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     The one thing that I have been reading about is the problem with Twitter. This new website is where everyone can talk to their friends and keep in touch on a daily basis by writing small messages on what they are doing. Now, Twitter has a development in planning to have a realty TV series where the fans can track their favorite celebrities on Twitter and find out what they are doing. This of course has some of our public citizens in uproar.

     There are some celebrity couples such as Demi More and Ashton Cutcher, who are threatening to leave Twitter if this happens and complains it is just another way to get stalked. I have read that people like Tom Cruise, Uma Thurman, and John Cusack are victims of this complaint. You read of people coming to their homes, throwing notes into their yard, breaking into their houses and trying on their clothes. This was what happened to U2's lead singer Bono, he found someone half naked walking around his house wearing his shirt.

     I as a private citizen have never been stalked like this, but I have had my property destroyed, such as my car. I came out one night after working the late shift at a retail chain in a mall of my hometown and found that someone had repeatedly back into my car, knocking down my license plate, and rear view mirror. My window was pushed down and someone had stolen a dress hanging near in a bag I had bought to go to a wedding of one of my co-workers. I was lucky my life was not threatened and all I did was file a report with the mall, and the local police.

     The one thing I have to say is when you are a celebrity your personal safety is in jeopardy, of course there are some who said that this happens with success, but isn't a public citizen such as a celebrity, politician, or public figure deserve their own sense of safety and person space. I am sure that even our public citizens need to call somewhere safe, such as their home, or business, and not have to worry about someone breaking into that personal space or leaving strange messages on their property.

     We as private citizens have had a situation in our own lives where we were stalked by someone, such as a old boyfriend or girlfriend, co-worker, or a complete stranger. This is a serious situation, and no one wants to experience that sense of fear that someone is watching them, or following them. So, in my opinion I think that if Twitter wants to continue in their success, than they need to sit down with the celebrities, and public figures who are on their web site, and sit down with them to hear their complaints about this new TV realty series. If Twitter doesn't than my suggestion is to ask your fans, celebrity friends, and public figures to threaten to leave, on a specific day, or time. Maybe this will get Twitters attention and make them realize that anyone one private or public deserves their unique space away from the spot light and their fans. We all need our own personal space to escape to and it shouldn't be invaded by unwanted guests.

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Lucey Knight profile image

Lucey Knight 7 years ago from North Richland Hills, Texas

I agree. Good Hub.

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