Reality Tv: More Than Entertainment

The Just Of It

In the past 5 years reality television has become extremely popular, An extremely popular avenue for many reasons. Weather you're interested in singing,cooking, decorating, child rearing, animals, dating, celebrity life styles or surviving in the wilderness reality television has something for you.

My interests are broad, so I have watched American Idol, Flavor Of Love, Jersey Shore, Americas Next Top Model, Cake Bosses etc. Reality shows offer and in depth look into the life of people from different walks of live. It is different from a scripted show because theses are people and their real life situations. They allow cameras to record their day to day lives, some have a story to tell and want to help others with it and others... are for entertainment.

Tv is supposed to be something entertaining that people watch in their down time. Many things can be entertaining and tv is one that can be a source of education and awareness. As with most things there are also negatives. Reality shows such as The Real World, Bad Girls Club, and Real House Wives are some of the highest rated reality shows on the air. What do these shows all have in common? DRAMA! The constant fighting, cursing and throwing of objects. Don't get me wrong, i have watched all of the shows mentioned above but I am an adult and know how to place such entertainment in my life. It bothers me that people look up to reality personalities like Evelyn Lozada as a role model. That woman is constantly on the show ( Basketball Wives) fighting and throwing objects at someone. She is feisty but she is also a business woman. I am a fan of hers but i would never say that she is a role model.

I have stopped watching Bad Girls Club because I don't like the way it portrays women. It's supposed to help the women with their "bad girl" attitudes and make them calmer an what not and it may, but mostly it shows grown women acting an ass. Some of those women were smart enough to use that as a platform to build a brand and make businesses and that is a plus. I still think that shows like this taint the young impressionable teens that watch them. They see what goes on in the shows and think its cool or cute to act like them and that's not always the case. These shows only get high ratings because we watch them. People only get famous because we acknowledge them and follow their lives and become fanatics. Everyone's reality is different and some peoples' lies are just full of drama. Its the drama that sells. Shows such as Tia & Tamera don't get talked about as much or LaLa's Full Court Life. The media may characterize them as being "boring" when in fact they are living their lives like every one else but their show shows them dealing with real life issues and problems and not so much drama. I think there needs to be an even amount of that.

It may just start off as entertainment but before you know it you're saying "bible" (Kardashians) in stead of promise or swear, and running around saying " i run LA" ( Natalie Nunn of BGC) or whatever city you live in. There is a lot that you can pick up from tv, just make sure its not the wrong things.


What is your fav reality show?

  • Keeping Up WITH The Kardashians
  • Tia & Tamera
  • BGC
  • Basketball Wives
  • LaLa's Full Court Life
  • American Idol
  • Dancing With The Stars
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