Laminate Floor Installation - The Unspoken

Laminate Floor Installation - The Unspoken

Okay. We spent most of the day putting wood flooring in this 10x10 room. The laminate wood floor that "links" together. It is about 60 percent done. It required a lot of new on the fly skills like using this big ass table saw that has no protective devices on it since it was given to me by my bro-in-law and was his own creation. It sat for 3 years because frankly, big power saws frighten me - but after I dusted it off it I felt bad because Joe had put a new blade in the saw and that was still sharp and it worked well. With some practice I got the thing figured out and still have all my fingers. Yes, I'm using gloves and safety glasses and being careful.

Putting in the floor is easy, I guess, in comparison to putting in a real wood floor or doing a proper carpet installation. It was more like roofing though. My entire body hurts now. It is not even funny. All of that time on your knees and then out to the garage to cut a plank and back down and trying to fit the wood in. It doesn't always just "snap" in, either. It's like a big easy jigsaw puzzle maybe but when you push on one piece the ones next to it tend to "pop up".

Right now my knees hurt, the right wrist feels sprained and my back aches. I feel like I did an all day Ultimate Frisbee tournament.

So... not sure if we finish today or Monday. I can't imagine doing more of the same to myself so soon. I'm a bit phobic about flooring now, actually. Luckily, it is a non-issue until Green Bay is done kicking the snot out of San Francisco.  Nothing gets in the way of a Packer game.

Below is a link we used that had some helpful advice on installing laminate flooring in case you were after info and not concerned with my sore knees. Which are very sore.

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JBeadle profile image

JBeadle 7 years ago from Midwest Author

Floor is in now btw. Looks great. I'd do it again. With kneepads!!!

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