The Ultimate Dragonball Z Quiz

Ultimate Dragonball Z Quiz

Here I have designed a fun dbz quiz designed to test how much of a Dragonball Z fan you are. The questions are fairly random and range from anything along the actual plot of the series to general questions about the franchise. Some are rather easy while others might catch you off-guard. Over-all, the quiz is designed to determine how hard-core of a fan you are. If you think you know everything about the series, inside and out, then this should be no problem.

Just a heads up, none of these questions are designed to "trick" you per se. The answers should be fairly obvious, there is never an occurrence where two answers are really close or one of the answers is spelled wrong or something to throw you off. It all should be fairly straight-forward.

Depending on the score you get on the quiz, here are the ranks:

0: Frog

1-2: Measly Earthling

3-5: Namekian

6-8: Android

9: Saiyan

10: Super Saiyan


The DBZ fan level quiz

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