Recital Review Frydeyk Chopin and Nationalsim

Picture of Chopin
Picture of Chopin

Recital of Frydeyk Chopin and Nationalism.

Emotion flows as the life of Chopin is sung by an exquisite voice.

I sit with fifty plus attendees in the dimly lit theater. We wait patiently for the show to begin. Poland’s red and white flag is displayed on a big screen. A woman in a white blouse, crimson colored dress floats to the microphone as the audience claps. The experienced hands of the pianist play the first song of the recital entitled “Poland Will Endure”. The song is joyously sung entirely in Polish but it speaks to us nonetheless. Frydeyk Chopin is a prolific composer. His spirit and homeland comes alive in song and lecture.

Victoria Lowczyk (singer) gives a recital with the help of Ms. Bourgeois (pianist). Throughout the presentation, Victoria talks about the life of Chopin. She explains that she studied him in school and even grew a fascination with the composer. So much so that she visited Chopin’s house where he was born and reared in Warsaw, Poland.

I found her voice in singing Chopin’s works to be marvelous. Her range was truly expressive. She stunned me a couple of times while I was note taking and entranced me to watch her without turning away. One song named “Wish” is danced by high school students in Poland for their first prom song. It raises the spirits as Victoria’s voice and Ms. Bourgeois ivory skills emanate throughout the theater. The song’s lyrics are displayed up on the screen and describe the song. In the song, Chopin wants to turn into a bird and the sun so he may shine and sing to a loved one respectively.

Another song entitled “Spring” is not what you’d expect. This depressing song is about Poland’s fight against Russia’s conquest for land. The song sadly mourns Poland’s ravaged homeland and futility in fighting against overwhelming odds. The singer’s voice enthralls the listener to feel Chopin’s pain.

Many stories about Chopin are learned through the lecture. I learned that he created his very first piece at the tender age of seven. He was a proud nationalist. He took great pride in his homeland, Poland. So when two hundred thousand soldiers from Russia lay to waste forty thousand Polish troops, his sadness became immense. He never even was able to go back and died at the young age of thirty nine of tuberculosis.

All in all, everything turned out great. Victoria Lowczyk’s voice was a capable vehicle for music. Chopin’s life ended abruptly but his legacy will continue forever.

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