Reflections on the Movie Crash

Reflections on the Movie Crash

First, I need say that as a Chinese student, I'm not very good at English. Maybe the comment is very naïve in your eyes. But I just tried to do my best.


                                       Reflections on the Movie Crash

   It's the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something.

                                                  --------lines in Crash                     

 Seldom can we see such a movie, combining several stories of different people in such a logical and compact way, pointing to some of the most penetrating problems in society. The 2005 Oscar winner Crash is just such an impressive movie that can strike your soul. Set in the background of the multinational city Los Angeles, Crash tells the interlocking stories of whites, blacks, Latinos, Koreans, Iranians, cops and criminals, the powerful and powerless, etc. Those people seem totally unrelated. However, just as the lines in the movie suggest, we crash into each other, which is an inevitable thing.

 In a flashback, the director brings his audience to the day before the crash accident which is the first scene. Different people encounter different things, yet all lead to one consequence: the accumulation of anger and the false assumption of the people standing before us. Their moods are affected by others’ illegal or unfair deeds, and they humiliate or bully the next people they meet just to release their pent up anger. In this way, one thing leads to another, and everyone begins to feel insecure in this multinational society. They hurt others as a way to keep a distance so that they get a little more comfort. In this movie, L.A. is like a hell.

Needless to say, collisions are the theme of the movie. We can see collisions between different races, different classes, different cultures, and moreover, different natures inside the characters. We feel like God looking down into this city and their lives, and everyone seems so humble. No one is purely kind. The district attorney’s wife, though robbed and had a gun pointed at her head, later discriminated the black young locksmith and reprimanded her Asian servant. A white policeman, whose father is sick and can’t sleep at night, was refused for changing a doctor for his father and later humiliated a black director’s white wife. But it was also he who risked his life to save that woman from a car that was about to explode. Human nature is complex; you can never judge a person by his single deed, for we are too easy to be annoyed by others.

In this movie, discrimination and prejudice are the cause of all kinds of collisions. We are used to looking at people with a stereotype in mind, presuming what kind of person he should be, instead of really talking and contacting him. It seems that we always have some prejudices that black people are violent and tend to be criminals; Asian people are poor and ignorant; white people always feel superior to other races and discriminate them; the white-collar people are somehow more distinguished to the laborers. This kind of stereotype is what we usually get from movies, TV series, and books. Yet when it comes to a specific person, things can be very different, even the opposite. The sad truth is, sometimes even ourselves consider us in the stereotype way, and we feel as if others tend to violate us. So we just act in a hostile way and actually strengthen the stereotype image. Think of the young black robber in the movie. On one hand, he keeps complaining the society discriminate them as danger signals and white people avoid contacting them; on the other hand, he pulled out his pistol and robbed the innocent white woman of her car, hit a Korean and just escaped. And think of the Persian shopkeeper who always feel inferior to others and is always furious. If he were a little friendlier to others, he might never need to buy a pistol and have his shop sacked in one night. When seeing the ragged and unkempt immigrants are called Chinese in the movie, it suddenly occurred to me that I’ve once read in a report that large amount of Chinese migrate illegally to America every year to hunt for labor work and live in slums, notorious for their impolite behavior. So it is natural for foreigners to have a bad stereotype of Chinese in mind. We always keep complaining about the unfair way others treat us, but we seldom think of changing ourselves. If you really act in an indecent way, how can you expect others to change their opinions?

Generally, I think what the director of Crash wants to convey is: we are living in a society where everyone is closely connected to others. Our behavior can always affect others’ to some degree. If we deal with it well, it is called harmony. If we don’t, that’s what we call collision. Anyway, you can not avoid contact and interact. So why don’t we just behave in a more tolerant way, in which we try to understand and accept others’ cultures, customs, complexions, instead of being suspicious, jealous and irritable? If we succeed, the hellish L.A. in the movie may become a paradise.


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cqinzx 7 years ago

I loved your conclusion. By the way, I think your English was okay.

cqinzx 7 years ago

I loved your conclusion. By the way, I think your English was okay.

souhir 7 years ago

your comments helped me a lot, thank you

Mavrek's Mayhem profile image

Mavrek's Mayhem 6 years ago

Very good review. I loved this movie, total surprise. The ending of the movie was interesting in the sense that after all the characters in the movie finally come together and get along, there is a fender bender and that racism may always be a part of society.

Bisaya Films profile image

Bisaya Films 6 years ago

I heard a lot of people not liking this film and I'm not exactly sure why they're saying that. I try not to admit to people that I really like this film because of what they said. I keep on thinking about the reasons why this movie isn't worth a thing but I still think it's a good piece of unassuming narrative that attempts to speak out. It may not be worthy of a feature in Film studies like in but it still doesn't mean this isn't worth your time. The scene where the girl was supposed to be shot was supposedly a cliché and sentimental but it was pulled off real well.

hotelsinsolan 6 years ago

Well i cannot place the right reason..........but it is actually

michelle lewis  6 years ago

it doesn't matter what race you are always remember that we as people interpt things all differently anyways and I love your thought process and conclusion!

Gumis 6 years ago

Your conclusion was amazing !!!

Thanks it helped me a lot, if you saying that your english isn't good i don't know what can i say about my english ;P

Genna East profile image

Genna East 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

Very good review!

ir 5 years ago

Your movie commentary is excellent; a great summary. I have only seen the movie a few days ago; much later than most. I hope people who view it understand the message in the movie and that it helps change their perception of people.

amanda 5 years ago

Crash is the best movie ever end of story!

cuty 5 years ago

like this good job

Angela 5 years ago

Great review. Your english is even better than mine when english is my first language :P

KSC 5 years ago

I think your observations of the movie are perceptive. I also think the movie is blatantly illustrating that all people suffer from prejudice. No matter how much we may want to be enlightened, I think human nature requires that we harbor some degree of bigotry. This idea breaks my heart, yet I see no inclinations for mankind to achieve universal tolerance. We find an absurd comfort in our own discriminations, and often seek validation through like-minded bigots. Perhaps the "crash" is the shock of discovery that people are largely incapable of loving others, or themselves.

RAZ 5 years ago

This is traffic accident movie.

Brian 4 years ago

This Movie Is Great For Sociology Purposes

late 4 years ago

Fluent english.

Frank Rivas 4 years ago

In LA I cried of a sense of lonelyless in the Santa Monica promenade, it was in 1994, but LA is an amazing city.

Dgvv 3 years ago

Good article, but you got some people ethnicities wrong.

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