton roc and ray ray i want all of you please please get back together i love you all bang bang bang bang bang bang that is what you will do to my heart if you don't get back together

Nay Nay 3 years ago

Plzz prodigy don't leave without u mb is nothin nd ur the group leader sooo plzz nd ur my favorite

myani 3 years ago

plzzzzzzzzzzzz don't leave it can't stay mindless without you

Briana 3 years ago

on my first comment sorry here it is fixed:

I really don't want prod to go, There is no mindless Behavior without prodigy

Briana 3 years ago

I really don't want prod to go there is no Mindless Behavior without Prodigy. I don't know what made him want to leave but all your fans will miss u include me in. When I heard the bad news I thought yall was playing a joke but it was true, I was crying my eyes out it was pain my mom did not know what was wrong with me but she found out. anyway wish you did not choose to leave we all will still support you we love you, stay mindless 143 :*( omg so sad

talia 3 years ago

Plezzzzzzzz don't break up the group plezzzzzzzzzzzz. I luv MB & Prodigy

lilswagg 3 years ago

The is no MB with out prod

Minnie 3 years ago



jojo 3 years ago




jasmine 3 years ago

Prodigy don't leave its not MB without you even though i love all of you but no prodigy don't go i love you out of all of them your my future husband i love you

Aniya 3 years ago

Prodigy, please don't leave mindless behavior ! As and MB fan, it makes me so sad to hear one person is leaving especially one of the most talented ones of the group... Ugh idek what life is anymore !

lovely 3 years ago

Prod plz don't leave the group there will be no MB without u so plz don't leave the group if u do u will let your fans down. I have on question for u. Do u know what u are doing to your fans? My answer u are hurting your fans that's all I have to say talk to u later

luh cutie 3 years ago

Prodigy don't leave yall are good together if u leave it wnt be the same but wht eva make u happy

Ashley 3 years ago

It won't be the same I ❤ MB and I don't know. But for some I thought they were going to last long I guess not but I hope they don't break up

Sarah 3 years ago

I love your band and I think you should stay in the band. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE

I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bribri 3 years ago

Don't leave Mb.YOU MY MOST FAVE.

ryerye 3 years ago

What he can't leave. I have all there cds and im a .big :

tabreya profile image

tabreya 3 years ago

i luv them so much like why does he have to leave he is an awesome singer

Diamond 3 years ago

Theres no Mb with out prodigy like fr if prodigy not in the group im not going to support mb

Kayla McCoy 3 years ago

Prodigy please don't leave I luv you so much and if you leave the group will spilt up and I don't want that


Prodigy plze come back the group may feel they can't do it without you u have been in this fa years


And I've always wanted to meet u GIUS but can I do that I can't c d group if you're not there even doe I can't c u anyway bcuz i dnt go to big places like I guys go I love u all d same plzeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


JanuaryShytown 3 years ago

We luv Prodigy. But a lot of you fans didn't appreciate Prodigy. Prodigy from day 1 was the only member of the group with any real talent. He was the only member who could really sing from MB's top of the chart hits like My Girl on down to their latest top of the charts hit, All Around the World. Fans never really appreciated Prodigy. With the exception of Rock Royal, the group members gave him no respect when he was singing with Princeton prancing all over the stage taking away the spotlight from Prodigy who was the only one with any real talent. Personally as much as I liked Mindless Behavior, I am glad Prodigy left the group, maybe now he can do his solo thing, without others stealing the spotlight away from him. For the record, Jacob Latimore is not joining MB. He has his own career, he's currently doing some movie gigs, why would he want to give all of that up to split his profit 4 ways which means less money for him. It ain't going to happen. Some of us used to notice when Prodigy used to sing on stage, while the females were all screaming about Princeton, the guys in the audience would be the main ones focusing their attention on Prodigy. It's the men in showbiz who makes it happen. If they notice you don't have any talent, then its not going to happen for your career. Guess what I'm saying is that while you girls were busy screaming for Princeton, the people who were watching for real talent in the group, were focused on Prodigy. We wish Prodigy the best and hope to see him back on the scene with new and funky dance music, cuter than ever and with some bad azz mind blowing dance moves! We Luv Prodigy. He was the Best out of them all! Roc Royal was said to be practicing his drum beats, perhaps he will show up with Prodigy when he comes back on the music scene, and many of us who have followed Prodigy from the time he was small have no doubt we'll be seeing Prodigy again soon. Best wishes from someone and others who will never be considered anyone's Fan, but who supported you on Youtube and many blogs on the web because of the real talent we saw in you and the lack of appreciation we noticed coming from many of MB fans. Prodigy has always been the nicest and though quiet at times, he was talented and we loved every song that Prodigy put his vocals to, but it was those off the hook dance moves Prodigy used to whip out on the audience that really cinched it all. Best to Prodigy!

nene_to_spiffy 3 years ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo don't leave

chloe123 3 years ago

it dose not matter whos in mb with or with out prod in it i still love them

tabreya profile image

tabreya 3 years ago

i can't stand when mb fans say their gouing to be jus like b2k

and the crazy thing is they are breaking apart

it jus breaks my heart to hear that prodigy is leaving the group

why is this happening to mb

ami3 3 years ago


kkk 3 years ago

,.............u my baby and all but u should not level them Craig

kk 3 years ago

,.............u my baby and all but u should not level them Craig

cai.... 3 years ago

Y r u leaving the group stay for ur fan MB neeeeeeeds u

prodX543 3 years ago

Sorry. But they deffinately need prodigy he was the best. Js!

Reid 3 years ago

Prodigy plesess don't leave if you leave I will die of. Sadness.

tayyy 3 years ago

Add Your prodigy why are u leaving mindless behavior and u no they need can u please stay for ur fans all groups always brake up y do yall have to brake u really be just stay together u no ur friends from mb are going to miss u so stay they need u if u leave ther e will not be a mb nobody will not really listen to their music ther need u and ur fans need u like rs!!!!

katie opolski 3 years ago

I wish the he would stay and that he never thought about leaving i love all of them as a group not apart. Miss you PROD.

brie 3 years ago

..that one concert with just princeton rayray & roc. Was just horrible. Prodigy needs to be together with them.! Ugh!!!:(

phantacii 3 years ago

We don't want u to leave caz u guys done a lot togather u guys made me who i am to day... i felled in live with the band nnd so did every one eles... it all up to u but we whoukd like for u to stay... i know if u go i hope MB will stay caz i might die in side... i never went to a concert nd i whould like to go before u do go but pleezz don't i love alll u guys togather nd plus mb is who is confidant so if u do go u will still be mindless but i love u guys hope u stay

nykole 3 years ago

Mb has like the best songs ever I hope they don't break up. :/ , Mb forever !

ashanti 3 years ago

plzzzzz don't go prod mb will miss u and so will i unless you becom a solo but plzzzz don't leave im alot younger than u not even a teen yet u can't leave now and at least make one more song if u do decide to go

ayebry 3 years ago

Please don't leave prodigy. You were the best. You were everything about mindless behavior. You got a lot of talent and so does the others you guys put together were perfect. I listen to your songs like almost everyday. Nobody could everrrr replace you nobody is good enough to. Prod you princeton rayray roc is mindless behavior not princeton rayray and roc. You all have changed me to just be myself and taught me that anything is possible. Don't leave please! I'm begging. :/

Indialove 3 years ago


Nioani 3 years ago

I know that I don't like prod that much but I would hate to see him go it's like they lost a brother ;(

marie 3 years ago

Plz don't leave prodigy ur the main star of the group.

kaybear 3 years ago

Plz don't leave ppppppppppllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz im begging plz plz don't leave :c

Zaria 3 years ago

Prod. don't leave I been with yall so as MB came MB it wont be the same with out

tierra 3 years ago

prod please don't leav it wont be the same with out u

makayla 3 years ago

Prodigy don't leave u meant so much to your brothers RA RAY. ROC RAYAL PRINCETON yall did so much together

prodigywifey 3 years ago

prod don't leave if u do ill probably go crazy.....

kaylah 3 years ago

I love Prodigy with the bottom of my heart. I don't think MB would be the same. But I understand if Prodigy wants to go solo. They have been through so much. I love MB. What other people have to say don't matter. But others have their opinions. So, who am I to judge. I love MB foreva and always.

kayla 3 years ago

I luv mindless behavior very much. What these other people have to say don't matter. MB won't be the same. I understand if Prodigy wants to go solo. But I.

really love them all

kk 3 years ago

U should no live there is no MB with out u u the oldest u should lied them

None 3 years ago

Oh well if prodigy leave only thing he had was the voice Princeton ,Ray Ray && Roc Brought all the looks && Dancing I rather watch them 3 && Prod always seemed like he had a nasty attitude from watching the interviews he always that he was the best no only thing you had was the voice

Zlover 3 years ago

Please don't leave prodigy pleases I am 11 year old my birthday is on November 14 I was trying to meet y'all but I guess it's over for me

kam kam 3 years ago


Lizzy 3 years ago

Prod DON'T leave What ever you Going through I understand How you Feel But look you Have to Understand that YOU did something to People You made Basically A movement .... Think of how Your fans Would Feel Think Of How the Boys you Call your Brothers would Feel More importantly, Think Of how It could turn Out to Be the worst Decision you could have ever made . Even if I am Wrong Just know I am one out of the billon Fans that still love you as a person and a group Member :) ! #TeamMB

Paige 3 years ago

If you leave Prodigy that would be a waste of all of my posters on my wall because your not in the group any more. Please don't leave the group because the group won't be called MINDLESS BEHAVIOR it would be called mind behavior. You four are mint to be in a group all of your hard work would be down the drain remember STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WERE HERE. If you leave it would be stated from the bottom now your gone. Love you please stay stay stayayayay.

nakyia 3 years ago

i hope u do not break up because you are all good together

RUBY CARTER 3 years ago

please don't break up it will be sooo sad all team mindless will be sad cry prodigy best u not leave the group because it will be sad for ray ray princeton roc DON'T GO PRODGIY PLEASE I WILL DO ANYTHINK

Destini 3 years ago

prodigy plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don't leave can u believe that it took me 1 day to learn all about yall and now straight love yall plz don't go from the bottom of my heart im cryinnn wat has happen that u want to leave if u leave i goin with u

Rocky A.K.L 3 years ago

please dont' leave the group prodigy

makayla 3 years ago

mb prod i love u so much i can't get yo poster because u broke the group up and nnow i don't now if i can handle getting back on yo site it makes me cry.

breanna 3 years ago

how R U going to do something like that don't let you mom tell you want you want to do if you want to stay I think that you should im not going to try over you because PRINCETON is my boo and you was my 2nd soo idk what im going to do with you u just getting 2 out of hand I thought you was going to be the good 1 proved me rong well that all I have to stay and prodigy and your mom if you reading this make sure you have a bless rest of your life because you don't know what you r doing for AND ALL YALL FOLLOW ME OM I..G ppl_y thax and ttyl

im mad 3 years ago

don't leave the group thts all I hav to say

makayla 3 years ago

Plz don't leave prodigy all your fans will be heart broken if u just stay for the group and ur fans

kelsey 3 years ago

do. not. leave. prod. your. fans. are. going. to. be. sad. and. there. counting. on. you. not. to. .leave

Kankakee 3 years ago

Please don't leave prodigy

kylah wright 3 years ago

I love them so much they teally shouldn't break up it wont be the same

Jessielovesmb 3 years ago

Me personally think that his mums instagram was hacked I mean he can make his own choices his parents can't make them for him anymore and also Mindless behaviour have been through everything together he can't just leave now

lilballer3 3 years ago

I love mb and I really love prodigy....i really hope all these rumors arent truebut if they are then I will ne really depresded

Zaya 3 years ago

Please don't leave the group. You'd disappoint your fans and the group.

Aaron 3 years ago

Please don't break up y'all famous please don't

nikki d. 3 years ago

I've rumors about ii guys slitting up n here is my option:

Mindless Behavior Behavior has changed my life for the better, all that u say in interviews n on shows, I have taken them in n produced a different changed me. I'm more confident more out going. If one of u guys leave whether it be prod, Prince, Ray or doc the group won't b the same. There is no to replace any of u.I don't want u guys to be known as another group who has not made, but I also want u guys to be happy n do what u feel is right. I mean we've seen beyonce blow up after going solo from Destiny 's child, I know any of u guys can do it to, but I feel like y'all explode bigger together than apart. I hope I have touch y'all or anybody that is reading this. Luv u, God bless (143 )

lya 3 years ago

plzzzzzzzz don't break up u guys r the world to me and ray ray ,roc royal and Princeton are counting on uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! I love uuu prodigy just pls don't leave bcause im counting on u 2! I love u very much and I wish u good luck ur fan lya Henderson 143 atl baby

nyla 3 years ago

ilove rock soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much he cute and my sisterlike prodigy and my friend like ray ray and my other frends like prince

Tiana 3 years ago

Prodigy please dont leave i love u so much mb wont be the same without u please don't go!

Happiness 3 years ago

Mindless behavior it would be great if you stayed together but it's all ways your choice but I love you so does every girl in my class almost and they would hate for me to tell them you guys broke up I know you'll make the right choice we all wrote a report on you so our report would be a "F" because there's no group called Mindless Behavoir I love y'all peace

Miss nelly-nellz 3 years ago

Mb u guys rock and gudluck prodgee with ur new direction in ur career, no one can stop u if its what ur heart tells u to do .

kesly 3 years ago

i love you guys it is not going to be the same if you guys break up

aynonomous 3 years ago

ok. Prodigy you know fanz are gonna go nutz over this leaving thing. honestly everyone is gonna be mad at you and your mom. its no time for you to leave the group yet. now i would understand if you left like after a while, while. But leaving now is crazy. now matter how good you are going solo it wont work out that great : people are gonna be mad, no one can replace you in mindless behavior, when you go solo some people are say horrible things about you because you left. You really need to stay with mindless behavior because you guys are just getting started you guys will go on to doing bigger better things = more fanz mo money. just go online and look at what people are saying you will understand. bye and i love ya guys. deuces!

kayla 3 years ago'll can't do it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .if prodigy leaves princeton might leave then rayray then roc you guys are gonna make me cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stay togethei for the fanzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ariel 3 years ago

girl please!!!! whatever.mindless behavior is like the best of the best when together!!! but like i said before prodigy i prefer you to stay.but if you want to go sepreate ways then fine.but you guys are better together.the desion is up to you.I love you PROD.I LOVE YOU MINDLESS BEHAVIOR.PEACE OUT

Ms.Dee a.k.a Jiggly Puff 3 years ago

I hope and pray that you guys stay together you're an excellent group God Bless you all kiss koss

Realistic 3 years ago

we all knew this was going to happen. i don't mean to sound pessimistic but mindless behavior's success has seriously declined since they came out, the proof is in their youtube views alone, after "my girl" and "mrs right" they seemed to struggle to break 10 million views on basically every video in the course of ONE YEAR, which usually in a year artists have average 80 million and above . i think its better if they do split because then they can try to all pursue successful solo careers before they're branded as "washed up boy band members", i do wish them all the best of luck though!

Ariel 3 years ago

i have an idea.How about we can all (US FANS) work together to convince PROD to stay.

emmaj 3 years ago

we love plz don't leave you will break my heart into two pieces in guys go your different ways so plz plz don't break up I love stay mindess and stay together. :) ;) 143

Ariel 3 years ago

All i'm saying is that if you guys out there agree to what i'm saying please reply back.And also that please you guys don't say that ''oh well seince PRODIGY got out of the band i'm not ever gonna listen to mindless behavior.It's non sense.Plus that makes eather Mindless behavior look bad or Prodigy look bad.don't say that.And that's right prod i got your back.shoot the way i'm typing this thing makes me feel like a lawyer.

Ariel 3 years ago

I just started listining to your songs,in guys inspired me to come out of my shell,and just do me.Now for u people out there i know where ur coming from saying that a girl killed herself but.its not prodigy fault that happen.that girl decided to take matters in her own hand.But u guys came so far into success.Prodigy if u r reading this remember what JANET JACKSON said.LOVE each other with all ur i don't know if she said this or not but..... have faith in yourself.just ask your self is this what you really want?OR is this what people want people decide.STAY please .

SomeGirl 3 years ago

Well maybe he didn't want to join the Illuminati. That's what they say, once you become big they ask you. If you don't then you have to leave.

jada mahone 3 years ago

I love mindless behavior they are soooo hot especially prodigy and princeton I don't wanna see them split up

alycia davis 3 years ago

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prodigy you can't leave the group will never be the same without you we all love you HOPE MB DON'T BREAK UP PLZ DON'T TM LOVES YOU TM LOVES MB STAY TOGETHER

Jessi 3 years ago

I LOVE u Guys u guys rock MB Rocks to the extreme. Your songs and videos all ways cheer me up ,now if the group (MINDLESS BEHAVIOR) split it will never be the same and no group can replace MB. Plz stay..... please(crying)

ejiro 3 years ago

Prodigy see ur name self ur a prodigy sooo NO ONE when I say no one I mean NO ONE can replace u .Try to think about it again prod try thinking of the gravity of this even almighty Jacob latimore can't replace u. U all are important so if any one of u leaves the group is not complete even if they replace.replacement is not original

Ronn 3 years ago

Prodigy is not 18--According to this article--he really has no say as to whether he's in or out of the group the choice is up to his parents, the decision is up to his label and the expiration date on that contract him and his parents signed.

rosa 3 years ago

plzz don't leave because ur fans will be so heartbroken and It would no longer be mb no more and it would break everyones heart...WE LOVE U PROD DON'T GO..plzzz just don't go

Aysia 3 years ago


mindless fan 3 years ago

Why do u want to leave the group ?and don't because if u leave this ant mindles behavior nm

Sasy 3 years ago

My sister got my cd signed that was the best day you hand righting on my cd don't go plz prod plz

D.C.Nicki 3 years ago

To be truthful. Prodigy can make his own discusion , cause he is 18 and he is like an adult now. But it wouldn't be rite either to leave all of the fans hangin like that. Prodigy . U mean a lot to these fans and girls. Breaking the group up would be a heart breaking discusion . Just think all of the tear shedding that will happen because of this situation. But if it has to do with an adults discusion , then fans may not be able to have any say in it but always have faith.

janishah 3 years ago

I really don't want u guys to slipt like I neve wanted this to happen....and it was my dream to meet u guys,I listen to ur music I have posters....and wen I heard this I just broke down and cried this can't happen y'all were meant to be together and u made it this far,but y stop now .

It's Prodigy, Princeton,Ray Ray, and Roc Royal...and no one can replace u prod y'all are perfect...

143 :) ;)

Isis 3 years ago

I swear if this is tru... Ima cry

angelsutton 3 years ago

Don't leave it would be a group it would just be mindless and no behavior. Please. We all didn't. Think it would come to this

briyonti 3 years ago

Don't leave it's not going to be mindless behavior no more!

Gemyia 3 years ago

Why do you want to leave I was at your concert you were very good and I bet roc royal don't want you to leave and ray ray and Princeton and neither do your fans xoxoxoxo love you very much because if you leave it's going to different I listen to your songs every day I watch your all around the world movie that movie was great none of your fans want you to leave you guys are like my best boy band in the whole wide world I hope I see you at your next concert xoxoxoxoxoxo I love you guys more than that I will love you guys till I'm old and till your old ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Cierra 3 years ago

Prodigy, MB, fans I kno ur reading this....or not reading this but Ima say it anyway! Please don't break up, yall been through so much together. Us fans been with you all the way through thick and thin. If prod leave there wouldn't be an mb anymore. They may try to find a replacement but nobody can replace you Prod! We love you so please stay. Tell us why u wanted to leave, we can try to work things out. Me, your fans, and MBA will all be ur backbone and support u!!

IloveMB 3 years ago

Please don't leave MB will never be the same without u Prodigy please don't leave u made it this far don't give up now do it for us do it for your fans make music dance perform don't break up .......... I love u guys

avi 3 years ago


Gemyia 3 years ago

Don't break up I still want you to make songs pleaseeeeeee........ Don't leave the group it isn't going to be right if you leave so don't leave because you are my best boy band in the whole world you really are so don't break up the group prodigy ray ray Princeton and roc royal I bet don't want you to leave you to they love you and they are counting on you and so is your fans if you leave I'm going to cry every day pleaseeeee....pleaseeeee...... Don't leave and I will really really with more reallys will miss you. You and roc royal and ray ray and Princeton are like family too me i really mean the don't leave pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee..❤

madison 3 years ago

I don't want prod to leave. I luv you guys. U guys are awesome together.yall had made it this far don't break up

Maddy 3 years ago

I LUV prodigy and I would like die inside if they broke up

janell 3 years ago

U guys are amazing singers and dancers so don't break uo

booboo 3 years ago

i love mb

3 years ago

I love you Craig you are sexy if I look at you I will burn

Shadeisha 3 years ago

Don't Spilt Up.. Your fans Love You Guys, Because Your Together...

I Love All Of You Guys...

True Mindless Fan


trish 3 years ago

i luv prodigy

alexis 3 years ago

They're not really . Come on get kt together girls

Jasmin 3 years ago

Please don't break up cuz your fans would be heart broken like I'm gonna be if u do! I luv u so much mb!

rayonna 3 years ago

i don't want mb to split up

Lyvia 3 years ago

Noooooo!!!!!!!!! Pretty plz don't leave mindless behavior

kikiy 3 years ago

I do not want mindless behavior to break up they are the best bots every in my life I can't wait to meet them in person by 142

lexi mcclain 3 years ago

Love u MB dot break up, pretty plz

nicole 4 years ago

hope they don't break up i love mb so much

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