15 great songs to strip to

How am I qualified?

So glad you asked! First and foremost I was raised in Atlanta, Ga. The home of the booty bars. Secondly, I spent many years working as a waitress in local strip clubs and even danced for a while. Everything about my demeanor and personality screams sex. If anybody can give you advice on the best body moving music, trust..its your girl Pretty Ninja!

Enough about me, let's pick out some music for you. I don't believe in sticking to only one genre of music, and who's to say what walk of life your audience comes from. With that said, I want you to understand that these songs are all very different but they all have the same effect.

Are you ready?

1) Sex and Candy by Marcy's Playground

2) Sho nuff by Tela

3) Hollywood Freaks by Beck

4) Lucifer by Jay-Z

5) Glamorous life by Sheila E.

6) Nasty Dancer by Kilo G.

7) Ghetto Drop by Kilo G.

8) Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson

9) Black hole sun by Soundgarden

10) Holla back by Juvenile

11) Prototype by Outkast

12) Killer pussy by Master P

13) Nasty Girl by Vanity 6

14) Foxy's Bells by Foxy Brown

15) Bam Bam by Sister Nancy

Try any one or a combination of these songs and you'll loved one will not only be hot and bothered but quite impressed with your music selection.


This is one of my photos from my blackplanet page. Told you I do sexy in a major way!


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robertkelleher 8 years ago



Hossfly 8 years ago

Your song choices absolutely suck! Horrible don't know where you dance but it must be for ghetto thugs horrible music

Hossfly 8 years ago

Your song choices absolutely suck! Horrible don't know where you dance but it must be for ghetto thugs horrible music

Mardi Graz 8 years ago

This is umm......interesting to say the least. LOL Your choice of music is real diverse and has me scratchin my head. I've never been to a strip club so I'm 100% sure you would know better than me LOL I wouldn't want to see anybody dance to the Marylin Manson version of Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics yes, Even Street Dreams by Nas....

hannah 8 years ago

ya... these suck big time

me 7 years ago

These songs do not suck. Maybe they would be awful choices if YOU were dancing to them. She's clearly hot. Gotta love e-haters.

anonymous 7 years ago

I like them. you all suck. STFU.

Llana 7 years ago

Ok...its a weird combination but...if you actually know how to dance this stuff then its pretty good! My boyfriend liked it atleast ;) thanx for the suggestons!

twink's 7 years ago

ight its a good selection i like the variety myself...

fuck 7 years ago


cole 7 years ago

these songs are absolutely perfect. anyone who knows anything about sexy would realize that.

Nicole 7 years ago

You guys...she was kind of enough to put this list together. You know what? They're eclectic songs. Black Hole Sun to Dance to, why the Hell not! Music taste is varied, universal.

I dig the list. Not my favorite choices, but it expanded my horizons. Thanks : )

Dan Gleetits  7 years ago

wtf is this shit? i just went deff

browneyedgirl 6 years ago

I love your song choices, I have actually stipped for my boyfriend to sweet dreams, you should also put living dead girl by rob Zombie on there I did that one the other night and it was hot, so all you haters need to get over your self she is hot a knows what she is talking about

littlwulf 6 years ago

Being a DJ in a strip club I can honestly say that I would choose most of these songs because of the provocative beats that can make a sexy woman move her body in ways you have to see to believe. If you don't work in the industry then you should keep your 2 cents to yourself

Just because you don't like the songs doesn't mean that hundreds of other men and women don't either. Baby, if it works for you then keep it up and don't let some peoples inability to imagine keep you from doing what you know is right.

holly 6 years ago

i always loved sex and candy but never thought of it like this.. i think its perfect!

don't love all the songs but admire the variety :)

Lanea 6 years ago

these are the worst songs i've ever heard to strip to!

meta 6 years ago

haha... the only good song is Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson... but this song is not to strip to... hallo???!!! this sux

meta 6 years ago

BDW: Britney Spears Cinderella is a great song to strip to...

DJ_Strip 6 years ago

I did quit after the 5th song or so

dude101 6 years ago

why all those rap songs??

Clover 6 years ago

Why do people go to strip clubs? To get something DIFFERENT. Can you just imagine if they played the same song over and over and over all night for all us girls to dance to? I am glad you posted this. I picked up 4 new songs to use. xoxo

Leena 6 years ago

try Jace Everett - Bad things.. WORKS BIG TIME!

Elgin 6 years ago

Wow, I was really impressed by this. I already had Sweet Dreams, Bam Bam and Sex and Candy in my favourites list, but Prototype's amazing! I'm surprised I never considered it before. This was excellent, a lot of stuff I hadn't heard of too.

Nathan 6 years ago

I love it when my wife strips to the song red light special by TLC.

Scott \webster 6 years ago


some of them are great!

love it

elle 6 years ago

These songs would work in certain clubs, but make you look stupid in others, especially if you didn't rock them. If you can get away with it - and by the pic I imagine the author certainly could - power to you. However as a general guide of good stripping songs, it's not great. For example, here in Australia most custies will either think you're a gangster try-hard or just be outright offended by the language. I love dirty hip hop personally, so it's not just me. But the n-word and bitch just doesn't go down well over here. They're seen as tacky, and if you wanna make money, good luck with this list unless you've got the attitude. If you just wanna treat your boyfriend to a lap dance, he'll probably love it!

cassie 6 years ago

i admire the diversity and am going to try some but just the same im having a hard time figuring out how to dance to some selections. of course i am still an amateur.

sexbundle 6 years ago

I for one think siome of the choices are good for some people. But for me feeling yourself is what really counts! ;)

VINNY 6 years ago


Sunny 6 years ago

You don't do sexy in a major way at all. Please try again.

new girl 6 years ago

i actuall found this page because i was about to do my audition for a srip club and i was so nervous and so scared i had 2 hours to pick a sond and sex and candy did it for me. i learned that it is really difficult to find a song that works with the dance style. for the people who didn't like her post if you've never tried to strip you wouldn't know what a good song is to strip to. and all my favorite songs did not work for the dance style so mad props girl you gave me a song that made me comfortable and helped me blow my audition away.

Khalil 6 years ago

songs for male strippers /???

reevess 6 years ago

Khia - My Neck My Back (Lick It) is the most sensual


WEEPOOFEET 5 years ago


tony 5 years ago

yeah these songs don't really fit at all, black hole sun would be very hard to strip too.

aks 5 years ago

What about pitbulls hotel room service?

Kelsey 5 years ago

I have a couple suggestions for songs.

"Living in a Dream" by Finger Eleven

"Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven

"Bad Girlfriend" by Theory of a Deadman

"Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry

anonyomous 5 years ago

these songs r horrible r u deaf

anonyomous 5 years ago

these songs r horrible r u deaf

Mr. Sex....y 5 years ago

Strip - Chris Brown (feat. Kevin McCall)

doctor smooth 4 years ago

very fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rihanna 4 years ago

wow hell no this songz are horrible you need to add chris brown strip trey songz love faces and ciara ride ft ludacris you stupid ass bitche i love trey day

brianna 4 years ago

1.chris brown wet the bed 2.chris brown strip 3.ciara ride ludacris 4.trey songz love faces. OMG!! i love trey songz i love you baby

murdoc 4 years ago

Too many black artists, no variety. Marylin manson and rob zombie are good choices... Die Antwoord 'I think your sexy' is an awesome strippin' song

Guy 4 years ago

I love these songs, I don't know how good they are to strip to

fred 3 years ago


Right said fred - i'm to sexy is still the ultimate strip song :)

SapphireDesire. 2 years ago

Thank you, I found exactly what I was looking for. A song to strip to as a sexy scientist. Prototype.

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