Rebel Gray

Rebel Gray

Rebel Gray
by Chuck RitenouR
to honor my Great Great Uncle Alfred Ritenour who was captured at Gettysburg
and served time in the Union prison at Lookout Point, MD.

verse 1
Here in this northern prison, I dream of that day
that day we waltzed together as the Regimental band played
you were wearing a pink ball gown that your mother had made
and I was in my brand new uniform, I was wearing rebel gray.

verse 2
I was at Manassas Staion back in 61
with Stonewall when we gave 'em hell and watched them yankees run.
then again at Chancerlorsville and Gettysburg too
I was just tryin' to stay alive and so I could get back home to you.

Rebel gray, rebel gray we all wore the rebel gray
Marched all night and fought all day, we were the Stonewall Brigade
now my dreams are shot full of holes and the edges are all frayed.
and if I die in this yankee prison, bury me in Rebel gray.

verse 3
Sometimes I dream of that summer and our picnic by the lake
country ham and biscuits sweet melon and deviled eggs
All I've eaten is boiled onions for the last 200 days
I'm just a whisper of a man still wearing my rebel gray

The End



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