Rambha in Quick Gun Murugan

Rambha as Mango Dolly
Rambha as Mango Dolly

 Quick Gun Murugan is a Hindi Comedy flick released in August 2009 with the sexy glamor queen Rambha performing the role of Mango Dolly. Rajendra Prasad is playing the lead role of Quick Gun Murugan who is torn between the love between two hot heroines Rambha (Mango Dolly) and Anu Menon (Locket Girl). Sexy Indian Actress Rambha has gorgeous looks and wigs in this latest flick Quick Gun Murugan.

Sexy Rambha
Sexy Rambha

 The movie has characters that we are familiar with from the 1970s and it is an action movie with the base story showing the war between good and evil. Shashanka Ghosh is the Director who has done a good job bringing the 1970s to the audience with latest technology.  There is a lot of Tamil dialogues in this movie with subtitles. Rajendra Prasad and Nasser has given a tremendous performance. Sexy actress Rambha and Anu Menon have done lead actress roles opposite Rajendra and with enough glamor keep the audience in their seats. Other casts in Quick Gun Murugan are dancer Raju Sundaram and Vinay Pathak Quick Gun Murugan has got South Indian movie feel which may restrict its marketability in some other parts of the country.

Ramba has acted in many Bollywood movies like Judwaa, Gharwali Baharwali and Bandhan. Ramba was a popular south indian film actress but vanished in recent years. A popular Tamil and Telugu actress turned producer was not so successful in movie business she got close with Govinda for his entertainment needs. Rambha's blonde avataar of Mango Dolly in Quick Gun Murugan has raised her star status in the indian film industry. The specially designed blonde wig has added to her personality and charms. Rambha was surprised that she had to wear 25 wigs for the movie "Quick Gun Murugan". “Nothing was stolen but many got damaged while canning the action sequences. All part of the movie and expenditure,” said Rambha on a TV show, savouring the experience of enacting the role of Mango Dolly, a heady mix of Hannah Montana and a Barbie doll.

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Ramba in jeans
Ramba in jeans
Ramba as Barbie doll
Ramba as Barbie doll

Ramba as Mango Dolly

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divitkumar 7 years ago

Rambha is Devloka rambha,even Devaloka rambha may not be as sexy and beatiful as this my Rambha,she is gregoeus in all costumes.Her inviting smile ,her thunder thighs nad her Deep cleavage are assets,are the best assets a girl can be proud of which my rabha has,In QGM he reduced her weight, which i dont like , She looks fantastic only if she chubby with thunder thighs,any body would be most lucky get her married.She should always wear tight Jeans in which she looks very very sexy. i loke her most.

Jagan 6 years ago

i like her in my dreams

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