Bad Girl Dreams: My Favorite Sexy Actresses

Dominique Swain

My favorite actress is also my choice for sexiest actress, probably because one thing that attracts me to an actress is sexiness. I don't think you can find anyone sexier than Dominique Swain. With her long legs, fantastic figure, come hither eyes, and perfectly formed lips, Dominique should be the girl of every boy's dreams. But that doesn't mean the boys get to keep her all to themselves!

The first movie I saw Dominique in was Devour. It was a great movie and I was immediately taken with Dominique's performance. A friend who saw Devour with me suggested I watch Lolita. I loved Lolita and soon had sought out Tart and Girl , two other films where Dominique plays precocious young ladies. I think any girl who has ever thought about kissing another girl can probably tell you who was the first girl she thought about kissing. For me that girl was Dominique Swain.

At the same time Dominique was making me feel so odd and unusual, I was working out some personal issues through associations I was making in her characters from her films. The way she portrayed the young women she did gave me someone to identify with and a point of reference in what was at the time my own mixed up world. It is funny how sometimes things come into your life at the right times. Even things as simple as movies.

Eventually I worked everything out but Dominique has still stayed with me both as a role model and a favorite performer. Other great films she has starred in include the classic Briar Patch , Pumpkin with Christina Ricci, New Best Friend with Mia Kirshner, As Virgins Fall , Alpha Dog , and the upcoming Heart Stopper .

So has my adolescent girl crush on Dominique ended? Absolutely not! I still think she is beautiful and sexy, crazy and wild, seductive and hot. She is still and will always be my kind of girl! My dream girl! LOL! And oh yes, now that I am older and more experienced, I definitely would still like to kiss her! Only now I know enough to know that we don't have to burst into giggles and blush when we do!

Ludivine Sagnier

I have to admit that I love French accents. If a guy has a French accent, or even if he can fake one pretty well, he can make me melt into a gooey pile of girl putty to mold to his will. And if a girl has a French accent, She can do about the same thing only easier. Ludivine Sagnier has never actually melted me, but I sure do like the way she talks!

I first saw her in the film Swimming Pool where she plays a young strumpet out to bed as many men as she can fit into one summer. Things go awry when she doesn't get her way but that's just the beginning in this twisted dramatic thriller that leaves you questioning people's motivations, priorities and more.

Ludivine had already made a name for herself by the time Swimming Pool was released in 2003. She was named one of the Shooting Stars of 2001 by European Film Promotion and received a nomination for the Cesar Award for Most Promising actress in 2002 for the film 8 Women. But it was Swimming Pool that was seen as her breakthrough role. Notably, she appeared topless in more than half of her scenes in the film.

Swimming Pool was Ludivine's first English speaking part. She went on to star in many other films in France and is said to be dedicated to French cinema. Though she often acts in English and speaks the language well, she has thus far declined the call of Hollywood. She has certainly received some big offers from American film companies, but so far she has declined all offers.

Some of her better known films here in the United States include Paris, Je T'Aime, Toothache, Lily Sometimes and the recently released film about Saddam Hussein's son Uday and the man forced to be his body double, The Devil's Double. Though it would be nice to see Ludivine have more success her in the U.S.A., I greatly respect her commitments to the films of her homeland.

Ludivine is also a mom! She has two daughters -- Bonnie, born in 2005 and Ly Lan born in 2009. She is a single mom which, as the daughter of the greatest single mom ever, I totally respect.

Tara Reid

With her lovely blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes, I think Tara Reid is not only incredibly beautiful but also she is a great actress. A friend of mine once suggested she is too beautiful to be a very successful actress, especially since she is blond. I hate to think that is true, but it does almost seem that way. She has never put in a bad performance that I have seen, yet in recent years the films she has been offered are lacking a bit in quality.

As a matter of fact, I would say the last big movie she was in was probably Van Wilder . My Boss's Daughter was supposed to be a major release, but it kind of flopped. And I don't think anyone was seriously expecting big things from Alone in the Dark . Since then it has been a lot of lower budget direct-to-video stuff and a run on the television show Scrubs . She will be in the American Pie sequel, American Reunion. Though the last couple of American Pie films have done poorly, more of the original cast is returning for this one, so keep your fingers crossed.

Maybe Tara is just making bad choices, but it really seems there is a backlash against her in Hollywood. I guess it is true she has had some incidents in her personal life that have caused her bad publicity, but whatever happened to there's no such thing as bad publicity? And certainly her exploits are tame compared to many. Tara herself has pointed out that compared to some male stars, her party life was a bit tame, yet she is always seen as a wild child. Personally, I prefer her be a bit footloose and fancy free myself. Why should it affect her career?

Hopefully as she gets older and leaves her partying days behind, we will get to see her return to bigger roles. She has proven time and time again that she can give the performances required of the most skilled actress. But if my friend is right and it is really just the other actresses in Hollywood being jealous of her or afraid of being compared to her beauty, we might have a long wait. Those same actresses she competes with now will age at the same speed she does and always be her main competitors. Tara will certainly be exquisite for years to come, but hopefully those other actresses will learn that we each have our own beauty and should not begrudge others for theirs.

Tara & Paris

One thing I like about Tara is she is true to her friends. It is certainly possible that her friendship with the often criticized Paris Hilton may have held back her acting career. I do not really see why everyone is down on Paris anyway. So she was born rich? Big deal. So she had a lot of advantages. What, she wasn't supposed to make the most of them? I think the hate some people have for Paris can clearly be summed up in one word -- jealousy.

I guess really I do not have as much of a problem with people holding Paris' wealth against her as I do the people who say she is fake. How does anyone figure she is fake? She never pretends to be anything other than what she is. It is not like she runs around acting like she thinks she is poor. Tara is the same way. Maybe people do not like it that she knows she is beautiful, but I have a secret to tell you... Most beautiful women know they are beautiful unless some egotistical jerk has dogged them into the ground and made them feel inferior.

Both Tara and Paris are confident, capable women and I guess maybe that threatens some people. Paris is rich and beautiful and knows it. She uses it to her advantage. Tara is even more beautiful though probably not as rich and she works with what she has available. Paris is a lousy actress (unless basically playing herself). Tara is a great actress. People should judge them on their talents, accomplishments and deeds, not on their looks, wealth or notoriety.

Lindsay Lohan

I hate that Lindsay Lohan seems to stay in so much trouble. She is a great actress, but she does seem to overdo the partying sometimes. I have to say I mostly blame her father fro that. From what I have seen, he has never been a very good influence on her. I think some people feel that since she has a successful acting career that she does not need support from her family on a day-today basis, but I think it is exactly the opposite.

Troubled personal life aside, I think Lindsay is a great actress and very pretty. I like it best when she wears her hair red, but she is also beautiful as a blonde. I have seen her also with black hair which I do not care for. Her sister Ali usually looks great with dark hair so maybe I just associate the darker shade with Ali and feel Lindsay should stick with the ginger or blond shades to stay unique. They look a lot alike other than their hair color!

I guess what makes me different than a lot of Lindsay fans is that I did not see her in anything until Just My Luck , which I loved. Then I saw I Know Who Killed Me and thought it was pretty good as well. JML got kind of lukewarm reviews and everybody seemed to hate IKWKM , but they made me a Lindsay fan. I went back and watched her older Disney flicks after that. I really think a lot of people are just disappointed that she grew up. But we all do no matter how hard we try not to! :-)

I haven't seen Georgia Rule or Labor Pains but I want to as soon as I can. I thought Lindsay was great in Machete and Chapter 27 (about the guy that shot John Lennon) and at least very good in everything else she has done. It looks like the new movies she will be in are promising, especially The Dry Gulch Kid with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

I hope that people give Lindsay a fair shot at restoring her acting career but I am afraid that many may not. Once you have a bad reputation in Hollywood it is hard to work your way back. Robert Downey, Jr. did it recently and Drew Barrymore did it years ago, but it is really unusual. But I think if she can get a few hit movies made and stay out of trouble for awhile, people would eventually see her past exploits as just youthful indiscretions. But first I guess she has to work on the staying out of trouble!

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is one of my favorite actresses of all time. To be honest, just about every other actress on this list with the exceptions of Dominique Swain and Ludivine Sagnier might change, but those two along with Marilyn will always remain. It is kind of weird, because Dominique and Ludivine are always my #1 and #2 choices, but I cannot really say Marilyn is my #3. But other actresses have come and gone both above and below her while she always remains somewhere around the middle of my top ten.

Both my mom and my grandmother are huge Marilyn Monroe fans. I guess it was my destiny to be a fan as well. I remember before we had DVD, my mom used to play her old VHS copies of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes , The Seven Year Itch and Some Like It Hot over and over and over. Of course these were replaced by DVDs as soon as possible once we did have a DVD player. I don't think I appreciated how beautiful Marilyn was until I saw the DVDs. Still, I have been fascinated by her as long as I can remember, even dressing up as here one year for Halloween when I was eight years old.

A couple of my favorite Marilyn scenes are in the movie Let's Make Love when she sings "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" and in Some Like It Hot when she sings "Every Baby Needs a Da-Da-Daddy". What perfect songs for a daddy's princess, right? LOL! It is kind of sad though because Marilyn never really had a relationship with her real father and no one is even sure who he was. I guess somewhere out there is a man who really lost out on a great daughter.

Marilyn Monroe passed away at such an early age -- only 36 years old -- and in the prime of her show business career. You have to wonder where she would be today if she were still alive. Because she was so beautiful it is easy to forget that Marilyn was also a very talented actress. But as she grew older, would she have still developed the legion of newer fans that she did after passing away? Would more and more people still be discovering her even now? You have to wonder, though there is really no way to know. But I would bet she definitely would not have faded away.

Diane Lane

The first movie I remember seeing Diane Lane in was The Glass House though I am sure I had seen her in other movies before that one. She just really stood out in The Glass House and from then on I would look for her anytime she was in a film. I am really excited to learn she will play Martha Kent in the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel . (Yes, I am a bit of a comic book geek!) Recently, she was simply incredible in the amazing Secretariat .

Diane Lane started acting at 13 years old and has won awards for her child acting career. Unlike some child stars, she has never been involved in any sort of scandal and is not known for living a wild life or getting in trouble.She was married to Highlander star Christopher Lambert from 1988 to 1994 and has been married to Jonah Hex star Josh Brolin since 2004.

Maybe her somewhat crazy childhood gave her a desire for a more tranquil life. The daughter of a Playboy Playmate and a New York City cab driver and drama coach, Lane's parents divorced when she was 13 months old. She ran away from home when she was fifteen, moving to Los Angeles but soon returned to New York. She was then kidnapped by her mother and taken to Georgia for a short time until she was able to return to New York after taking her mother to court.

Elegant. Graceful. Ravishing. These are the kinds of words that describe Diane Lane's beauty. yet at the same time, her personality would be described as modest, unassuming and down-to-earth. Diane Lane has a special spiritual beauty as well, supporting several charities though she does not like to bring attention to this. In a way, it feels wrong to even bring it up since she wants to keep it quiet, but it not only shows how wonderful she is but is a great lesson for us all. She has said, "Sometimes I give with my heart. Sometimes I give financially. But there's something about it that I think ought to be anonymous. I don't want it to be a boastful thing."

Megan Fox

I think sometimes people forget that popular stars are popular for a reason. I don't think many people think Megan Fox is a great actress. But she is definitely beautiful and I think this is why most people believe she is so popular. I think she is a better actress than peopler ealize as so far she hasn't really been given any really challenging roles. For now, she usually ends up as eye candy for the boys which I am sure they do not mind. But until she can prove her acting chops, she will continues to be the pretty girl while actresses like Amanda Seyfried handle the meatier roles like in the awesome Jennifer's Body.

Pam Grier

When I tell people I like Pam Grier, they usually start talking about blaxploitation films and I get this kind of lost look that makes them go ask if I have any idea what they are talking about. I guess now I do, but I first saw her in Jackie Brown. Then I saw her in Above the Law and a couple of other things from more recent years. I didn't see any of her older films until a few people told me how great Foxy Brown, Coffy and Friday Foster are.

Pam Grier is so cool because she has so much strength and confidence. I really do not understand why she isn't an even bigger star than she is. Some say she is an icon and that is better than being a star, but it still seems unfair she does not get more big budget hit movies. After Jackie Brown she should have gone on to other starring roles in big films, but instead she has either been a minor character in big movies or a main character in smaller films.

Alycia Purrott

I became a huge fan of Alycia Purrott after seeing her in a movie called Jailbait. I also enjoyed watching her in Power Ranger S.P.D. but really haven't been able to find her in much else other than a quick glimpse in Black Xmas. She has been great in everything I have seen her in and she is so pretty and seems so sweet. I really wish there were more chances to see her in films or even on television.

I have heard she is going to school to become a broadcast journalist, but have no idea if that is really true. But since she seems to be popular whenever she does act, I have to think that maybe acting just isn't her chosen profession. I guess the exposure acting has given her might help her break into journalism and if that is her dream, that would be cool. But it would kind of suck if she completely stopped acting.

Eriko Sato

Eriko Sato is my favorite Japanese actress (I have a few) and starred in the greatest Japanese movie ever made, Cutie Honey. Unfortunately she also starred in one of the worse Japanese horror films ever, A Slit-Mouthed Woman. But she was great in it and as always she was so very beautiful.She has many other movies but they are all Japanese. I would like to see her in an American film, but as far as I know she does not speak English so it might be hard.

It can be a bit confusing when trying to find information on Eriko because searches often return hits for Erika Sato, the Japanese AV Idol, so you never know what might pop up in your search results. Personally I think Erika is kind of plain while Eriko is especially beautiful, but some people say they cannot tell the difference between the two. I think those people are probably all guys and may be fooled by similar looking parts other than their faces! LOL!

Mary Steenburgen

Whether in a starring role or just a supporting player, Mary Steenburgen always adds so much to each movie she is in. I thought she was especially great in Step Brothers with Richard Jenkins and Did You Hear About the Morgans? with Sam Elliott. Mary has been married to Ted Dansen since 1995 and was previously married to Malcolm McDowell with whom she has a son and daughter. I guess that makes her a MILF! To me, she has always seemed like the neighborhood mom that all the boys have a crush on. And who could blame them with her lithe figure and stunning brown eyes? Fans of Stargate SG-1 may know her as Colonel Jack O'Neill's personal obsession.

Sarah Roemer

Sarah Roemer is one of the newest actresses to make my list. The first thing I saw her in was Disturbia,but when I really took an interest was when I saw her as Carly in Fired Up! I think that is a really underrated movie. It is a hilarious comedy and Sarah rocks in it. Check it out if you haven't seen it and, if you did and didn't like, try to get a sense of humor then watch it again! LOL! I think Sarah should try to get some sexier roles though because she is super hot and so far the movies I have seen her in really seem to hold her back. That is probably because she has usually played high school students, but hopefully as she gets older maybe her roles will heat up!

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk has such a refreshingly unique look and she is so very pretty! Her daddy is Dutch and her mom is Chinese. I guess that is where she got her unusual beauty from. I became familiar with her when she was playing Lana Lang on Smallville. The only movie I have seen her in so far is Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, but hopefully we will soon see more of her on the big screen.As Chun-Li, Kristin kicked butt so maybe she will get some more good roles in action movies. I think it would be great if they made a film with Kristin and Lucy Liu as a mother-daughter assassination team.

From my list, who do you like the best?

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I like specialy Tara...but all photo are beautiful and looking sexy.

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