10 Reasons to Buy Virgin Not Sky

Virgin vs Sky

In the last few years Virgin Media and SKY have been battling it out in order to try and become or continue to be, the UK's biggest digital television provider. SKY were well ahead when Telewest were in charge of cable, but when Virgin Media swooped in and took charge it became obvious that there was going to be much more a challenge for the top spot now! After carefully reviewing both Virgin and SKY we can see some real positive reasons for joining Virgin over SKY.

Reasons to join Virgin Media

  • Virgin are more generally more competitive on prices.
  • Virgin are newer to the market, they are offering new services and constantly looking for ways to challenge SKY and bring more customers to themselves.
  • By choosing Virgin, SKY has to look at its own services and become more competitive with its prices.
  • Virgin Broadband is more powerful and faster than SKY Broadband.
  • With Virgin media you do not face the annoyance of losing signal each time the wind decides to blow. The signal with Virgin Media is much more reliable the TV comes from a running cable.
  • Virgin Media offer a free repair service, whereas SKY do not.
  • This one comes down to personal taste, but the majority would surely say that virgin have better looking set up boxes?
  • Virgin Media On Demand Feature is an absolutely fantastic feature to have on your television.
  • Virgin are a trusted, well respected and innovative company that are always striding to improve and take technology to the next level.
  • Easier Remote Control Navigation.

Without a shadow of doubt, I am sure that SKY would be able to come up with their own list about reasons why people should join them over Virgin Media. The thing is though - I doubt very much that the points made and the reasons given would even be close to matching up with the above.

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