Red Riding Hood, LOL

Red Riding Hood (2011)
Red Riding Hood (2011)

I’ll tell you right now… Red Riding Hood (2011)should *not* be taken seriously. With a few drinks, this movie is just great for hilarious (maybe drunken) commentary. In that way it’s kind of like Mystery Science theater, because you just *need* to crack some jokes at what’s going on. When a werewolf begins terrorizing a small village, a young woman, Valerie aka Red Riding Hood (Amanda Seyfried) begins to suspect the werewolf is someone she loves. Here’s why I think this movie both fails and succeeds…

1. It isn’t Twilight, but it’s a little close. Thankfully the movie doesn’t have any glittery, melodramatic vampires, but it has a werewolf, hot people to gaze upon and a love-triangle that’s hilariously annoying as ever. Catherine Hardwicke, director of Twilight, must really enjoy the ambiguous, female tease because that’s what we have here. Just like Bella Swan – except much hotter – Valerie (Seyfried) is wanted by two men, while she only pines for one. Even though she clearly claims her love for solely one guy she ambiguously gives seductive glances at the other.

2. LOL + WTF = dialogue. I really wish people talked more like the characters in this movie if only for my own personal enjoyment. There are some bold people out in these magical words, as they say things like “you’re the pretty one” or “you deserve to die” - yes, dialogue does get that ridiculous. It’s actually kind of funny, and makes you feel like you’re watching a crazy soap opera with magic and werewolves.

3. Gary Oldman is awesome, and Amanda Seyfried is hot. Without either of these actors I’m not sure this thing would’ve even been made. As pretty as Seyfried is, Oldman is probably the most interesting character, Father Solomon. He starts out as a priest famous for slaying werewolves (his first being his own wife), but soon transforms into a crazed man who is willing to sacrifice anyone or anything to slay the terrorizing creature.

Overall the movie isn’t good, I’m sure you could’ve guessed. But it’s entertaining and would make for a pretty fun(ny) drinking game. The move has a pretty good soundtrack (The Wolf by Fever Ray), looks kinda pretty (but the set looks pretty fake) and most actors are likable – if not attractive.

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SPomposello profile image

SPomposello 5 years ago from NY

hahaha, nice review. If you're drunk or high, hey why not watch it? I reviewed this film as well, ugh couldn't stand it...

callmejam profile image

callmejam 5 years ago from Brooklyn, NY Author

yea, the movie isn't a great one at all, but it made me and my friends crack up.

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