Remembering Bob Marley in Word and Video

I was first introduced to Bob Marley during my time in Destin, Florida in the 1980s. I worked several different kinds of jobs in the restaurant and bar business and it seemed that either Jimmy Buffet or Bob Marley was piped throughout every establishment to entertain the locals and the tourists. The smell of Pina coloada, sun tan lotion, and grilled Amberjack filled the air and I can still hear Bob Marley sing “No Woman, No Pride.” Didn't know what the words meant to later on, but they still echo in my head.

The below video is dedicated to those sunburned tourists that made our living and to anyone who still listens to Reggae.


I got to travel to Jamaica in the spring of 2008 with my wife Kellie. I immediately fell in love with the country. Departing the aircraft I heard singing and laughing all over the airport. The luggage handlers, ticket people, and pretty much everyone I ran to was humming or singing to themselves. We were handed a beer as soon as we got into the airport and was whisked away to or resort. I asked the van driver why all the houses were deserted. He said the weren't. He explained to me that Jamaican's will buy their land and build their own house brick by brick and add rooms as their family grows. Just then we pulled up on an accident with several cars involved. When the police arrived, our van driver started to sing at the top of his lungs Bob Marley's “I Shot the Sheriff


The longer I stayed in Jamaica, the longer I wanted to live there. Sure some of the resort's staff had a fake smile when you asked for a little extra rum for your rum runner, but most of the people I met had a great attitude. When my wife and I decided to go venture on our own outside of the resort, we found the the resort guard was worried for our safety. He was right because we walked the wrong way into the ghettos of Ocho Rios. We were the only white people in a sea of hundreds. I got offered Marijuana several times as well as other illegal substances. All we were looking for was an ATM. We found one guarded by a t-shirt clad man sitting in a rocking chair and holding a shot gun. This song was blasting from some house speakers strapped to the roof of a passing car.

I hoped you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane with Bob Marley. If you like this hub and want to see more like it, please leave a comment. Thanks for visiting and look for more travel/music hubs coming down the pike. Remember, one love

What is Your Favorite Bob Marley Song?

  • I Shot The Sheriff
  • One Love
  • Buffalo Soldier
  • War
  • No Woman No Cry
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Jill H 6 years ago

I love this page Don! I too love Jamaica and the general atmosphere of the island. I have been in all but two of the parishes on the island and they are all full of the same Jamaican spirit. Watching the Bob Marley videos makes me want to go back there today!

Rock$tarant profile image

Rock$tarant 6 years ago

Great story.. I love Bob Marley, I have this quote book of Bob Marley and I constantley am refering to quotes by him. I liked your story a lot.

Boyce Booth 6 years ago

Favorite Marley song is " Lively Up Yourself ".

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