YAYADUB: Product Endorsements of Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza became phenomenal star when she appeared on YouTube and became a yayadub in EatBulaga. Many advertisers made her an endorser because of her popularity together with her love team Alden Richards here are the products they endorsed.

555 Sardines

Sardines has practically become a commodity in the Philippines just like rice as staple food. The advertiser of the company knows that Maine will become a phenomenal star so they got her to endorse the product.

Avon Whitening Lotion

Avon is a direct selling company with beauty products and this is another blessing for Maine to be the new face of it.

Banco De Oro

In this commercial, Maine showing us where she gonna save her hard earned money.

Bear Brand Adult Plus

They level up now as new faces of bear brand endorsers.


This couple became the new babies of Belo Medical Group. They really look good together.

Bench Perfumes

Betadine Fresh Bliss

Bingo Cookie Sandwhich

Cadbury Dairy Milk

CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino


Dakak Park and Beach Resort

Datu Puti




Lady's Choice

Lemon Square

Lucky Me

Magnolia Ice Cream


Mitsubishi Mirage



O+ Ultra



Talk N Text


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