Rare Michael Jackson Photos

Donated Photos

The photos presented in this hub have all been donated to me. If anyone has rare photos please send them to me via email and I will try to include them on Hubpages.

Thank you, Emil C.

Family Picture

Little Michael Jackson About 1yrs Old

This family photo was taken of little Michael Jackon sitting on the shoulders of his older brother Jackie, enjoying a piggy back ride while at their home.

Michael Early Childhood

Little Michael at 2yrs Old

I asked all around the world for rare photos of Michael Jackson and here is the first one that was sent to me via email. As you can see the little superstar Michael could be no more than about 2yrs old in this picture. God Bless him, isn't he sooo cute!

Michael With Mega Superstars

Dianna Ross and Berry Gordy

As you can see here in this picture little Michael Jackson, makes a big hit and impression with the mega superstars who helped him to develop later into Greatness as a performer. At this age he looks very comfortable around famous celebrities.

Little Michael Jackson Front and Center

From the looks of this picture, little Michael Jackson is enjoying the attention and the spot light from one of the many appearances with his older brothers the Jacskon Five, while sporting a cool, black hat.

Tour Bus

Little Michael Fell Asleep

In this picture you can see little Michael Jackson along with his brothers, the Jackson Five, their are all sleeping on the bus ride from the many long hours of performing and traveling from place to place. It must have been drulling for the family.

Posing Back Stage

Little Michael Posing With Other Performers

 From what I was told, here you can see little Michael Jackson posing back stage not with his brothers of the Jackson Five but other small performers after a show. Sorry, I didn't get any real details of where this was taken.

The Band

Michael Practicing With Jackson Five

Here you can see the brothers all a little bit older practicing as a group. It was very important for the boys to learn how to play their instruments and from what I was told this was a daily routine, part of their lives. Their father instilled in them a very strict regimen that had to be followed.

A Picture With Dad

Little Michael Holding Janet

Joe Jackson poses for a picture taken with at least three of kids, while Michael Jackson is holding his younger sister Janet in this photo. Very nice family photo!

Group Photo

No details.

Posing At The Pool

Joe Jackson Allows Some Fun

While allowing the boys to take a break at a party, Joe Jackson arranges to have the boys picture taken in their bathing suits while standing on a pool spring board.

Michael And Muhammad Ali


Diana Ross Presents Jackson Five

New Photos Added 07 /19 / 09


Color Pictures of Michael & Family

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Shirley Anderson profile image

Shirley Anderson 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Great photos, Emil! I don't think that I've ever seen any of these.

You're right, that picture of 2 year old Michael Jackson is adorable!

emilclemons6757 profile image

emilclemons6757 7 years ago from FLORIDA Author

Shirley, I am glad you appreciate these photos. At least 2 of them have been published in Time Magazine since I have posted them on Hubpages.

Mario 7 years ago

Emil, these photos are great. I did not see all off them so for although I´ve been a true fan of Michael and the Jackson Five/The Jacksons for more than 20 years now. Maybe I can send you more rare pics.

samironwebtrack profile image

samironwebtrack 7 years ago

really.....unseen photo....gr8

finsofts profile image

finsofts 7 years ago from India

Great legend our michael......

Albina 7 years ago

Emil, I have never been a fan of Michael Jackson, but since he is gone, I felt very strong desire to contribute to his greatest Fun's Community. I have created This-is-Michael.com. I am still working on its design and functionality. Would you allow me to publish some of this rare photos?

Thanks in advance.


Tahira 7 years ago

aww Michael looks adorable and sweet.

R.I.P. MJJ gone too soon

culset profile image

culset 7 years ago

Great content and pics! I have hubs on MJ too.

The Legend lives on!

emilclemons6757 profile image

emilclemons6757 7 years ago from FLORIDA Author

Thanks for viewing, this is one of my most viewed hubs and I am glad I was able to share.

Can't wait for the movie, "This Is It", I got my tickets first day and will probably be in line first too!

See ya!

Tiptopcat profile image

Tiptopcat 7 years ago from London, UK

These are great photos but it is so sad to look at them and then to think how Michael ended up.

At least we have the memories and boy, could he sing.

aliya 6 years ago

those are great pictures! my favorite is when there sleeping in the car together.very sweet.

Phillyfreeze69 6 years ago

Superb photo gallery that have has a tremendous amount of historical significance. I especially like the # 16 and the shot taken with Muhammad Ali. Quincy Jones quoted a title from a book when being interviewed after Michaels death and he said..." To soon old and too late smart"(quote). Stardom and celebrity can take an enormous toll on a artist.

KOMAL  6 years ago

I Love you . GOD bless you my dream boy. Hey i'm still waithing for you. You taking alot of time just come back please !!!!

Holly 6 years ago

awww,these r all so cute!i especially like the pic where all of them r shirtless.lol.:)

Michelle 6 years ago

I have a group photo of micheal and his brothers The jackson 5 from 1969, do you think it has any value

emilclemons6757 profile image

emilclemons6757 6 years ago from FLORIDA Author

Hi Michelle,

If they are original and in great shape that would be extremely valuable and even more valuable if autographed.

MJ fans would be all over them, especially if they have never been seen before.

bstv 6 years ago

dis is rare alright..

marion 6 years ago

Great photos it's just a shame how some people treated him, he may still have been with us, a real loss to the music world

mj's fan 6 years ago

great pics .may his soul rest in peace

Jose V. 6 years ago

Absolutely, still painful to think, that he is gone. I will always miss him.

May he rest in peace.

Dzackson 5 years ago

I have more rare photos...

amber 4 years ago

michael we all miss you pleeeaaassseee come back to us r.i.p the king of pop today,tomorrow,and forever michael jackson i love you michael you are the best and you're gone to soon why did you have to go i miss you

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BredGoone 4 years ago

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