Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani - Hindi TV Serial Story and Review

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Hindi Vampire Romance Serial from Ekta Kapoor

Vampire Stories have always fascinated me, especially when it is about a blood sucking vampire falling in love with a normal girl. I am not referring to Stephenie Meyer’s Bestseller Twilight or the Characters Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan. I am referring to the Indian Version made by Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji telefilms where you can see clear cut inspiration from both Twilight and Vampire Diaries. I hate remakes or adaptations. I also hate Ekta Kapoor Serials because mostly it is all Saas Bahu conflicts and Generation leaps. But this Serial of Ekta Kapoor Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani ( A Story of Love) which is the story of an Orphan girl Piya and a Vampire named Abhay telecasted on Star One Channel 8:30 to 9 PM Monday to Saturday is an exception. The lead characters of PKYEK, Piya and Abhay, seem to have been inspired from Twilight's Bella (or Elena Gilbert/Lady Katherine Pierce of Vampire Diaries) and Edward (or is it Stefan Salvatore of Vampire Diaries) while the character of Kabir seem to be inspired from Matt of Vampire Diaries (or is it Jacob Black of Twilight). This Serial was first telecasted on 18th October 2010. What attracted me into watching this daily soap was the promotional advertisement which said that it is an impossible and unbelievable love story. So I decided to watch this forbidden, dangerous and dark love story. And I should say that so far it has not disappointed me.

So what is Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani all about? PKYEK is the forbidden love affair between a non human and a mortal. It is the story of Abhay Raichand (Vivian Dsena) who is a cold blooded vampire turning to a soft hearted lover to an Orphan Girl named Piyashree Jaiswal (Sukirti Kandpal) who resembles his soul mate Maithili. Though this Hindi Serial which can be classified as mystery, romance and thriller is not without flaws, it definitely does make an interesting watch. Read more on the cast, characters and Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahani Episodes Written Update on my Blog.

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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Story till now, Cast and Review Vivian Dsena  as Abhay RaichandSukirti Kandpal  as Piya Jaiswal Priya Wal  as Misha DobriyalGautam Gulati as Shaurya ChauhanMadhura Naik as T (Tanushree Ambolker)Panchi DobriyalTabrez Khan  as Danish Singh RathoreVishal Gandhi  as Kabir Singh RathoreRoshini Shetty as Ruhi Juneja aka TrackerAnupam Bhattacharya as Arnab DobriyalPapiya Dey as Madhu DobriyalAbhay's Parents Chand and Hasina Raichand (Kishwar Merchant)Tanvi Thakkar as MayaSiddhant Karnick as Panchi's  Boss SiddharthYash Gera as ShankarNeeta Shetty as Suganth Jaiswal
Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Story till now, Cast and Review
Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Story till now, Cast and Review
Vivian Dsena  as Abhay Raichand
Vivian Dsena as Abhay Raichand
Sukirti Kandpal  as Piya Jaiswal
Sukirti Kandpal as Piya Jaiswal
Priya Wal  as Misha Dobriyal
Priya Wal as Misha Dobriyal
Gautam Gulati as Shaurya Chauhan
Gautam Gulati as Shaurya Chauhan
Madhura Naik as T (Tanushree Ambolker)
Madhura Naik as T (Tanushree Ambolker)
Panchi Dobriyal
Panchi Dobriyal
Tabrez Khan  as Danish Singh Rathore
Tabrez Khan as Danish Singh Rathore
Vishal Gandhi  as Kabir Singh Rathore
Vishal Gandhi as Kabir Singh Rathore
Roshini Shetty as Ruhi Juneja aka Tracker
Roshini Shetty as Ruhi Juneja aka Tracker
Anupam Bhattacharya as Arnab Dobriyal
Anupam Bhattacharya as Arnab Dobriyal
Papiya Dey as Madhu Dobriyal
Papiya Dey as Madhu Dobriyal
Abhay's Parents Chand and Hasina Raichand (Kishwar Merchant)
Abhay's Parents Chand and Hasina Raichand (Kishwar Merchant)
Tanvi Thakkar as Maya
Tanvi Thakkar as Maya
Siddhant Karnick as Panchi's  Boss Siddharth
Siddhant Karnick as Panchi's Boss Siddharth
Yash Gera as Shankar
Yash Gera as Shankar
Neeta Shetty as Suganth Jaiswal
Neeta Shetty as Suganth Jaiswal

Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani Story till now - Episodes 1- 58

The Serial opens with Piya’s childhood memories with her mother. She remembers her mother Suganth telling her that she is a special child who is surrounded by love and that she would be always be protected no matter where she is. The story then fast forwards to Dehra Doon where Pia is getting down at the Dehradun Station after procuring a Scholarship to pursue her Degree at the Mount College. On reaching the college while she is asking for directions to the Principals Office another student of the college named Misha slaps Piya as part of the ragging by a senior named Tanushree. Piya slaps Misha back but they end up being good friends. Misha takes Piya for rappelling where Piya’s rope breaks. Misha’s childhood friend and their fellow student at the college Kabir tries to save her but Pia falls down from the height. But before she hits the ground she is saved by a man with hypnotic eyes. Before Piya could talk to him he vanishes into the forest. Misha and Kabir are happy to see Piya alive and Piya becomes friends with Kabir also. Misha takes Piya to her home to attend her father’s Birthday Party where Pia was touched by the hospitality of Misha’s mother Madhu and sister Panchi Dobriyal. Tanushree who comes to know that Piya is from an Orphanage insults Piya when Misha is not around and Pia runs out of the house crying. Piya lose her way and wanders in the forest where she overhears a girl and a boy talking. The boy whose name is Abhay orders her to leave and a frightened Piya runs off from there. In her hostel room she sees some seniors drinking and doing drugs.

The next morning Piya sings a song for the audition at the Drama Club in the College where she gets selected to play the role of Juliet. The police then comes there and take Piya away as accused for selling drugs in the college. Misha who is aware that Piya is innocent calls her father and asks him to interfere. The warden brings the seniors who are the actual culprits to the police station and tells the Inspector that Piya is innocent. Piya is shocked to find out Misha's father Mr.Arnab Dobrial is her own father too. Piya is upset and wonders where her destiny is taking her. Piya keeps thinking of the Guy who saved her life. Later, the same Guy Abhay enters the college to seek admission and behaves arrogantly with the Principal. The girls including T and Tracker are excited to see a hot Guy in College. Piya recognizes Abhay as the guy who saved her and waits near his car to thank him. But he behaves rudely with her. The students come to know that the Principal has been fired as a result of the influence of Abhay’s family as he refused admission to Abhay. Piya reaches at Abhay's house to return his phone, which he had dropped in the college but he behaves rudely to her. However, his mother Hasina Raichand behaves nicely to her. Once Piya leaves Hasina is seen wondering how similar Piya looks to someone she knew.

The next day Abhay comes to the Drama Club and announces that he would play the role of Romeo in the Play. Everybody including Panchi Dobriyal who is Misha’s sister and Drama Club President gets furious with his attitude. However, the new principal who is under the influence of the Raichands forces the Drama Club to choose Abhay to play the role of Romeo. Abhay and Kabir compete for the role where Abhay gets selected by Panchi because of his better acting skills. That night Abhay saves Piya from being hit by a truck (Just like Edward saves Bella in Twilight). She is shocked to see that Abhay had stopped the truck using his hands but he says that he only pulled her from getting hit and that she is in shock. The next day Abhay once again saves Piya from falling on the ground while rehearsing the Balcony Scene in Romeo and Juliet. The Raichands throw a Party to get to know people in the Society where Abhay who is resisting his attraction for Piya do not invite her. However, Misha who forgot her invitation at home asks for Piya’s help and she comes with the invite only to realize that she got an empty envelope. Misha gate crashes into the Raichand Party with the help of Piya as she did not want her mother to scold her but Abhay catches them red handed. Abhay insults Piya for coming to the Party uninvited and she runs outside. Piya meets Kabir and his father outside the house who insists that she attend the Party with them. On Hasina’s insistence Abhay says sorry to Piya. He once again says sorry To Piya in front of everyone at the Party and also asks for forgiveness by dancing with him. Tanushree and Kabir get angry seeing Abhiya dancing together. Tanushree mixes something in Pia’s drink because of which she gets intoxicated and walks into the forest where she was about to fall from the height. Abhay saves her again. Abhay who is frustrated by his own feelings towards Piya tries to get rid of her by driving her in her drunken state to the Hostel so that she gets expelled. But she is left off by the Warden after some advice.

Danish is upset with Panchi's father trying to help him as he wants to stand on his own on his merits. Danish gets a job with the Raichand's. Kabir proposes to Piya at Misha’s Birthday Party and Piya accepts to be his girlfriend. The Raichand's who were in the Party find the book 'The Living Dead' in Arnab's collection of rare books. The book is thrown to the fire to be destroyed but it does not burn completely. Piya who finds about her room mates pregnancy suspects Abhay to be the father of the child. Panchi drives Piya, Danish and Kabir after the Party as Danish and Kabir were drunk. But the car breaks down in the forest where Piya sees Mr.Raichand in weird attire in the forest. Later, Mrs.Raichand tells Abhay that Piya might have doubts about them and that he has to do something to stop her from spreading rumors. Abhay promises to handle Piya.

Abhay who is determined not to get attracted to Piya refuses to rehearse for the Play with her. Piya too despite of Abhay’s rude behavior and insults finds her getting attracted to him. However, because of Panchi, Abhay unknowingly ends up rehearsing his lines with Piya where he gets carried away while acting when he see Piya in costume and straight hair resembling his love of life Maithili. When he realizes his mistake he leaves the rehearsal. Panchi asks Abhay and Piya to sort out their differences as she did not want her lead actors of the play fighting with each other. When Piya tells that despite of their decision to be strangers to each other there is something which is pulling them to each other. Abhay pushes her away telling that he is not affected by her. Piya’s hands starts bleeding then and Abhay orders Piya to leave to stop himself from killing her as he is a vampire disguising himself as a human.

In order to keep Piya away from him Abhay announces him and T as a couple. Kabir and Piya go to a new Restaurant for the opening ceremony where they also find Abhay with T. Both the couples dance in the dance floor and while dancing Piya lose balance and falls into Abhay’s arms. Abhay gets carried away and imagine Piya as Maithili once again. Piya is shocked by her own behavior with Abhay and wonders why she is not able to keep away from him. Kabir is hurt to see Piya in Abhay’s arms. Abhay tells himself that Piya is not Maithili and he needs to control himself. Piya sees Maya talking to someone and mistakes him as Abhay. Maya tells Pia that she was foolish to trust a man and love him. Abhay and Pia fight and Pia tells Abhay that she saw his father in the jungle. Abhay warns Pia to stay away from him and his family. Madhu Dobriyal finds out that Piya is Arnab’s and Suganth’s daughter from the photograph in Piya’s book.

Maya tells Piya that she is going to ask the father of her child to choose between her and his girlfriend. She asks Piya to make a bracelet for her love. Mrs. Raichand is shocked when Abhay tells her that he is taking part in a boxing match for charity at college. She reminds him that his touch can be deadly on a human being but Abhay assures her that he would control himself. Kabir's friend provokes him to fight against Abhay in the boxing match. Abhay stops hitting Kabir when Piya gestures him not to and lets Kabir win the fight. Piya is concerned about Abhay and goes to the boy’s locker room to see him where Abhay asks him to keep away from him and tells her that she should be happy that her boyfriend won. The students later find Maya in a pool of blood. Piya calls the police and makes them arrest Abhay as she felt that Abhay is behind Maya's condition. Maya is taken to the hospital but her child could not be saved. When the police come for the statement from Maya she tells them that she fell and hurt herself. The Raichands reach the police station when they find out that Abhay has been arrested. Arnab argues with the Raichands and takes Piya away. Abhay does not turn up for the Play at last minute. Panchi convinces Misha to be a back-up as a Romeo if Kabir whom she had called to act in place of Abhay does not turn up. Misha gets ready as Romeo and the play goes haywire because of confusion created by T. Kabir then enters the play in a hurry as Romeo and both the Romeos fight to be the one for Juliet. Panchi's tragedy play turns out to be a comedy and wins the first prize. In the meanwhile, Maya is threatened by her lover at the hospital when she says that she would expose him. Piya is informed that Maya attempted suicide and goes to the hospital where she sees a guy talking to Maya. Piya thinks that it is Abhay whom she is seeing facing his back wearing a coat and records it in her mobile so that she could expose him and get justice for Maya.

Danish proposes Panchi and she agrees to marry him. Piya goes to the Engagement Party wearing a spy cam on her locket and plans to make Abhay confess his crime. But at the Party Piya finds out that Danish is the father of Maya’s child and not Abhay from the picture of the jacket she recorded and his ring. Piya confronts Maya at the Hospital and tells her that she now has proof and that she is going back to the Party to expose the culprit. Maya phones Abhay to stop Piya and when Piya tries to talk to a drunken Misha Abhay stops her. Abhay is shocked to hear that Danish is the culprit. Piya tells Abhay that now she knows that Abhay is innocent and asks her why he is trying to earn her hatred. She tells him that she does not hate him despite of everything and that she thinks that she is falling in love with him. While in a trance like state Abhay kisses her and then leave. Piya confronts Danish with the proof and he threatens her of the consequences. He also succeeds in destroying the evidence of video recording on mobile phone. Danish gets Piya alone outside and once away threatens her to keep away from him. When Piya says that she would definitely expose him Danish gets angry and squeezes her neck. Abhay comes to Piya’s rescue and saves her. Abhay supports Piya in her mission of exposing Danish. With all proof lost Piya wonder how to expose Danish when she remembers that Misha had overheard their conversation.

The next day Piya finds that Maya is taken away from the Hospital by Danish. Piya calls Abhay and he instructs her to go to Dobriyal House and wake up Misha and get her to speak the truth about Danish while he himself would take care of Danish. When Piya reaches Misha’s House she finds that Maya is now in Dobriyal House. Piya finds that Misha does not remember anything about what she heard. Maya too refuses to expose Danish and asks Piya to leave her alone. In the meanwhile Abhay goes to Danish’s house and gets a Photograph from his room as evidence. But when Piya shows the photograph to Maya she tears it off. Danish once again threatens Piya to keep away from his life. Panchi calls a counselor to help Maya and she names Abhay as the childs father. Piya who is determined to prove Abhay’s innocence goes to Danish’s House and tells Danish’s Parents about Danish and Maya. When Abhay comes to know it he says that now Danish would not leave Piya and he would try to hurt her. Danish convinces his parents that Piya was lying to them and then reaches the Hostel to kill Piya. Abhay saves her and takes her to his house.

At Abhay’s House Piya sees Maithili's photograph which falls from Abhay's closet. He snatches it away from Piya before she could see it. She questions him about the photo and is shocked to hear that the girl is Abhay’s Girlfriend and that he would even give his life for the girl in the photo. Piya gets jealous and tries to see the Photo but Abhay stops her. In the morning Piya finds herself in Abhay’s arms and tries to say sorry to him. But he assures her that they were just sleeping. Chand and Haseena finds out that Piya was with Abhay through the night. The principal announces a girl spend an entire night with a boy in his room and has ruined the reputation of the college. The Raichand couple identifies the girl who slept with Abhay as Piya and the Principal asks her to leave the college. Arnab Dobriyal comes to the College and supports Piya and says that he knows that she would not do such a thing. Abhay also lies to the Principal to save Piya. Arnab takes Piya to Dobriyal House even though Danish tries to provoke him against Piya saying her reputation in the college is really bad. The Raichands get angry at Abhay for saving Piya as they think she is a danger for their existence. Abhay tells his Parents if necessary he would even fight with his Parents for the sake of Piya.

The warden of Piya's hostel finds an envelope which has a cheque signed by Danish for Maya. The warden sends it to the Dobrials. The warden calls Piya and asks her if Maya got the cheque which was signed by Danish. Piya tries to expose Danish on the basis of the cheque but Danish who had overheard the conversation between Warden and Piya counter attacks and tells that Piya is after him to leave Panchi and when he refused she is trying to trap him. Even Kabir refuses to believe her and insults Piya. Arnab gets furious listening to Piya's accusations on Danish. He is about to slap her when Abhay stops him and takes Piya away with him. Piya goes back to the Hostel. The next day when she reaches the college she is saddened to find that Misha and Kabir do not wish to keep any relations with her. But Abhay promises Piya that he will always be with her and that she's not alone. At the class substitute Prof Miss Khurana plays the game fishpond with the students where Piya gets insulting messages on her name. Abhay supports Piya by going and sitting with her. Misha excuses herself to the locker room to take the phone she has forgotten there where she sees a poster of the Annual Fete and realizes that Danish might really be lying because the cheque date is prior to the date of the Annual Fate, the day on which Maya was hospitalized. While Misha is at the Locker room the earthquake strikes. As Abhay predicts the earthquake minutes before it occurs and make everybody to hide under the benches all in the class are saved. When Piya realizes that Misha is missing she gets worried and Abhay decides to save Misha. Abhay saves Misha without making anyone aware of it. Arnab and Panchi are shocked when the students bring an unconscious Misha home and the students tell them that Piya was the one to make them realize that Misha is stuck. Piya tries to find Misha’s savior and finds Abhay’s pen in the collapsed locker room. When Abhay realizes that his pen is missing he asks the peon about it. He finds out that Piya has taken the CCTV footage of the locker room. He stops Piya from watching it saying that she should respect the privacy of the person who saved Misha and if he wanted the world to know he would have openly announced it.

Haseena is angry when she comes to know that Abhay saved Misha's life as getting exposed can be dangerous for the Raichand Family and their existence. But Abhay assures her that there is no reason to worry. While watching news Abhay and Haseena hears the reporter saying that a girl from Mount College is going to reveal who is the hero who saved Misha’s life. Abhay gets angry thinking it's Piya who has leaked this out and tells his Mom that he would handle it and no one would know about him. Ruhi informs Piya about Tanushree trying to take the credit for saving Misha. Abhay confronts Piya thinking that she is going to expose him. Abhay angrily tells Piya that he regrets meeting her, talking to her and saving her life. She gets upset and leaves. Later, Abhay realizes his mistake when he sees Tanushree taking the credit of saving Misha. He goes behind her but Piya tells him that she hates him and wants him to keep away from her. Abhay once again saves Piya from getting hurt when he senses a branch of the tree underneath where she was standing falling down. Piya questions Abhay on how he knows things in advance and demands to know the truth. Abhay tells her that she does not know who he is and that it is better for her to keep away from him as he does not have a heart and if she comes closer he would break her heart. Abhay feels sad seeing Piya walk away and Piya too realizes how hurtful it is to go away from him.

Misha regains consciousness and remembers the date of the cheque signed by Danish and the date of the annual fete were different. She gets Piya’s Phone repaired by her friend and sees the proof which Piya had told her about earlier. In an effort to keep Piya away from him Abhay brings 2 random girls to college as his dates. Piya gets hurt and the cheer leading coach asks Abhay to take her to the medical room. Abhay's wallet falls in the medical room and Piya is stunned to see her photograph in the wallet. Misha goes to Piya’s Hostel the next day and apologizes for not trusting her. Piya straightens her hair like how she saw in the photograph and confronts Abhay. When she sees that Abhay is rude to her, she shows him his own wallet and asks why he is keeping a picture of her. Piya tries to find out about Abhay by using the internet connection in the Library when Abhay stops her by removing the plug. Abhay notices Misha talking to Piya secretly and comes to know about Danish’s Bachelor Party and Plan. Abhay manages to get invited to the Party by apologizing to Danish by telling that he was misled.

Abhay gets angry when he sees Piya in belly dancers dress. However, he saves Piya from being manhandled at the Party. With the help of Kabir, Maya and Piya, Misha exposes Danish to a heartbroken Panchi. Kabir and Danish’s Parent’s disowns him. Mr Dobriyal is also angry at Danish because of whom he behaved to Piya badly and did not believe her. Kabir phones the Police. Danish gets angry at Piya for ruining his life and is about to stab her when Abhay comes in between them and catch holds of the knife. Abhay takes the knife from Danish and throws it away and exposes a bleeding palm. Danish is taken away by Police. Piya thinks of how Abhay saved her again and is worried about him because he is hurt.

Danish makes a call to Raichand from the Police Station and tells him that Piya is after Abhay now just the way she has ruined his life. Mr.Raichand asks Abhay to get Danish released on bail and Abhay obeys him. Misha invites Piya and Ruhi (Tracker) for a Pajama Party to cheer up Panchi. Misha uses the 'Ouija' board to call friendly spirits. Misha, Ruhi and Panchi ask the board questions and their questions are answered. When Piya’s turn comes she calls to the spirit of Maithili. Immediately lightning and thunder strike and a fierce wind blows out the candles. Suddenly, the coin starts moving on its own and Misha notes down the alphabets which reads 'Abhay is your destiny’, answering Piya's question as to what connection she has with Abhay. Misha and Tracker admit that they used magnet and cheated but says that they did not do anything to answer Piya’s question making all of them wonder that Maithili herself has answered Piya’s question. In the meanwhile Kabir feels guilty for treating Piya badly and arrives at Dobriyal House to seek Piya’s forgiveness. Piya says that she has forgiven Kabir and they are friends but cannot continue being his girlfriend.

Mr Dobriyal is angered to see Danish released on bail. He asks the Inspector who did it and Abhay enters the room and says that he bailed out Danish because his father asked him to do so as Danish is an employee with the Raichands. Arnab Dobriyal tells Danish that he's not going to let him get away after playing with all their lives. While Abhay and Danish are on their way home Danish tells Abhay that he would not spare Piya but would kill her for what she did to him. Abhay gets furious and asks Danish to get out of the car and check what is wrong with the engine. While Danish is checking, Abhay bangs the bonnet shut and says that Danish would never get to do what he wants with Piya because he (Abhay) is her shadow. When Abhay reaches home without Danish and Mr.Raichand question him. Abhay tells them that after what happened,Danish wanted to be left alone to think things over. Mr.Raichand tells him that if Danish does not turn up Abhay has to handle their new Project. Abhay tells them that he needs to go to college and that there's a trip planned to go to Pritviraj museum.

Mrs.Raichand tells Abhay that he cannot go there as it is on the other side of the river and they are not allowed into that territory. Abhay says that he would manage himself. Piya sits with Kabir in the bus. When Kabir flirts with Piya, Abhay flirts with T. At late evening the bus stops abruptly when they arrive near the river because of flat tire. Panchi declares that they have to camp by the river for the night. The group plays the game of 'Spin the bottle/Truth or Dare' to entertain themselves where Kabir chose to speak the truth and tells everyone about his feelings for Piya. When Abhay’s turn comes he choose dare and is asked to kiss a girl. Abhay kisses an excited T promptly and Piya feels bad. Piya tries to speak to Abhay but he says that he is not interested. He also rudely defies Panchi's instructions to not stray away from the group and is about to walk away with two girls when Piya comes to Panchi's defense. Abhay insults her and a tearful Piya walks away saying that she wishes she was dead. Abhay feels bad and hopes that Piya wouldn't do anything stupid. Piya comes back to the camp and searches for Misha so that she could talk. After coming to know from Tracker that Misha is asleep in the Tent after drinking too much Piya goes to the tent which is dark and confesses all her feelings about Abhay thinking that she is talking to a sleeping Misha. After that brightens the lamp light and is shocked to see Abhay in front of her. Abhay walks to her and catches on her shoulder. Outside Kabir sees the shadows of Abhay and Piya together in the tent and mistakes it as Kissing between the two. Kabir is heartbroken. Abhay insults Piya again for throwing herself at him and compares her with Tracker and T. He says that she mistook his kindness for Love and it is his fault that he has helped her too much. Piya is speechless and Abhay leaves the tent.

Piya is heart broken by Abhay’s rejection and Abhay takes out his frustration for not been able to stop Piya falling in love with him by running fast through the forest and then shouting. Kabir wakes up Misha and tells her that Piya is in love with Abhay who would definitely break her heart and that they should do something to stop it. Misha disguises herself as Ramtajogi and play pranks with Tracker (Ruhi) and Tanushree. Misha in disguise beats Angad who confesses his love for her. In the meanwhile Panchi gets a call from the Principal who informs her that there are wolves in the forest. She asks the group to stay together. Abhay tells Kabir that there is no point in lighting the fire and sitting around it and they should instead light fire on four sides and sit in the middle. Kabir ridicules Abhay and tell him that he knows the area better than him.

Tracker goes to the forest to do what Ramtajogi said so that she could get her dream boy. Panchi scolds Misha for playing the prank. The group searches for Tracker by dividing themselves into groups. Kabir is annoyed to see Abhay standing alone in the forest. While Tracker is standing beneath a tree a dark blue hooded man grabs her and put her in a sack. Pia who was with Panchi hears Trackers voice and follows the voice. When Panchi realizes that Piya is missing too she informs the group and they all shout for her. Abhay overhears it and vanishes to the forest where he catches holds of the hooded man and fight with him. Piya sees them fighting and after a tough fight the man runs off by leaving tracker in the sack on the ground. While Abhiya is checking if tracker is alright, the wolves surround them (we see only their eyes). Piya gets scared and hides behind Abhay. At Dobriyal House Arnab gets a call from Suganth’s lawyer and he asks to give a call to the office the next day.

The wolves gets scared by Abhay’s look and expression and vanishes. Piya too gets scared and runs away. The group gets scared by the scary sounds in the jungle and returns to the camp site. Abhay carries Ruhi to the camp and is thanked by Panchi who informs him that Piya is missing. Piya runs through the forest and shouts for help. Wolves appear in front of her but two hooded people (later we come to know that it was Chand and Haseena) comes in between the wolves and her and scare the wolves off. Then they turn and walk towards Piya. A scared Piya asks who they are but before they come near her Abhay comes in between and forcefully takes Piya along with him. He makes Piya sit on a rock and sits on the other. Piya tries to question but Abhay silences her and says that she is safe. Abhay closes his eyes mentally tries to convince himself that he needs to leave Piya. Piya feels safe and wishes she could sit with Abhay like that forever. Abhay opens his eyes and move towards Piya and slowly touches her hair and face and says that they should go now. At the camp site Misha and group questions a scared Piya while Abhay and Piya has eyes only on each other. Abhay breaks the eyelock and walks away to be confronted by Kabir who questions about Piya. When Abhay says that Piya is safe Kabir tells that he wants to say thanks for saving Ruhi and Piya but when he sees Abhay’s face and arrogance he does not feel like saying so because he is a jerk no matter what. Abhay confronts his Parents at the jungle who asks him to come back with them but Abhay refuses.

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Characters and Cast of Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani

Abhay Raichand
Vivian Dsena
Piya Jaishwal
Sukirti Kandpal
Misha Dobriyal
Priya Wal
Shaurya Chauhan
Gautam Gulati
Tanushree Ambolkar (T)
Madhura Naik
Kabir Singh Rathore
Vishal Gandhi
Yash Gera
Danish Singh Rathore
Tabrez Khan
Panchi Dobriyal
Vahbbiz Dorabjee
Siddhant Karnick
Chand Raichand
Naved Aslam
Hasina Raichand
Kishwar Merchant
Arnab Dobriyal
Anupam Bhattacharya
Madhu Dobriyal
Papiya Dey
Tracker (Ruhi)
Roshini Shetty
Anshuman Singh Mahant
Tanvi Thakkar
Suganth Jaiswal
Neeta Shetty

What makes Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani Serial Interesting

Though there are some similarities one can see on the characters and storyline of Twilight Series or Vampire Diaries, there are a lot of differences and spice in Ekta Kapoor’s PKYEK. While in Twilight Edward Cullen gives into his attraction for the pretty Bella, Abhay is still trying to keep Piya away from him for the sake of her own safely. In Twilight Edward’s family is seen accepting Bella whereas the Raichand’s dislike Piya. Bella is also aware that Edward is a Vampire and about his powers but Piya is still unaware of it. PKYEK is based on the love of new generation and college lifestyle. There is comedy, tragedy, drama, romance and mystery in this Hindi Serial. In this Serial Piya is drawn towards Abhay because of his charm and feels a strong connection with him. Abhay who does not want to get closer to Piya for her own good however tries to resist the attraction between them. But despite of all the Couple is destined to fall passionately in love with each other. But it's an unusual love story as Abhay is not a 'human'. To Abhay, Piya is that person he has waited ages for – she is his soul mate. But the closer they get, the more Abhay must struggle to resist his primal instinct of killing a human. Though there are a lot of Questions to be answered and mysteries to be unveiled so far it has kept the viewers interested and gain high TRP’s because of its different storyline. The lead pair of Vivian Dsena and Sukirti Kandpal fit into their roles as if it was tailor made for them. Apart from that the pair of Misha and T manages to bring a smile always with whatever they do. So far I have found this Serial worth watching.

If you would like to watch the Episodes of this serial you may watch them directly from the Star Channel website under Star One serials.

Best Abhiya (Abhay- Piya) Scenes

There are a lot of Scenes I like of Abhay and Piya together. But If I have to choose a few, I would choose the following

  • Abhiya first dance
  • Piya telling Abhay  'You are my Hero.. No, You are my Angel'
  • Abhiya first kiss
  • Piya dancing with Kabir and Abhay dancing with T
  • Abhiya in Abhay's Bedroom

Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani Promo

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Tuba 4 years ago

Anamika di plz tell me that ekta kapoor is making the sequel or not? I am missing pkyek very much!

sofia 4 years ago

i like the episodes but some were very boring

Fariha Mahajabin 4 years ago

Abhay is so cute.Pia is so lovely.I love their love story very much.

Kajal 4 years ago

I luv u viven n sukriti

samia 4 years ago

i love this serial. I love abhay. I love u so much.. .. .. .. ..

rayja napit 4 years ago

wow u 2 bare very cool couple i must tell viven g guess what u rmy bestest hero every time i used to see ur serial same episode many time well bye

Swarna 4 years ago

Abhay, i love u very very much

Rahul Dsena 4 years ago

"Pattanga jo ho jae, mohobbat me"FANNA", Yeh uski Ada hai ya Aag ka Gunah.....

Koi Aag se bhi to puche uski dil ki jise pyaAR se chua uski bas Rakh he mili".

Arpita Kar 4 years ago

the story is really superb..............we r enjoing it vry much

sumit 4 years ago

i miss abhay raichand.........

radheshyam yadav 4 years ago

hi ! Anamika ! Hwz u ?

Do u remenber me ?

No ?


but i always miss u n ur post n also abhiya's pkyek.

Reply plz.

Rakesh rain 4 years ago

I like abhay and piya very much. But when moved off this serial, i am very sad for this. I want to watch part 2 of this serial, plz ekta do this for audience.

jazz 4 years ago

i love this serial

it is the best and unique seial ever

piya and abhay look so cute togeter

a couple made in heaven

i wish abhay and piya were togeter in real life too

this is an interesting show

hats off!!!!!!!!!! to the people that wrote this story

thamizharasi 4 years ago

i like pyar ki yeh ek kahani serial and i like abhay and piya. piya look very cute for ever. and like the whole team plz don't end this serial and make part 2 i am from chennai

jazmine 4 years ago

i never missed 1 single episode of pyar ki yeh ek kahani,it is the best show ever. Abhay and piya are the cutest couple. They look so good togeter. They are the best couple. They are MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

LILLY 4 years ago

So now that the show is finished how do u feel anamika???

Ajit 4 years ago

Abhiya made for each other Ekta I beg you plz start pkyek part 2 with same cast&character

sreya nalwade 4 years ago

I used to look this serial daily nd not missed any episode.I like it very much.I AM FAN OF ALL ACTORS IN THIS SERIAL.

Sweety 4 years ago

Piya and Abhay are made for each other in this serial and also in real . You have to part-2 of this for your fans. I like this very much .

aayushi 4 years ago

abbhay and pias jodi is awesome and stunning and just don't have any words about it

maliha sultana 4 years ago

abhay u rock

thamizharasi 4 years ago

i like this serial very much and like abhay and piya they are very cute couple for ever.

abhay looking so cute this serial

and piya also i am from chennai

plz don't stop this serial plz do part 2 plz don't stop it

khan zobaria 4 years ago

i just love pkyek it is my fav now i don't watch any serial

Nisha 4 years ago

I like this serial toooooo much specially misha piya and abhay I really miss this serial hope this will start with a new beautiful and funny story and same couples pls make 2 part of p y k

Jasica Imam 4 years ago

please don't leave us pyar ki yeh ek kahani.

Humera 4 years ago

Abhay nd Piya you both rock. But honest speaking i like Abhay more than u piya. When dis show ends i &my sis sam started crying . Ekta i have positive expectations 4rm u i know dat u will not let pkyek's fans down so plz start part2 soon bt don't change vivian dsena

md.aslam ansari 4 years ago

i like serial pyaar ki ek kahaani

Sam 4 years ago

Anamika u r my angel...

I like dis serial.Thanks yarr

god blees u. Plz tell ekta that make a pyar ki yeh ek kahanh -2 plz , i requst u.

Tuba 4 years ago

P.k.y.e.k is awesome i really missing it and i don't no why it is finished.u no after this i hated life o.k

athulya nair 4 years ago

i was nt able to see the final episodes......misd it........feel so bad nw

raviraj jedhe 4 years ago

i really miss this serials ............

imtiaz 5 years ago

wanna full serial download could i get it???

RUPESH SALVE 5 years ago


i really miss this serial.........

iva 5 years ago

really anamika...i love pkyek a it's ended really feeling very pkyek actors posted as their status that pkyek will soon return.......after 4 months....they were saying that this news is 80% true...but will you please make sure about it...please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

vishal 5 years ago

hey i like thz serial very much..i keepon waiting to watch that serial..and i like abhay and piya somuch those stupid guys are talking bakwass abt abhay n piya ..i think ..they should come and act in thz serious then i will see howmuch they will perform nice writer keept on writing .gudluck...

Alankrita singh 5 years ago

It is so awesome story ekta plese come back with pkyek fast . I am waiting for it every second. 5 years ago

anamika and,ekta both r fabulas really its amazing story..plz plz plz plz plz start pkekk.ssssssssss

Aaska 5 years ago

Waiting pyar ki ye ek kahani part 2

Gurmeet singh 5 years ago

I am waiting pyar ki yeh ek kahani-2.

kunal 5 years ago

please bring season2 of this serial with same cast...i miss it like hell...!! :'(

nitya 5 years ago

this serial is so special to me

wriddha 5 years ago

i am wating for pkyek's part 2.I always love this serial very much

Hadiqa kiani. 5 years ago

Happy new year anamika. May ths year gve v lot of hapines, joy, success. Lv you. Waiting for your surprises still. Hapy new year once again.

vahbawry 5 years ago

first happy new year i miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much kash pkyek khatam nahi hota

Tamanna 5 years ago

Abhay I miss u.This is my favourite show.I want to see the kahani again.

(Spd)Suraj from bhilwara 5 years ago

I love pyar ki ye ek kahani show

sukriti singh 5 years ago

i loved to see this show as it was my favourite show . now it has been finished but it will alwayz be in my memories. abhay rockss alwayz and piya the most most lovely girl in abhay's and our's life till now. i hated to see life ok as it comes in the place of star one..... just hated....

Alankrita singh 5 years ago

Merry christmas to pkyek and its lovers ! I wish if i can meet abhay, piya , jeh, misha all of them but i know it is not possible. Ekta plese plzzz start part 2 fast.

Hadiqa kiani. 5 years ago

Merry christmas to all of you nd dear n cute anamika merry chrismas to you

natasha 5 years ago

pia and abhay you are made for each other i luv u both you are the most fantastic super romantic couple in the world i am fane of your serial i miss you lot why have your story has comed till the end.

pia,abhay,misha,kabeer,panche,daanish anila haseena chand anluv madhu jai siddharth mathali neal depalit ruhi agant luv u a lot lolzzzzzzzzlolzzzz

Raj. 5 years ago

I love this serial... Why this serisl END so early? I AM SO EAGER TO SEE ABHAY AND PIYA BOTH TOGETHER AGAIN...... I LOVEEEE AND MISSS ALL..

fatima khan 5 years ago

this love story was mind blowing abhey n piya also gorgouis i missssssss u so much

NAUSHEEN ALI 5 years ago


zohanaz 5 years ago

i love you sooooooo much this is fav serial why did u end it...........................

TIVAN 5 years ago

I Miss You Pyar Ki Ye Ek Kahani

I Missing Every Serial Membar

I LöVE ýöü Pìýà

ritu 5 years ago

8:30pm of the night is a boring time of the day for me now....missng pkyek a lot

navneet sandhu 5 years ago

Ekta kapoor plz start pkyek part 2 but donot change members because i love all members espicially vivian dsena and sukirti kandpal PLZ START PART 2

arman khan 5 years ago

i love pyaar ki yeh ek kahani i just wished that it would have continued.part 2 and I'll really miss PKYEK and this feels like true love

anita shrestha 5 years ago

i love pyaar ki yeh ek kahani lot.mostly i luv avaya raichand.i m so crazy 2 look this serial.i m going 2 miss this serial.hope part 2 of this serial will start soon with same character.waiting for part 2.

Alankrita singh 5 years ago

Wow! what a verry beautiful love story . I am very happy to see abhiya marrige but when they say goodbye i am not able to take it i have start crying please for god come back i know that ekta will afcourse make part 2 i trust her. Ekta in part 2 bring jeh also back. Plese start part 2 fast because one day is also diffcult without pkyek.

Snigdha Sukun 5 years ago

Anamika, Excellent Narration of Story... It felt as if I was seeing everything happening in front of my eyes!

My parents disconnected the cable cz I am in 12th now....!! So I couldn't see the episodes on Star One... But I could still follow the episodes.... Thanks to your blog :) !!!

I'll really miss PKYEK n ur blog which I visited everyday religiously :P !!

mahek 5 years ago

i love this serial.

i just wished that it would have continued.

abhey and piya's combination was really gooooooooooooood!!!

Spring Spy 5 years ago

Well @!! Anamika u have done so nice work so far! U have clearly shown pkyek to readrs by ur writing style!! Nice job!!

Lets just hope that we can still see our favorites after the end of this serial.

Riyans 5 years ago

This is very very interesting serial i have ever seen..

specially Abhay and Piya look very cute together...

Ananya 5 years ago

I have been watching this show from the begin...... It is very interesting story. I love the characters like pia and abhay. They both are best.

aditya shetty 5 years ago

wow its the no.1 serial that i have never seen before.Vivan u are the best and pia uare also the best.I can say that u two are the best jodi

victoria wallace 5 years ago

I luv this serial tooooooooo much specially the characters like Piya, Abhay etc.......I also luv TWILIGHT SERIES and Vampires Diaries. the characters I luv is that Edward, Bella, Elena Gilbert etc...Thnx to the producers, director for telecasting such serial..

REEM 5 years ago

Anamika u r gr8 i like to read ua updates...u r just fabulous writer....thank u very muccch n alwayz be happy.... god bless U

gopal 5 years ago

thanks anamika ji you made me in touch with the serial through ur blog story. I really like that .

parul 5 years ago

ekta i have heard that u r going to end this serial. Please don't do this. U must make c= of this serial please for my 6 years old brother. He is very fond of this serial. Please.........ekta di.

Ishita Islam. 5 years ago

I love Abhay. My all friend love you Abhay. We love this programme. You are sweet... We love you....

Hadiqa kiani. 5 years ago

I will miss your updates soon much anamika

Hadiqa kiani. 5 years ago

Anamika you are the best. Thank youuuuu for daily updates thanks. Pkyek is going to end please tell us. Please plz plz

Ashlëy 5 years ago

Omg!!! Wat m i hearin??? The best n my most fav show PKYEK z goin 2 end on 16th of this decembr??? No way! Plz it shud nt hapn guyz.. I beg of u Ekta plz dnt end up dis serial...plz. Wat wl hapn 2 al its fans?? No1 cn live widout dis least nt me.. Guyz plz du sumthng.. I cnt tolerate, the most fav serial of my life 'pyar ki ek kahani' n d most populr n most fav jodi 'abay n piya' goin away 4evr... Plz dnt let dis happen plz.. :( :'( :'(

hana 5 years ago

OMG! this drama is the coolest drmaa in my whole life i just love and i have a request that please make abbay a vampire again as before plesae please plesae because when he was vampire on that time it was more fun

anyway i just this drama


Vinod Gole 5 years ago

This serial is really heart trobe!!!

Normally i watch matches and movies but since i vl be late daily to home i move home only to watch this serial it really awesome and unbeliveable love story!!

ABHAYyYyYyY is matchless!!!

jenny 5 years ago

you know abhay i am only 10 years old and i don't even miss one episode i just love u and piya u guys are so good i luv u so much abhay

Hadiqa kiani. 5 years ago

Thanks anamika.u r so swet luv u a lot.abhay looks so cute in his new avatar.where is ruhi?n mising mount colege masti.

Nighat 5 years ago

Please DNT END Pyek CONTINUE in Star desh abhay ko Vampire he bana rehne do pyek ko TWILIGHT ki tarah hi chalao Please dont end please

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India Author

@Hadiqa It is not the sort of classes you think. It is the Yoga and Meditation classes.

Hadiqa kiani. 5 years ago

Anamika still waiting for your answer. Tel us na please plzzzzz in whch class do you read? What are your subjects. Plzzzzzzz.

Hadiqa kiani 5 years ago

Anamika u r best.ur drama updats r so good.anamika ap kn se class ke studnt o?

Plz reply.n luv u so much.

Hadiqa 5 years ago

Ok. Thank you million trillions. You are the bessssssssst anamika. Lovvvvvvvv you.

Eisha 5 years ago

Hi i love your show. I am 11 years old girl me and my sidter love this show. Pia is a good acter i think it's a difficult part for her to act like that. in the beginning i hated her but now i love Priya. My sister loves ypu priya.Misha i am your fan i loveeeeee you. Kabeer you match with misha not priya.

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India Author

@ Hadiqa kiani I am short of time to bother with the pictures as I have many assignments in hand which needs to be completed. I also do not see PKYEK at the telecast time (I have classes and comes home only around 9:30). I have not stopped posting updates only because I cannot disappoint the people who wait to read it. I still try to post pictures when I get the time.

Hadiqa kiani 5 years ago

Why are you not posting the pictures? anamika please plzzzzzzzzzzzz reply. I just hate that idiot jey.

sehaj 5 years ago

i never watch any serial without this serial on star one .i like misha becoz she is very cool.ilove abhay and piya and i wish this serial will never of luck guyz.

Hadiqa 5 years ago

Thanks a lot but you post updates so late. And where is arnav? Missing u punch

Ritu 5 years ago

Hey anamika .. Gud job! M a student & not able to watch tv or other.. I m a fan of PkEK Only through ur writing.. Keep it up GOD BLESS U

Atul kumar Bhimte 5 years ago

cute abhay u r the best

prerana 5 years ago

vivian and sukirti you both are too good.

alicia 5 years ago

that was jay

bhavana 5 years ago

who is the new was shown in tomorrow episode

shriya lohia 5 years ago

happy b'day panchi aka panch aka vahbbiz dorabjee

ashok 5 years ago

the show is justy brilliant plz ekta ji turn abhay as well as pia also a vampire for more and more trp and telecast it on saturday also

Hadiqa 5 years ago

Please yar just tell that serial is end now anamika please tell us. Piaa n abhay are just superb.

garima 5 years ago

abhay and pia you are amazing. i have not miss any apisode of your serial. yes, reading the comment of people's i also want to know is this serial is going to stop? i don't think so,because all my family and friends are watching this serial even my sister is the great fan of your serial and if this serial stop then what about arnav drobial, pia and abhay,panchi. i don't think this serial is going to stop

vandana 5 years ago

abhay u r the best .......this serial shuld move on fr years wishes fr ur life love u...

dia 5 years ago

now the serial is going to stop . i will miss the serial a lot especially abhay,misha ,kabir n all the entire cast.

neeraj 5 years ago

i will never see any serial on starone if ekta mam ends this serial.its so dissappointing man!!!why on earth will someone like to end this show.......plz plz don't!!!!! i wait for this show from starting of the should not do this...

renu 5 years ago

plz,vivian come back...u r d charm of this seriel.........and plz miss kapoor don't end this seriel

ritu 5 years ago

Happy Birthday to you Sukriti.......u r rocking..i mean vivian and u both rock...lots of happiness & success to you...its vry disappointing to learn that pkyek is going to end soon...but i thnk its bttr than ekta kapoor's other serial which were extended lik chewing gum making it tasteless......pkyek is an exception...thnx a lot anamika 4 ur wonderfully written update...and wishing all the pkyek members success in life..:-))

Angel 5 years ago

I just love this show and especially vivian , he is my hero i want to meet with him heartly request to director that don't end this serial

Manish 5 years ago

This is very good program.

I like it.

astha 5 years ago

Reason behind to make friendship wit u all is not just bcoz swt comments,those u all written fr pkyek but also fr to know u everyone as sweeeeeet friends...

astha 5 years ago

hi,friends lik u all i am a big fan of pkyek&i want to make friendshif wit all pkyek lovers..

astha 5 years ago

i luv dis serial vmuch,it's attach to my heart after my family....i luv ekta,vivi&sukirti..plz mam dnt end dis soap,a humble request from my lil heart......

ashu 5 years ago


renu,anjali,suman,sangita,lata,keran--and by many more 5 years ago

plz don't end this soap..we cant manage without this..we all like vivan very much

anshul watson 5 years ago

this is most wonderful serial i have ever seen before i luv u vivan n sukriti

NAIMA 5 years ago

ABHAY is not so good.i think twilight is better than it and Pia and ABHAY is so boring.i thing PANCHI an KABIR are both good and THANK GOD THIS SHOW WILL BE END

dia 5 years ago


mohit 5 years ago

i luv 2 watch dis show.......abhay just rocks !:)

REEM 5 years ago

I luv to watch dis show pkyek rocks ABHIYA r the best

sayali 5 years ago

i like this serial and i love you pia and abhay

Sia 5 years ago

Ekta mam its humbel reqst.plzz mam dnt end pkyek soo soon.ap plz plz...ap apni sas bhu serial ko 8 yers chla skte ho to kya pkyek ko ek aur sal nhi chla skti.plz mam don't disipont us by ending this show

dhara 5 years ago

i love abhay piya and misha..........

prerna 5 years ago

Cool attitude of Misha is super duper fantastic.abhay n piya u guys r just made for each other.both of u are awsm n too gud.

vlynncy 5 years ago

i love pyaar kii ye ek kahanii very much n plzzzzzz don't let it get over soon n i luv vivian n sukirti d most n my dream iz dat i will meet vivian one day in my life n he iz very cool .

nicki minaj 5 years ago

hey!!last month i camein india for trip & i saw this show in hotel.when i saw it first time i became a fan of the show.guys u rock.this is so wonderful.jaii ho!

faiza fareha & saiqa khan 5 years ago

hiiiii abhay n pia v r 3 sisters n v r the biggest fans of PKYEK n young n golden couple of ABHAY PIA n v don't watch any other serial besides PKYEK or in other words v can say that v switch on our t.v just for PKYEK n 2day v haerd that its about to end plzzzzzzzz ekta didi plzzzzz don't end thid its the important part of our life plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don't go mat jaao na plzzzzzzzz

SONICA RAWAT 5 years ago

This serial is very special for me and abay and pia is a good couple.i like this serial. Please never change the character of piya and abhey. it is a good serial please do not end. I like Abhey very Much in his roll.

Shona 5 years ago

I love abhay and piya...plz do not end this serial

Aastha Sajjan 5 years ago

my favourite show n most loved by me.ABHAY n PIYA ROCKS!

prachi 5 years ago

this serial is very special for me and abay and pia is a good couple.i like this is a good serial please do not end.

shivani karnawat 5 years ago

im a big fan of sukirti.I like this serial v.much.abhay and pia the most most most beautiful couple in the world..........misha n kabir are looking so cute.

saira javed 5 years ago

hi guys your seriel is mindblowing supurb

minal sheth 5 years ago

its a great serial please do not end it

Vaibhav 5 years ago

Great to watch this serial and style of abhay.

alankrita 5 years ago

i just love this serial and also vivi ..............

i just got hurt when i heard that viv and vab are engaged but what shall i do!!!!

every day i kept thinking abt hiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

Ananya 5 years ago

Piya is very cute i like piya very much

nanz144 5 years ago

hello..... i was and still am a big fan of pkyek.....

i just moved and cant watch the serial anymore... i know the story till one point and would like to know it further...if you can please help me. Your writeup is very nice


Shan 5 years ago

Pyar kii ye kahani is so good. Abhy richand(vivian dsena) u r my favourite. Keep it up. Abhy.

priya 5 years ago

im a big fan of sukirti n vivian i hope this serial become the best serial of pkyek i think that jeh is cool but not more then abhay then also i admire both because of their rocking acting.... this vamp serial is pretty good in acting i hope itget a big award for this serial .... may this serial live many more years because ima big an of it and i watch it everyday !!!!!! bye !!!!!

piya 5 years ago

i just love this serial ........ speciallly i like vivian dsena and sukirti kandpal...... so haappy bcoz the story is getting interesting again bcoz of maithili comng bak being tanushree t. as t. is died maithily has come in the face of t. wil abhay no the truth ? just waiting for episodes which are going to come next ,,, just wanna say in shor i just love this serisl :)

smittu 5 years ago

Love AbhiYa---VIvian and Sukirti are doing a great job....

Rao Zeeshan 5 years ago

I like this serial v.much my younger brother is also a big fan of this serial.

Debasmita Konar 5 years ago

I want to do acting in Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahani Episodes

REEM 5 years ago

Pkyek rocks......

neha patel 5 years ago

i like this serial very much........

Nischhal 5 years ago

Awesome show I have ever watched. This is the first show I watched and loved it. Overall I like the show even though there some graphical mistakes...........

Vivian iz cool.....

:* :*

Mohua 5 years ago

The serial PKYEK is awesome. I like both Abhay and Piya very much................

REEM 5 years ago

Happy anniversary to pkyek's cast n crew

many many happy returns of da day

sheetal kedari 5 years ago

I loves dis serial too much like any one b coz whenever i m having any work den i wil postpone or prepone.. i cant feel frehness without watching dis serial..thanxs to Ekta kapor to started different in televivion....

AYESHA NAKHUDA 5 years ago

this story is wow.i luv it,n i luv the characters os abhay and pia.they both r made 4 each other in the serial.i want a cd of full story...........continue in this way...:)

Kulsum Ateeq 5 years ago

I really want pia to make her hair step cut or straighten it. she really looks very bad in those curly curly hair.

she puts so much of blush. and her acting before was very nice and now its really bad. i have complains for pia. abhay is sooo dam handsome and his acting is sooooooooooo nice.

Deendayal 5 years ago

My faverate serial pyar ki ye ek kahani

Sana 5 years ago

Thnks anamika. Lv u abhay nd piya . Hey abhay pls dude accept piya in frnt of evrybdy.

kaushal singh 5 years ago

It is a very good TV show have completely entertainment

ruchi 5 years ago

if Ekta has asked me i can write a better script then this one thought is a mixture of twilight saga and vampire diaries not enough even to tempt my 9 year old son who loves to hear twilight saga stories from me. I have started to write a book on vampires i think it ll b more good then pyaar ki yeh ek kahaani........ please ektaji do something better then mixing two different stories. now i thing vampire diaries episode is going to start THE DARK REUNION please give something new......

Jaymeen shah 5 years ago

Very Nice act by Siddharth mehra... Hasina Raichand, Chand Raichand, n Our Little brother ABHaY RAICHAND...! Its Nice story nIt have Nice Music.. Story of forgotting Abhay is nice after Sid's dath.. I watch every episode of its.... The actor who r selected in these parts of act. They have done nice job...

REEM 5 years ago

anamika u r doing a gr8 job pkyek rockz i love vivian and sukirti as a couple

saira 5 years ago

hi abhay hru.

i just love pyaar ki ye ek kahaani .and pia and abhay are the best i have seen all the epiosdes of it and i keep on seeing it again and again .and i also love misha .she is a great actor..............................................

malihaamani 5 years ago

this is the best serial i've ever seen........vivian is rocking and misha is dude man

love to watch it daily

Ppramod 5 years ago

I think elina and abhay will be perfect love bird so cute couple.piya just boaring.

asra 5 years ago

anamika u r fab, i just like ur smile, i just love this serial this is one of my favourite serial there is only one wish of mine thatis i just want to talk with piya misha and abhay plz plz plz

Sheema 5 years ago

i am a great fan of abhay.this is the only serial which never missed to watch by me.

sabi 5 years ago

i love this program and i am die heart fan of Abhay ........Misha ur personality is so cool ..Piya u r beautiful girl .....guys i like u all

tanvi 5 years ago

i also 2like abhiya its my fav serial on starone d most i dont want it 2 this serial 2 be close i most thank is for ekta kapoor thanks

Raynie 5 years ago

Hey ani,

love to read ur updates.

I wanna to know d name of dat upbeat dance track where d students dance to during teacher's day celebration in pyaar ki ye ek kahani.

Plz tell na..

chauhan priyanka 5 years ago

i like all overcast of pyaar ki ye ek kahaani....................

nidhi 5 years ago

i love this and i see it very day

dia 5 years ago

this is awesome to see back abhay n pia together.they look good together.but at this time misha n kabir are looking so cute together. really it is one of the most happening twist to watch the pair of kabir and misha.

Aisha 5 years ago

Anamika im eagerly waiting 4 ua update of today's epi plz post it as soon as possible

Aisha 5 years ago

I luv to watch pkyek dis show amazing nd unique from all other shows i like abhay raichand aka vivian dsena he is mine fav actor now a dayz im unable to watch d epi as im a school gurl b4 i was watchin d repeat at 4 pm bt now the timing has been changed im not able to watch the epi nd im happy dat i can read out d written updates of the epi which iz posted by anamika

thanx anamika

neha 5 years ago

I like dis show n i like to read the updates of dis serial

sakshi agarwal 5 years ago

i m a school student nd i luv to watch this serial bcozz i just luv luv stories specially related to horror nd now i just luv vampires too i want to read a novel of twilight but in school life i won't be able to do so but i tried so much. i read books related to vampires bcoz the twilight is not available in my school library.


sakshi agarwal 5 years ago

i just luv vampires

rakhi narwariya 5 years ago

yaa....i like all character of pyaar kiye ek kahani........abhay,panchi,pia,danish.kabir.misha,jai.neel,alina,misha's mom and dad.....u r 2 good..... :)

Pragati 5 years ago

I like pyar ki ye ek kahanni. I like Kabir and Panchi in this serial. Kabir is rocking.

Vasantha Krishna 5 years ago

This is one of the good serial in hindi,Abay & Piya good couple , ur love concept introduce style is very nice.

we wish this serial continue long time.

nuri 5 years ago

it is fabulous. i saw many dramas bt it is my fav drama bt i think if ekta kapoor cheat story twilight so cheat all things she make drama change i love twilight bcz it i more romantic thn pkyek i love both.

from noor fatima

sakshi 5 years ago

i love this serial very much. whole day i only wait 4 this serial. i like dashing personality and smiling face of abhay i love u very very very very much abhay. this show will definitely rock.........

soni 5 years ago

I love ur serial very much.Especially abhey and pia.pia u r looking so beautiful in ur curly hairs.I never miz it.abhey u r a very cute vampire.I love u abhey & pia.

Sehr 5 years ago

Good going.continue to rock

Mir xong 5 years ago

I like this serial very much. Especially abhay (vivian dsena) n pia . I never miz it so plz don't end this serial .

From maldives (Shaineex) 5 years ago

i just love pyaar ki ye ek kahaani .and pia and abhay are the best i have seen all the epiosdes of it and i keep on seeing it again and again .and i also love misha .she is a great actor I Love U Vivian and Sukirti

anushka 5 years ago

dis is a fab serial !!!!!!!!!!!!!nd Misha is a rockstar

angel barbie 5 years ago

wat will be the end if this story?

Manoj Kumar 5 years ago

I like abhay very much.i like his body language.

Emraan 5 years ago

Fantastic Acting By Abhay Raichand

anju 5 years ago

this serial this the bst seial in the world i like it so much bst and i would like 2 say all the best to both the leading actor and actress (abhay and piya) of this serial for their future

ritu 5 years ago

i dnt knw wht happened but nowadays pyaar ki yeh ek kahani is repeated at 10:30am....i'm a school student & so i can't watch at this 8:30pm i don't get the chance to watch since i have got tutions....before i used to watch it at 3:00pm after returning from school....i luv this serial......& nowadays i cnt wtch it though i'm making it out by your wonderfully written blog....please repeat the show at 3:00pm...

anjali 5 years ago

abhay n piya r the best couples. i love this serial

filza 5 years ago

i just love pyaar ki ye ek kahaani .and pia and abhay are the best i have seen all the epiosdes of it and i keep on seeing it again and again .and i also love misha .she is a great actor.i have seen her in remix also.

wamia 5 years ago

anamika u rockkkkkkkkk... same to abhay,pia and misha....this story is awusome and superb than twilight......pyaar ki ek kahani rocks

Sonia 5 years ago

Hay ani i love ur writing skills but why you stop to bring video updates plz start this plz plz plz reply

Milan 5 years ago

i couldn't averse this serial because it already occupied space in my heart.

kanika 5 years ago

i love this serial very mucvh

jenny 5 years ago

abhay you r the best u r so handsome u just rock

piya and u make a good couple


Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India Author

@Shwetha There is a link to my Blog on written updates in the Article. You will get all the updates there.

SWATI PADMINI 5 years ago

abhay u r best in pyar ki ye ek kahani

Shwetha 5 years ago

HI i this only till the collage trip after which i had to move into a different shift, hence i really need to know what happened after that, please get it updated. PLezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i wan t know that. i love pia and abhay in this story a lot

Banshi panchal 5 years ago

I like this serial. Because abhey 's role are perfect according to that serial . & sorya is a nice guy.

misba 5 years ago

its mindblowing serial i just like it very much and abhay and piya are a fantastic couple and i wish if they were a real couple

Sharvari Mehta 5 years ago

Great blog.......

lov yr writing style.....

ritika manawat 5 years ago

abhay is my favourate and piya too i never have missed your episode eccept yesterdays

salman 5 years ago

i like pia and abhay and panchi and misha but i love pia alot i love you pia

dia 5 years ago


anjilina 5 years ago

Wow!pkyek is fab.Though it is copied 4rm twilight nd vampire diaries but it's gud.But they compared Edward wid abhay .That's unfair.And talking about ekta kapoor in all the serial atlast all them are streched.but i am curious to know what would happen next.

Pratishtha Nandi. 5 years ago

PkYEK Rocks and i m sure it will be the best serial and abhay is sooooooo handsome.

afsana 5 years ago

it is a very gud serial pkyek rocks...............................

Vampire girl 5 years ago

Abhay nd piya rocks.i wish piya could know the reallity of.the battle between the Raichands nd khuranas should over soon

Athulya 5 years ago

super love story

riddhi 5 years ago

plzzzzzz end this topic of werewolfs & start bringing piya's memories back . so that once in a blue moon we can see both abiya together again.

sofiya 5 years ago

for god sake ektaji bring pia's memories back to make this show interesting now in this on 3 sept 2011 maha episode and put abhia together pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Annie paul 5 years ago

i luv uu luv uuu abhay ur eyes have some kind of attraction

Akshay 5 years ago

Abhay & Pia a romantic couple . . .

I am Waching it from the first since abhay saved pia while tracking . . .

I had never missed any epoisode or the promo also . . .

Misha is out from a weak so we are missing the funny side of the Serial .

Love u all gies keep rocking as . . .

kan 5 years ago

What an amazing attitude of abhay richand!!!

Dati 5 years ago

I'm only watching it recently for Neel and Panchi! I hope they get married!!! I found the show really boring till they brought Neel and Jaymin the storyline!

ahona 5 years ago

i hate abhay but i love jay.

abhay is good but jey is much better.

wamia 5 years ago

let me tell one thing to ashley ,that if he feels irrititating why does he watch it?????? unnecessary rily giving bad comments......... he should watch twilight again and again.......

Ashley Stevens 5 years ago

Dumbest serial ever. I am an avid fan of twilight and this so called pyaar ki kahani is such an irritating wanna be adaption. Twilight is on sucha different level. This show is just extremely boring and I actually find it irritating.

deepti mehra 5 years ago

ilove abhay n piya

bilal 5 years ago

I love this serial and Abhay n Priya

mani 5 years ago

Abhay should kill depanita.

Dharna 5 years ago

I luv U Abay nd u 2 pia

Amrit kumar 5 years ago

Please abhay restore piya's memory and kill dipanita and her sons

Pia 5 years ago

I like to watch Jeh Khurana because I think that he really loves pia, otherwise there is a big fight between the Vampires and Wearwolfs.

dia 5 years ago

pkyek is one of the best serial but honestly i like the show because of abhay.pia is also nice but i don't like her attitude that she involved with every other male character.

rohan solanki 5 years ago

pyar ki yeh ek kahaani my favorite serial

Sonia 5 years ago

Anamika you are so good but we want to see abay and pia back together jai is so cute & charming plz reserve him for misha

aarzoo khadka 5 years ago

i like this serial vry much..............................................................................

anadi 5 years ago

i'm a bangladeshi..but the true is...all my friends like pkyek than saas bahu twist.abhay-pia jori is our dream!hindi serials are interesting!i luv abhay.but he should be more dangerous in vampire roll.

wamia 5 years ago

abhay and pia the most most most beautiful couple in the world............ so what it is a copy of twilight,this hindi story is much better than the english one........piease don't ever change pia,abhay misha ect.all the characters are too much cool.just change neel.and please never stop this auwsome story.I love pia and abhay and they are more better than bella and edward...................

lubu 5 years ago

i love the drama pyaar ki ye ek kahaani and abhay richand.

misha 5 years ago

its so beautiful scene

preeti 5 years ago

i like this serial very much

n love abhay

parvinder love harreet 5 years ago

i like abhey style

abhi 5 years ago

i love this serial.bcoz in this love story.and i like abhay and pia so much.they are made for each other.they are romentic couple.i wish my lifepartner like abhay.bcoz he is so carely,sweet and intelligent.i wish in real life they are couple.

Natasha 5 years ago

I like abhey,,,misha,,,,piya.....alot

anjali 5 years ago

omgggg abhay is fkin hot as living in canADA m soo adiidcted to this showwww

oshine 5 years ago

i like misha,, piya,,abhey ,,jay,,and pachi alot

theze guyzzz rockzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

damn gud serial

Haseena raichand 5 years ago

Very nice story

SAGRIKA GIRI 5 years ago


sana 5 years ago

its un-natural but best story.........

Radheshyam yadav 5 years ago

Your writing skill is unique.

I want to know kya abhiya ek ho payenge in your view.please tell me.

I love u anamika.

sabri 5 years ago

so gorgious,its such a story which made me crazy.PIYA u just roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookz.u look cute with both abay and jai

uzair  5 years ago

what a story yaar so romantic and so beautiful couple piya and abbhay

deepshika 5 years ago

what a story's just ossum.the love story is too good.pia and abhay should be back together and jai should be just a friend.

Mayank 5 years ago

Wow! Wt a serial u hav written anamika, its so wonderful. I jst luv it and confidentaly said tht more than pia nd abhay, jay nd pia wil rock nd misha u r marvellous yr.

jenisha 5 years ago

abhay u r very cool & piya u r very beautiful

Sarita 5 years ago

Wt a story! I mean man yar it is so perfect. And i thnk more than abhay and pia, pia and jay wil rock. Bt i suggest pia nt to broke jay's heart, afterall he is so good. Abhay is also smart nd wt to say about misha. I am speechless man. Jst like me. Misha u are realiy outstanding. I luv u very much yar. Reply

bebo  5 years ago

no need to say thnxxx anamika...u really deserve appreciation...

temoor 5 years ago

abhay or pia wapis girl or boy friend banay ge

alishaarya 5 years ago

abhay u r very cool tooo and pia u r very beautiful and abhay i luv u...

alka mary 5 years ago

abhay u r very smat ,misha u r tooooo... cooool !!!!!! i luv u abhay

Rameez 5 years ago

I love this serial very much. Abhay looks like a vampire. He is amazing and he is really do his character. This serial fresh my mind. Best of luck all of you. Bye...............

shaikh uzef 5 years ago

this is a prefect love story i really love to watch

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India Author

@Bebo Thanks for the appreciation!

@aahana The real name of Jeh Khurana is Rithvick Dhanjani. He is a friendly and very down to earth person from what I have seen of him. He chats with fans and answer fan mails in person most of the time. You may join his fanpage on FB if you like him!/RithvikDhanjaniofficialsite

aahana 5 years ago

wow i love this vampire's story. but more than abhay i guess jay is pretty cool. i wonder what his real name is.

bebo 5 years ago

luv abhiya dey guys rockkkkk nd u too anamika bt hate jay.....dnt like him wd piya.....anamika u r gr888888nd vivian is dammmmmmmm hotttttttt

maheen khan 5 years ago

very nice serial..abhay and panchi looking great couple:D

saranya 5 years ago

hello guys.i like twilight very much......i also like this serial.i love the changes u have made.i love piya-abhay pair very much.u guys rockz.......

bebo 5 years ago

anamika u r gr88888888888............keep it up u r an excellent writer...keeep writing

manish 5 years ago

this is my fav. TV serial.Usually i don't watch any TV serial but I never miss any episode of this serial

this is the best Indian TV serial forever.

Nikunj gondaliya 5 years ago

very nice serial..and abhay is very hot and good looking,,,

jhansi lakshmi 5 years ago


alexya 5 years ago

hope piya remembers everythng and merry wiyh abhai

shilpi sinha 5 years ago

shilpi sinha frm tripura[agartala] im a big fan of this serial most of the time im watching this serial. my frnds also like this serial very much. this story is quite different so i hope this serial will rock.

Isha 5 years ago

I love piya n abhaya

bebo 5 years ago

omg misha and abhay.......god its too funny dey wil date each other.....hehehehehe.......hope piya remembers everythng

bebo 5 years ago

luv abhiya dey bth r made fr each other

punam  5 years ago

love u pia n abhay........hope 2 see u guys together again...:)

Devaleena 5 years ago

U'r mst welcum anamika. .u'r one of my most fav writrs. .so kip up dis gr8 talnt of urs 4revr.. Al d bst!!

pragati 5 years ago

luvvvvvvvvv tjis serial .

pia n abhay r d cutest couple.

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India Author

@Devaleena I normally write the full episodes written update on my PKYEK Blog unless there is too much of crap or filler which I think is not important. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement.

Devaleena 5 years ago

Hey anamika u'r an xcellent writr ya. . Bt nw a dayz u'r nt writin d ful episodes?? I gt 2 knw abt dis PKYEK story only thru ur writtn episods. .actly m nt undrstnd whethr itz a prblm of d wbsite or nethng else. . Anyway, plz dnt stp writin anamika..

Swizzle pires 5 years ago

Vivian and panchi look nice together. I love you and panchi. Also pia. Pkyek is compleat with you.

simron 5 years ago

i love this serial most and abhay and pia you are rocking.plz continue this serial for a long time.

riya 5 years ago

i commpletely dissagree with anjali & bella abhay & piya r da best i like misha & tracker t is also nice

sovan 5 years ago

i like this serial because of these love story.(good luck)

ritu 5 years ago

Many Many Happy Returns of the day Vivian.....may u get loads of love & happiness.Enjoy this day with fun & frolic.Keep up this performance as Abhay.

deeksha 5 years ago

Wish u very happy birthday vivan in advance

swarada 5 years ago

The show is rocking as always.... Hope Abhay and Pia will come closer and closer as the time improves... afterall, they are made for 'EACH OTHER'!!! :)

ritu 5 years ago

hey romiorak.....u r jst so wrong.if u dnt lik ekta kapoor serial then u don't deserve to praise abhay & pia.Once again this serial is awesome & Abhay & pia are rocking..... so is jay...great to see back vivian.....

prashant 5 years ago

abhay&piya r made for each other so abhay plz don't go away from piya. I don't miss single serial. i luv abhay &piya as a friend.

sunaina 5 years ago

i am big fan

Devaleena 5 years ago

Abhay..plz dnt go away frm piya. .plz.. U guyz r made 4r each othr.. Dnt let jay win ovr piya's hrt..

Thokphela 5 years ago

I love this couple n serial very muchhhhhhhh.........

katrina kaif 5 years ago

this luv story is really awesome i think there r no people who don't like this serial due to story of this serial i like n luv this show very very much.i like the characters of this show like abhay n piya very much bcoz they r hottest couple

kaminey46 5 years ago

Abhay and piya are good together but so r the fights between jay and piya.. its so cute.. i can't wait to see their next fight.. and neil and panchi are so good together... i think Ekta shud add a part: every year piya goes to an orphanage and spends 3 or 4 days there. she leaves to the orphanage. jay's mother says that she has to give a donation to some orphanage where exactly piya is. she mom says she can't go so she sends jay. when jay reaches there, to his surprise he sees piya playing with the kids and he is mesmerized by her. he likes her more now that he sees she is different from how he thought. they share some intimate moments. piya also starts liking jay. just then she starts having flashbacks from her past and faints. jay tries to wake her up. he is about to kiss her and the episode ends... what do u think???? its awesome!!!!

Shakir 5 years ago

I like abhay and piya they are very amazing guy i love abhay as friend

Devaleena 5 years ago

Awesum serial.. Love u abhay n piya:-* u guyz rock!! Kip it up n al da best 4r ur futur episodes...

shivi 5 years ago

this serial is faboulous i just wish is tht abhay nd pia r bck aftr d 1 ear leap all d bst

ad 5 years ago

i like the style of abhay

siru sharma 5 years ago

you guys rock; especially pia and abhay and misha and T, you guys are so funny and if you guys stop fighting it would be surprise for all to see your coool amazing friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!specially panchi.....dah

tanami kumar 5 years ago

i love Abhay...................

Esha 5 years ago

Piya is that girl who cannot satisfy me with her and Abhay`s couple.My opinion might differ from others,but what I feel, I must say.Don`t you think Anamika that Ekta Kapoor should have chosen somebody else for Abhay?I am not telling that she is not beautiful.She looks good when she is alone but her looks and style do not synchronize with that of Abhay.She cannot submit herself to Abhay.

RIYA MOHANTY 5 years ago

hey! Abhay u r a fab actor.But r u been these days,I am missing u a lot. please come back and remind piya about everything that had happened.

himanshu 5 years ago

abhay come on dude......... and show your vampire form

manisha paul 5 years ago

abhay and pia are the best couple in d whole world. no one can ever compare them and pkyek is the best serial indian television has ever had.... i just wish they both meet soon in the story and their never ending romance starts once again.......

sickky mishra 5 years ago

i love abhay and he will rock

avijit 5 years ago

abhay is very nice guy. piya is so cute. abhay is a vampire and his parents alsohis brother sidhard raichand.both the brothers love maithly

RJ 5 years ago

dude.... come bck... missin u abhay

isha 5 years ago

i love this serials is 22222 much.keep it up PKYEK....

at here light always go so i can see the serials but next day at the morning i get up at 6:00 am n i see it at 6:15 am.i am at nepal >3 goooood

anjali 5 years ago

I luv pkyek very very much..I am missing abhay.. where r u abhay pls come back

romiorak 5 years ago

wat u find different in this serial ritu???

everything is same as twillight saga,full moon n eclipse....i don't know why ekta kapoor always want to stretching n lengthening the story,the new cast jay khurana is jst like da jacob i think, now ekta kapoor will show da luv story between pia n jay khurana jst like in wats da new story.....i really hate dis new guy jay khurana...he really doesn't suit for pia...abhaya & pia rocks........ekta kapoor sucksssssssssss

ritu 5 years ago

hey vivian & sukriti u guyz r just so awesome.i find this serial interesting than any other ekta kapoor serial.this serial just rocks with a unique theme....

Sudiksha  5 years ago


sameer 5 years ago

abhay is very good in her roll.i like pyaar ki yeh ek kahani this is very good.but i think vampire diares is better.

sjd 5 years ago

Hi vivian where r u...come's looking like that we r missing from a year like in serial ..........thanks Anamika for ur updates.U will be rocking author in ur future...if u concerntrate.

Ayesha 5 years ago

i love this show more than anything i started watching it about 2 months ago nd have fallen in love with it ever abhiya they're the best....i just want abhay back... can't live without seeing him...we need u back abhay

sanjana 5 years ago

abhay and piya you are fit for each other.there is no one better than you and abhay you are my dream boy. I wish I could get a boyfriend like you.

bebo 5 years ago

i hate jai khurana nd piya is jst a jerk tht she kissed him

juveria fatima 5 years ago

i like abhay in black dress

mukta 5 years ago

I just love this serial soooo much i did not miss any episd....seriously dude this serial is damn goooood.....nd i love you vivian u r awesome....

Stephanie 5 years ago

Wow i just luv this serial pkyek rocks & Abhay & Piya u just look osum together i luv u both keep up d gud work & all d best for ur future life .

abilasha 5 years ago

i like the play very much! i just luv piya and abhay very much! best wishes to both of u!

sumaiya 5 years ago

abhay ur a superb actor dude...............try 2 smile on screen,ur smile s awesome...nd plz b entertaining us in dis way itself.......I LUV 2 watch u on screen

i love abhey raic profile image

i love abhey raic 5 years ago from chandigarh

i love this serial :-*

mrs.sadiya rizwan 5 years ago

i like panchi and abhay couple

aliza 5 years ago

i like this show

sresta vky 5 years ago

what a love story

Ad 5 years ago

Anamika pls update likhna kabhi bhi na choddna kyonki mera tv kharab ho gaya hai and thanx so much.

gg 5 years ago

i jst love dis serial.............

abhi vashishta 5 years ago

this serial is best which i have had ever seen in ma life ........

Ananya 5 years ago

piya you are very preety and abhay you are a best guy.

merry areej 5 years ago

i love u abhay. u r the hotest guy in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

jennifer 5 years ago

I like this serial very's totally different from other serial and the whole team of pyaar ki yeh ek kahani uuuuuuuuu rockkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! i luv u all.ummmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

preety srivastava 5 years ago

this story is very beautiful story .... i thnk thos people who regret or dont lik this story ,, there thinking is totally dumb .. they lik sass bahu serials

shalini 5 years ago

it is a dark love story which is beautiful .i am excited what will be ending.and piya and abhay action is fantastic

Esha  5 years ago

Vivian Dsena`s looks is ideal to do the role of a vampire like Abhay.Abhay is the one, who is, despite of being a vampire is not so in terms of his nature.Vivian has sharp features,tall stature,fair complexion and he looks very uncommon,very special and probably unique among other actors,perhaps because of his Portuguese descent- all these have worked in support of him to get this role.But as he looks kind, sympathetic,thoughtful,innocent and charming he has succeeded in getting the role of Abhay-a vampire with humanlike behaviour and humanlike feelings which we sometimes fail to see in a humanbeing also.

shristy 5 years ago

i like the stunts,its awesome

Esha 5 years ago

I love to watch this serial very much.But I don`t feel Pia to be as beautiful as a fairy or a princess or a model or a superstar.She is better than the ordinary looking girls and some other televisin actresses but I don`t find anything special inside her to be strongly praised.I feel a bit shocked when some people praise her beyond limits.I don`t feel that Abhay and she is a perfect couple.She looks like Abay`s elder sister.She needs a man and Abhay needs an eighteen year old sweet and submissive girl.I feel very shocked even to hear that Vivian and Vahbbiz are together-a perfect mismath.Vahbbiz looks to be three years older than Vivian as if she would control him always and behave like his mentor.Panchhi and Siddharth look good together because Sid looks like a matured man.Even Pia and Sid`s couple is acceptable.But truly Abhay does not match to both the ladies

kashmira hadke 5 years ago

i like the couple

Nancy shah 5 years ago

This show is wonder as a dream.

shravani 5 years ago

i jus luv abhay

tanya 5 years ago

abhay you are the best

sanya 5 years ago


shraya 5 years ago

u r very beautiful piya

sandy 5 years ago

this feels like true love

RITU 5 years ago

This serial seems to be th best running show on indian television for the proper way of its running.The most liked ABHAY& PIYA much liked.i am a big fan & loves them a lot

Ad 5 years ago

Acc to new promo agar piya abhay ko bhul gayi to aage kya hoga

K.K. The Great 5 years ago

Panchhi U r the best.

sania 5 years ago

abhay u just rock.

Me 5 years ago

I am the biggest fan of ur blog and anamika thank u very much for giving us daily update. Abhay pls save piya .

Ad 5 years ago

Pkyek is a great serial . Anamika ur writing skills are really good

simran 5 years ago

i love PKYEK.

sjd 5 years ago

thanks anamika...really whenever i miss this serial i read ur's such a beautiful serial. I wish vivian and sukirti all the best in their future too. Just rock all the time.

surabhi 5 years ago

misha like it after than abhay piya is best jodi

deeksha 5 years ago

iam gr8 fan of dis serial, its a mindblowing serial n i like this very much,I luv uuuuuuuuuu vivan u r soooo cute n handsome in whole universe.your chemistry is really too good bt i like u n vahbhij together n at last i whould like to say tht my blessing is always with you.i hope dis serial goes on

sapna 5 years ago

I luv watching this serial it is one of my fav and the chemistry b/w Abhay and Piya is too great,I feel too bad when i miss any of this eposide so all the best for ur luv story.

Rani 5 years ago

Love you vivi and suku

Zinnat ali 5 years ago

I luv u piya and abhay

swarada 5 years ago

The show really rocks..... what I really like about the show is that they have got new twists and turns in every episode.It has really entertained everyone till now. Hope it will keep doing the same.....!!!

akanksha 5 years ago

i like this show very much and all my friends

pooja 5 years ago

i really like dis serial very much n i just love abhay raichand's character becoz vivian doing great so keep it up

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India Author

@Bella Thanks! There was a fire mishap at my place which is why I was not available for the past 3 days. From today you would have the update as usual. Friday's episode is updated and Saturday also would be done in a short while.

Bella 5 years ago

Anamika, why r u not displaying latest updates now? Sorry, but we have got addicted to ur updates.

rhea  5 years ago

i feel too bad when i miss even one sec of this episode

vishal 5 years ago

i like this serial too much.i like piya and abhay

BELLA 5 years ago

Piya & Abhay u guys look great together & I really love this serial.I hope to see u together at the end and hope it will have a good end.pls ekta donot change any of the casts.

oindrila 5 years ago

i luv the serial so much that if i miss one of the episode i see the repeat telecast...thamk u so much Ekta for giving us a new experience on love and making us understand more on the topic love! Really it's such a feeling!!!!

darshi 5 years ago

i suppose its da best one piya and abhay u people rock !!!!!!

diksha 5 years ago

Anamika u r great writer.

diksha 5 years ago

hi misha i like your attitude,face.tumhari aur piya ki jo freindship hai na i like it.i like misha,piya,ruhi,kabir,angad,abhay,punchi,siddarth.abhay n siddarth are sooo cool.siddarth u r sooooooooo hot.

i like this serial too much.i like piya and abhay.

diksha 5 years ago

hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! abhaya u sooooooo handsome n cute

Daisy 5 years ago

I like this serial veru much.I like abhay the most.

I have never miss any 1 episode of this serial.Keep it up.

karishma 5 years ago

in starting i also have an atraction with vivian.but im shocked punchi is his gf

Sbs 5 years ago

Abhay i just hope u dnt get hurt. M waiting for today's epi luv u smiley cat!!

saba 5 years ago

i just luv this serial. i never even missed one episode. iam the biggest fan of this serial in the whole wide universe. no one can beat me.

sam 5 years ago

I luv dis serial.

ankur 5 years ago

i love abhay and piya

bebo 5 years ago

hey anamika d episodes r nt opening sme error is cumng dude!!!!!!!!!!!!

arindam 5 years ago

blockbuster serial!

bhavya 5 years ago

i love u abhayyyyyyyy....u r so cute and dam dam good... u look good as a vampy,smiling,like an angry young man and even romantic dude...u r a BLAST... my most vry very love to u and suku........!!!

purnima  5 years ago


i just need to tell you tat i am one of the biggest fan of vivian .......and sukriti.....i have seen twilight movie ....

but there is only one serial tat i love to see regularly inspite of my schedule......this is it

shruthi jain 5 years ago

Abhay aka vivian dsena and pia aka sukriti kandpal;i am a great fan of yours.Vivian dsena,i just love your eyes.According to me vivian dsena is handsome,dashing,superest,wowest,osomest,cutest guy in the world.sukrithi is the sweetest girl in the world.I liked sukriti in dill mill gayye.But i like her in pyaar ki yeh ek kahaani.I just luv u both.All the time i think about vivian dsena....i just like vivian dsena???? and sukriti kandpal??.

Swati Nashikwar 5 years ago

Abhay I'm really big fan of yours. You look dam good.. frankly speaking i break-up with my bf cause he don't likes u

Oshi sethi 5 years ago

I Like this serial too much.......... piya and abhay are perfect couple........ i love piya most.......

divpreet 5 years ago

it is best show on television

Abhay piya 5 years ago

I am a gr8 fan of this show and feel that this one is much decent and far better than the other ones....piya and abhay make an awesome pair....frndz can you plzz inform me abt the ratings of this show...and anamika thanks for the quick updates...

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India Author

@pankaj Normally I update before 12 at night the same day. But I was out of town and just returned. Will update before 3 today.

pankaj 5 years ago

what happened to you Anamika? Why are you not sending the written update of 8 april?

Debolina 5 years ago

wow piya and abhay you rock in this serial & u guys r perfect.

barkha 5 years ago

wow........pia & abhay .......u guys r perfect

sakshi 5 years ago

its a fab show.....i love it......

Acon 5 years ago

Pia If I LOOK towards your face I think if I would be in the place of Abhay.The romance of the story really makes me mad .

nikita 5 years ago

i agree,this serial gives a new light to TV shows.. though its a copy of twilight or many other sources,its just fascinating!!!!!!!the twists and turns brought in this serial are just awesome and amazing!!!!!!! Misha u rock in this show!! also abbhay and piya!!!gr8 work guyzzzz

Bebo 5 years ago

pkyek is mindblowing,amazing,superb nd sukirti nd vivian luks awsum with each other it seems as they r made f each other.d stry of d shw is interesting nd fantastic.abhiya rocks.............................!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAMEHNA 5 years ago

I love Abhay so much.He is so cute and lovely.Please Ekta is ka end acha karna.Please Abhay aur Pia ko zurur milana. and Ekta ye vampire wale episode khatam karo.

Ruhi 5 years ago

hey Abhay & Piya u r my Favourite COUPLE....., & pls keep up the good work...., & i hope ur serial will go on for a LONG ..., LONG time.....,and i want to c ur roamantic SCENES ......

bhavya 5 years ago

do u know i had two twin brothers 1 year younger than me named aman and ABHAY..........!!!

shikha singh 5 years ago

this story is very iteresting ...............and i never miss the story because i it like very much.

lili 5 years ago

its very interesting story ...... i like it very much

Riya 5 years ago

Dear abhiya frankly speaking, i did not liked you guys bcoz i thought you cheated twilight but one day, since nothing interesting was coming so i turned it on star one where the scene in which your blood just vanished was going on ,that scene interested me made me watch more episodes on seeing whom i discovered that there were some different stories too. well all's well that end's well. Today its my favourite show i never miss it...

sammy 5 years ago

i love ths seriel a don't change the character and i am gettin tensed about who will finally pia go to...i kno that it is abhay but also

they are dragging the story too much but stilll......abhay i just love you and pai ur amazing..................

sjd 5 years ago

vivian......whatever u and ekta having issues pls. solve it. we want to see u in lead only

oindrila 5 years ago

i like this serial very much.the chemistry makes me to watch the serial.i luv u guys.vivian u wanted to be a footballer but unfortunately your luck made u a great actor...good luck and good wishes

ranvijay 5 years ago

this show is going nice.. I nvr miss a single second of dis serial... Piya is vry beautiful... And abhay nd piya are makng dis serial vry beautiful... Its real indian luv story

Reh 5 years ago

My request to Ekta and director ...pls...don't exchange hero and villion roles ..we love to watch vivian as hero only

anamika can u help me to send this comment to them...reply me

san 5 years ago

vivian and sukirti all the best yaar.......rocking.........

krm 5 years ago

is these comments can see pkyek unit members? my request to Ekta that don't replace actors & we love vivian and sukirti's chemistry

sjd 5 years ago

we want vivian in lead role and he is outstanding....these days why abhay's role is's not bearable

rodshi damon salvator 5 years ago

pyaar ki ye ek kahani is a mind blowing after being addicted to watching vampire diaries pkyek became slightly boring for me....nd plz da director shud work in makin da special effects more other than da serial is quite interesting nd i just luuuuvvv siddarth...y didn't he get abhay's role he is just toooo awesome nd dashing!!!

5 years ago

this serial is veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy niceeeeeeee i love this serial very much pls guys pls pls celebrate holi pls and pls don't change the characters of this serial i wish this serial goes on with high trps piya and abhay have very good chemistry together

oindrila 5 years ago

the hindi version TWILIGHT is quite good.Ekta it was a good idea to take the the story from TWILIGHT& VAMPIRE DIARIES and give it a hindi twist.i like the serial for its hindi twist and the for the chemistry...

neha dsena 5 years ago

hey guys, dis serial is awosome, abhay n suku rockz d show..... luv u vivian, u r sooooo sweeeeet n cute,i love ur eye color dude,,,,,,, keep rocking d show.

Hameed Ghafari 5 years ago

This is the best Serial i have ever seen in Hindi Tv its all about pure love and the most important things is that Afghan people watching this Perfect Serial always and the love to see this serial. so behalf of all My afghan people i appreciate your hard working in this serial. To be honest i like Vivian and Pya in this serial.

azamsahil  5 years ago

this is very beautiful story of this serial

karishma 5 years ago

this is the best serial of Ekta Kapoor.i think she has given her all efforts to make it spite of her vivian and sukirti has also hard worked and acted well. this is my best serial though it is a copy of VAMPIRE DIARIES& of luck and good wishes.....

edward 5 years ago

vivian is the best and he acts pretty good too

madhu 5 years ago

my all friends like this serial very very much before this serial come we never see star one but this serial change our mind this is the best serial in my life i never forget to watch this serial.

sbs 5 years ago

Its kind of boring now but still waiting for piya to know truth of sid soon so the story goes on well and may be interesting further hope dey bring soon some twist in it

pg007 5 years ago

this serial is sooooo not better than twilight!!! And the vampire diaries and twilight both have better twists and turns... Elena and stefan were together by the third episode and elena knew about stefan by the eighth or nineth episode! Ekta kapoor has made this soooo long and boring! This is an insult to twilight and the vampire diaries.. Though, if you go to see, it's not bad for an Indian version... But pls, to a little faster ..

kabita maharjan 5 years ago

its a brilliant serial i like it very very very much

lexi 5 years ago

I agree with alizae. This serial is a copy of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. Sure it's an indian version but can't Ekta Kapoor just get her own ideas?! It's a bit pathetic to just use the same ideas but in a different version. It's actually pretty lame. And the actors just CAN'T act. Their acting skills are horrible.

bhavya 5 years ago

congratulation both vivian and vahabhiz[panchi].Because they finally declare their LOVE [in real life]. i am very happy with them.

ananya 5 years ago

vivean and sukiriti's jodi is the best in bollywood as robert and kristen's jodi is best in hollywood according to me.the news i am getting here is ekta is going to quit piya or question is that what qualifications they don't have in them?it will be a very sad and bad news for us those who love them.pls give me a rply

bhavya 5 years ago

please don't quit abhay

shalini 5 years ago

pls it's my request to Ekta that don't change piya's role.i like her very much...piya and abhay's jodi, romance and love is truly unexpectable.many of the people like her so much that if someone else would be in her chracter they will hate her...i will be very disappointed if my request is not kept.i don't agree with uchristy, bella etc.etc.etc.

piyali 5 years ago

my first request to Ekta is that pls don't quit vivian and sukirti as they are the favourite jodi of all of us those who watch the serial...i am going to tell everyone that PKYEK is the best serial india has ever known...i like the chemistry very of luck and good wishes..i luv u abhay and pia

Sneha 5 years ago

i love to see the serial pyar kii ye ek kahani both pia and abhay are nice their chemistry is very nice i see the twilight film but this is more interesting

sjd 5 years ago

why my comments r not in ur blog...we want Vivian as abhay only...what news i am getting ...ekta is going to quit Vivian

Saniya 5 years ago

u are the bestest superest jodi on telivision...i luv u guys...this lovestory is is such a heart-wreching story having a sad past...angad and ruhi are awesome sweet jodi..shaurya and misha's jodi is powerful..we all see the serial everyday. best of luck and good wishes from all of us here...

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India Author

@sjd I see that you comment regularly on my Hub here. Thanks for the compliment. I hope you are reading the written updates I post on the PKYEK Blog @ http://pyaar-kii-ye-ek-kahaani-story-video.blogspo...

@manisha I maintain a Blog for updates of PKYEK which is updated daily and the url of which is mentioned already 2 times in this Hub and in this comment as Pyar ki ye ek Kahani Written Update. You may go ahead and read not only daily episode updates but also other information like details of cast and characters, critical review,news and gossips etc.

@Shivali Thanks for the compliment. I am pretty quick when I set my mind into writing. I hope you have seen my Blog mentioned in this comment. It is much more detailed and I am sure you would like it.

Shivali 5 years ago

ANAMIKA, u've done a marvellous job!! But i'm very keen 2 know how do u afford this much time to write all this.SUPERB ! :-) I hardly get time to even read my favourite serial's update! Thank you very much 4 so beautifully written updates :) Plz do write about how much time u take to write all this.

bhavya 5 years ago

abhay you are so handsome

Bella 5 years ago

Sad to hear about Shaurya. Itni mushkil se Misha ko 'pyaar' hua tha. She'll be broken. But that Shankar will make gud couple with her.

5 years ago

best of luck for your serial your serial is amazing pls your serial is nice i wish your serial goes on

reema 5 years ago

abhay and piya you both are rocking my favrate jodi on tv is abhay and piya pls don't change the characters of abhay and piya.pls celebrate holi in the serial pls

RITU 5 years ago

my favrouite jodi on tv are abhay and pia and arjun and arohi. I have never missed any episod.I also watch the repeated programe.

oindrila 5 years ago

wht a love and what a story....i really love you are terrific..i love you and best of luck..

arindam 5 years ago

what a blockbuster serial...i luv u are wowest superest and bestest...what a story...ekta you are tremendous...angad,ruhi are cute couples and misha and shaurya are good of luck and good wishes...

alizae 5 years ago

ths hole story iz copied frm 'Twilight'...don't know why ppl steal other's ideas,,,,,,

Twilight iz my favrit novel n ths prson hs ruined th story.........sooooo many briliant actors in Teilight n thy call ths a vampire...

ths drama must be called 'love of jokers'

Manisha 5 years ago

Hi anamika i am really very 2 thankful 2 u for writing the story of PYKEKK but why have u stop writing. I wait for your story on net everyday. Actually i live in hostel that's why i cant see all the apisodes of thi please start writing again i m heartly waiting. Hi ABHAY you are awesome in this show. Me & my friends are really mad for u. You are sooooooo cute and ur killing smile uff i am really a biggest fan of u & ur cute killing smile.

anurag 5 years ago

brilliant serial with best cinemetography and background music at it's best

kareena 5 years ago

dis guys are tremendous!i watched so many serials but among them i am telling this is the best...this dram is having sorrow,joy,happiness,love...and whatever required for a drama.the emotions and the expressions are awesome...the couples are also cute specially angad and tracker{ruhi}.best wishes and best of luck to abhay & pia.

anjelll 5 years ago

these guyxx rockss...they r da bst..specially abhay and piaa

tanushree 5 years ago

i jst luv u guys and dis series...vivian i luv you so much...your dancng is also well.i really luuvv uu...

piya you are awesome!just tell me the secret of your hair,it makes u look more beautiful...

bye.good wishes and good luck for your lovestory...

Aisha... 5 years ago

I jst luv dis series.. Abhay nd piya r world's cuttest couple..i luv dem both nd vivan is sooo... Handsome:-) sukriti is soo pretty. They luk perfect together..:-)

uma 5 years ago

i think ppl r commenting more abt ur writing skills thn on d show.. :)

i shd also gve a word on it,about the show.....well,i nvr miss amy episode bt they rnt focusing much on pia n abhay's scene n some episodes r kind of trailing too....anyway d show rocks!!!

n 4 u anamika,keep writing


piyali 5 years ago

wwwwhhhaaat a mind blowing drama performing by vivan.i am having not a single word in my tongue other than woww!piya and abhay's pair is awesome...the title of the story should be a lovestory set in the backdrop of dehradun which focuses ces in the life of piya and the mysterious abhay...

naila khan 5 years ago

superb drama

sbs 5 years ago

Really now d story is going on well now dat siddharth is d son of raichand its getting interesting n really anamika your review about d show is gud just dnt stop writing coz could read when i miss d epi

meghna 5 years ago

pls celebrate the holi i love this love story this is just awesome pls don't change the characters of abhay and piya

sjd 5 years ago

anamika u r a lovely writer.......rocking..........

mudasir zarab 5 years ago

it is an owsam story .keep it up

neeraja 5 years ago

I like pyar ki yeh ek kahani, but in my house star one channel is not coming

can't tell dat 5 years ago

i 2 like vivian a lot.he is such a nice guy

thats an understatement.i just love him

Gayatri 5 years ago

Its the best hindi serial i had ever seen. You guys refresh my mind . Good luck!guys.

veena arora 5 years ago

heelo piya & abhay,i love this serial. the story is very different love story i like the show very much

Tinny 5 years ago

I like vampire.i like their personality,i like their style,i like their attitude. Etc.avay looks like original i like him.i want to talk with him.i'm spell-bound when i saw him on those of luck avay.

aish 5 years ago

I lv vivian[abhay],style & smile.He looks awesome & he is really realy-100 handsome.A humbule request---please make vivian smile his smile is so sweeeeeeeeeeeet,pleaseeeee.

navu 5 years ago

i luv to see abhay , pia n misha.................they r owsum.

sanjanaaaaaaaaa 5 years ago

hey!!!!!pkyek rocksssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anusha 5 years ago

hi piya & abhay.... i like the show very much.... you both are fabulous... you both make the story even more exciting and mysterious...carry on & best of luck......

almaiza 5 years ago

plz ya toh piya ko vampire banado ya phir abhay ko normal insaan banado...... abhay's mom dad r tooo good plz dnt chnge them...... plz bring out mishaa from her love life it doesn't suit her..... tanushri amolker ke liye koi acha ladka bhejdo jo usse badal ske............... plz in comments ko under-estimate mat karna.......

suchita 5 years ago

i like this serial very much....the story of this serial is very interasting....i like abhay n piya's character.......i lv both too much

charu 5 years ago

interesting i like a serial

kavita 5 years ago

i love this serial. the story is very different from other hindi serials. abhay and pia looks too good together and i want to see them as acouple in real life also. abhay is very handssome and dashing persnality and i like him very much . pia is also very beautiful . i like her also in dil mil gaye in which she played ridhimas role

samjna 5 years ago

The story is too good. I luv abhay n piya's pair. My only request is that plz don't drag the story 2 much n plz plz plz plz don't change any characters. wish i could meet vivian n sukriti! i lvu u guy's a lot. vivian u r handsome n sukriti u r fab. good luck :D

sbs 5 years ago

Truly love abhay's character.Ruhi n angad r really cute n funny.And panchi's boss is also funny but disgusting and that shenaya mam does so much of over acting thank god dat now in recent epi dey r not showing her.LOVE D SERIAL MAY IT NEVER END.......

oindrila 5 years ago

what an inspiring story...i really love you guys...tracker and angat are looking so cute....sukiriti in the role of piya is looking awesome and abhay is terrific...wishing this twillight saga will teach us something about love...

sjd 5 years ago

Thanks anamika...I am not getting star one channel from week days.Daily I am reading that u had wrote. keep writing..And my request to Ekta is ..pls don't change actors, who r in lead.........

dhathri 5 years ago

waav!i jst love ths serial vry mch.and ovr all abhay is lke i lke misha vry mch in fct toooooooooooooo mch. sh is so simple n cooooooooool

bhaskar 5 years ago

wwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaatttt a serial.........abhay a real guy and piya has taken my heart away

meghna 5 years ago

this serial is going to be rocking this serial is just awesomeeeeeeeeee i love this serial very much and piya and abhay too

rimjhim 5 years ago

i you love this show and i wish to meet the whole cast of this serial one day best wishes for your show and vivian you are very smart,good looking & good smile.

krishna 5 years ago

I like this serial very much and

Piya and Abhay both are my Favourite and

Misha you are the best.

deesha 5 years ago

i love this serial very much and i also love vivan

meghna 5 years ago

this serial is very niceeeeeeee ilove this serial pls celebrate Valentine's Day pls pls don t change the characters of abhay piya iwish this serial goes on for years with high trp this serial is very awesomeeeeeee ilove this serial very muchhhhhh

sjd 5 years ago

thanks anamika. I deeply involved in this serial. Both Abhay n Piya charecters r rocking.Anamika u please continue to give episode stories, when I miss, I read thanks........

meghna 5 years ago

abhay you are looking damn goooooooooood in the fashion show piya you were also and misha you too i wish serial goes on with high trp serial is nicee and awesome

ragini 5 years ago

Just one word......AWESOME!!!

anjana 5 years ago

i like this serial. and i love this love story n i love abhay & pia so don't be change this main character...@

preeti 5 years ago

misha is the best i am also like her

genie 5 years ago

hey this serial is to good! i lovvvveee u abhay! u r amazing

sonali 5 years ago

plz don't change the character of piya and abhay.thay both make a good pair and awosome.plz ekta ji don't change main's my heatly request.abhay, u r so cute and ur smile is fabulious.i love u.plz abhay don't far away from piya.kuch romance scene do plz.

sbs  5 years ago

where is the serial leading yaar get something gud n misha plz be what u were before

niharika 5 years ago

brilliant ideas i love the whole team espetially hero and heroine they both make a good pair and they both are very cute

aliyah 5 years ago

its a good show..everythng in d show is superb right from the handsome abhay to cool misha to even fasion queen T...the only stupidity in the show is the leading lady pia...she is neither good in acting nor is she beautiful..i dunno wat ws seen in her be4 selecting her for this show..she is no match for the handsome abhay or kabir or even angad..she looks n acts worst than any other characteron d show..she is totally opposite from the lovely beautiful bella...u really need to replace her be4 the audience start hating the show bcoz of her..

namrata 5 years ago

oh my god!kabir u are awesome.i luv u

nirosha 5 years ago

Its getting a bit boring but still gud.Abhay looks like a smily cat when he smiles actually n my small bro also watch this serial

Divya 5 years ago

Abhay ur smile is sooooooooo cute, so keep smile always

Riya 5 years ago

i just loveee abhay.. He is soo handsome, cute, lovable.. His eyes are magnetic.. He looks cute and innocent as abhindra also..Its my fav. Serial.. Love u abhay..!

sbs 5 years ago

Its getting a bit boring but still gud.Abhay looks like a smily cat when he smiles actually n BELLA UR COMMENTS R GUD ONE

satya 5 years ago

its a wonderfulovestory now a days iam watching in starone after so many days, its very good ,keep it up

Bella 5 years ago

WO !!! Though Piya has to leave Dehradun , but finally she will be like Bella and marry her desi Edward Cullans - young n dashing Abhay!! It'll be amazing to see %-)

sbs 5 years ago

Love it!!!!!

Prachika 5 years ago

Finally we all saw d vampire luk it was osum vivian rox

leena vasudeva 5 years ago

abhay u r soooooooooooooo cute.

meghna 5 years ago

abhay and piya u have greattttttttttt chemistry piya abhay u both r toooooooooooooooo good ilove u both misha u too

Mehak 5 years ago

I want to meet abhay and wish that this serial goes on

Priyanka 5 years ago

Hey i jst lv dis show nd i lv abhay i wish if i could get a boyfrnd like him...m luking forward to his dance on valentine...

sangeeta  5 years ago

ye serial bahut acha hai . i am seeing this serial always.pia and abhay are the best couple.i wish ki tumari jodi real life me bhi bane. abhay u r so handsome.

pia u r also very beautiful

meghna 5 years ago

abhay is looking sweet smart in hoody so sweet

neha 5 years ago

This serial is awesome and i loved it pia & abhay both are very cute couple

kRn 5 years ago

I like both Abhay and i wish ke tum dono kabhi bhi juda na ho.

Hiba 5 years ago

Abhay u r best ...u r lookng more smart with piya. Plz jald hi piya k paas ajao...she will be waitng 4 u...aur plz usse kabhi alag mat hona coz u both are tha smartest couple in this world... I luv abhay so much.....

Swetlana 5 years ago


happysidhu 5 years ago

I like this serial very much

kavya 5 years ago

abhay u r the mostttttttttttttttttt handsome guy in the world. you r my first lover.i will see this show regularly without missing. my behaviour is like misha but frankly speaking vivie u r the most handsome guy in the world

sakshi 5 years ago

this show must go on!!!!!!! it is the bestest serial i had ever sawn and abhay u r vry charming and handsom

Bella 6 years ago

Today, Abhay did awesome !! His caring nature n dashing personality is ssooo good!!!!

Nayan 6 years ago

I like this seriel very much.this is a awesome tv show. Pia is so pity and abhay is the perfect one.

amrita 6 years ago

This is the bst serial i hv evr watchd.abhay nd pia luk amazin 2gethr.christy i feel u r wrng nd i am sure u wil soon realise ur mistake

nahl 6 years ago

loe u vivian your acting is superb.

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    Pyaar ki Yeh ek Kahaani Picture Gallary

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    Abhay Raichand - The Desi Edward Cullan or should I say Stefan Salvatore?Abhay Raichand and Piyali JaiswalAbhay and PiyaAbhay catching Piya from fallingAbhay and Piya DanceAbhiya in PromoPyaar Kii Yeh ek Kahani Promo - Abhay walking away from PiyaPiya in Abhay's Arms - You are my Hero- You are my Angel SceneAbhay carrying Piya through the JungleAbhay and Piya about to kiss Abhay and Piya almost Kissing each other at the Hospital before the Nurse interruptsMaithili and Abhay PromoPiya on Misha's BikeShaurya comes to Misha's House in her DreamsAbhay announces that he and T are a coupleAbhay and Piya t Misha's Birthday PartyWill Kabir ever win Pia's love and keep Abhay away from her?Abhay wearing Hood at HospitalAbhay and Piya in the classAbhay and Piya in the Hospital BedAbhay to heal Piya's wounds by kissingAbhay repairing Piya's twisted feetPanchi's Casanova Boss Siddharth saves her from falling from the LadderArnab Dobriyal and MadhuKabir and MishaAbhay and new Sports Teacher ShenayaChand and Haseena RaichandAbhay leaving DehradunAbhay carries PiyaAbhay and Piya in the class - Intimate momentsAbhay comes to see Piya before leaving DehradunSports Teacher Ms ShenayaAbhay Raichand - The VampireDesi Stefan and Damon (Abhay Richand and Siddharth Mehra) - Vivian Dsena and Siddhant KarnickAbhiya Romantic momentsMade for each other Couple in College - Ruhi and AngadPia kisses AbhayShankar and Misha Dancing at Siddharth Mehra's PartyAbhay hugging Piya shirtless to save her lifeAbhay hugs Pia from behind at the locker roomAbhay hugs Pia at the Locker roomAbhay heals Piya's Sun rash
    Abhay Raichand - The Desi Edward Cullan or should I say Stefan Salvatore?
    Abhay Raichand - The Desi Edward Cullan or should I say Stefan Salvatore?
    Abhay Raichand and Piyali Jaiswal
    Abhay Raichand and Piyali Jaiswal
    Abhay and Piya
    Abhay and Piya
    Abhay catching Piya from falling
    Abhay catching Piya from falling
    Abhay and Piya Dance
    Abhay and Piya Dance
    Abhiya in Promo
    Abhiya in Promo
    Pyaar Kii Yeh ek Kahani Promo - Abhay walking away from Piya
    Pyaar Kii Yeh ek Kahani Promo - Abhay walking away from Piya
    Piya in Abhay's Arms - You are my Hero- You are my Angel Scene
    Piya in Abhay's Arms - You are my Hero- You are my Angel Scene
    Abhay carrying Piya through the Jungle
    Abhay carrying Piya through the Jungle
    Abhay and Piya about to kiss
    Abhay and Piya about to kiss
    Abhay and Piya almost Kissing each other at the Hospital before the Nurse interrupts
    Abhay and Piya almost Kissing each other at the Hospital before the Nurse interrupts
    Maithili and Abhay Promo
    Maithili and Abhay Promo
    Piya on Misha's Bike
    Piya on Misha's Bike
    Shaurya comes to Misha's House in her Dreams
    Shaurya comes to Misha's House in her Dreams
    Abhay announces that he and T are a couple
    Abhay announces that he and T are a couple
    Abhay and Piya t Misha's Birthday Party
    Abhay and Piya t Misha's Birthday Party
    Will Kabir ever win Pia's love and keep Abhay away from her?
    Will Kabir ever win Pia's love and keep Abhay away from her?
    Abhay wearing Hood at Hospital
    Abhay wearing Hood at Hospital
    Abhay and Piya in the class
    Abhay and Piya in the class
    Abhay and Piya in the Hospital Bed
    Abhay and Piya in the Hospital Bed
    Abhay to heal Piya's wounds by kissing
    Abhay to heal Piya's wounds by kissing
    Abhay repairing Piya's twisted feet
    Abhay repairing Piya's twisted feet
    Panchi's Casanova Boss Siddharth saves her from falling from the Ladder
    Panchi's Casanova Boss Siddharth saves her from falling from the Ladder
    Arnab Dobriyal and Madhu
    Arnab Dobriyal and Madhu
    Kabir and Misha
    Kabir and Misha
    Abhay and new Sports Teacher Shenaya
    Abhay and new Sports Teacher Shenaya
    Chand and Haseena Raichand
    Chand and Haseena Raichand
    Abhay leaving Dehradun
    Abhay leaving Dehradun
    Abhay carries Piya
    Abhay carries Piya
    Abhay and Piya in the class - Intimate moments
    Abhay and Piya in the class - Intimate moments
    Abhay comes to see Piya before leaving Dehradun
    Abhay comes to see Piya before leaving Dehradun
    Sports Teacher Ms Shenaya
    Sports Teacher Ms Shenaya
    Abhay Raichand - The Vampire
    Abhay Raichand - The Vampire
    Desi Stefan and Damon (Abhay Richand and Siddharth Mehra) - Vivian Dsena and Siddhant Karnick
    Desi Stefan and Damon (Abhay Richand and Siddharth Mehra) - Vivian Dsena and Siddhant Karnick
    Abhiya Romantic moments
    Abhiya Romantic moments
    Made for each other Couple in College - Ruhi and Angad
    Made for each other Couple in College - Ruhi and Angad
    Pia kisses Abhay
    Pia kisses Abhay
    Shankar and Misha Dancing at Siddharth Mehra's Party
    Shankar and Misha Dancing at Siddharth Mehra's Party
    Abhay hugging Piya shirtless to save her life
    Abhay hugging Piya shirtless to save her life
    Abhay hugs Pia from behind at the locker room
    Abhay hugs Pia from behind at the locker room
    Abhay hugs Pia at the Locker room
    Abhay hugs Pia at the Locker room
    Abhay heals Piya's Sun rash
    Abhay heals Piya's Sun rash

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