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Summary and Review

Emily seeks to take out the court appointed psychologist that placed her in an institution her entire life. The psychologist's name is Dr. Michelle Banks and she was bribed to put away Emily by Victoria Grayson for a lucrative practice in the South Hamptons. Dr. Banks secretly tapes all the sessions with her patients and Emily pays those secret sessions during a charity event in the Victoria's session played as well and he daughter is quite hurt. Victoria was so angry she made threatening telephone calls to Dr. Banks and Dr. Banks is missing.

Daniel's room mate has interfered with his relationship with Emily and Daniel has fallen off the wagon.

This show manages to stay fresh, hip and very entertaining. I also believed it is filmed well. There is something about the set, costume designs and the actually filming of the show that makes it very marketable. The writing is also exceptional. And while Emily is wonderful as a heroine because Victoria Grayson is the vixen of the South Hamptons.

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