Review of a Most Creative Music Artist, Song Writer, Actor Named Georgie Swan

Georgie Swan

Permission granted by Music Artist (Georgie Swan) to use his photo in writing this hub..
Permission granted by Music Artist (Georgie Swan) to use his photo in writing this hub..

Talented Performing Artist

Georgie Swan is the music artist to watch. His career is growing, and he caught my attention as an up and coming new music artist over a year ago. He has a wonderful outlook on life and a wonderful positive personality. Over the past year we have supported each other and followed each others careers as we work toward our dreams.The reason I can relate to music is because of the fact that I have been supportive of other music artist in the past, and can truly appreciate a good music sound. My years of playing saxophone in band and having my own band gave me a sense of what is good music. This music artist definitely has what it takes. Georgie is fighting his way to the top with my respect and great appreciation of his music. I have long loved the music of the well known groups of the UK. Years ago I supported the music of groups like the Beatles, Five, and music artist like Robie Williams, and Elton John and group Duran Duran. I rank Georgie among those that have been achievers of greatness in music. I truly am blessed to have made a long distance friendship with this talented young man and to be able to watch his career and to listen to his music.. I am committed to see his dreams come true, and so I write this hub for the world to get to know Georgie Swan, the music artist and actor.

Georgie writes music that has his soul tied into it. The song "I believe " is a powerful song that shows the depths of Georgie Swan and yet on the other hand he can create songs that make you want to dance in the club like "Shake Your Body". He worked with talented producers like Neil Bentley,and Steve Norman. Georgie's talent goes beyond his songs. He is also an actor an has acting parts in some dynamic films.

He asked his facebook friends to help him make the charts out there in music land by listening to his music, but i feel he is already going up on the charts, and I would like to see his music appreciated around the world. All those of you in the UK, then know you have an advantage to being there to see him in action, as he sings in the clubs or on special gigs. One day i would love to see him on tour in the United States, and to say I knew him, when he was working his way to the top. He is definitely a uniquely talented music artist that needs play time. Please go and follow this artist and help him make it to the top of the charts. If you get a chance, then go to the box office and see his movies that he plays in. If you are in a major record label this guy should be snatched up and given a contract for his talent. He really has talent that is catchy.

Update for 2012-

In 2011 Georgie Swan was a dynamic music artist that caught my attention. I thought this music artist was good in the past, but he has become so much more. He writes his own music, and he is a dynamic actor as well. To top all this off Georgie takes time to support groups that care about young people with Dyslexia. How many music artist take it to the top. Not only does he write this own music, but he takes time to act and also to help others. I have been impressed since he launched his career, but I must say he is doing it again. He is pushing the limit with more music and more talent just waiting to go viral. Let me be the first to spread this virus around the world. Please listen to his music and help me do it. The launching of his career to go viral must come from his fans.

I have to admit I am just dying to listen to Georgie's new stuff he is writing in 2012. Now come on readers and become listeners of one of the great talents that is budding out there in music land. His club music gets your body moving and his serious music makes you feel the vibes that flow from his voice, when he sings songs like Believe. His music is also featured in movies like "Psychosis". Crank it up fans the music is coming your way. All you got to do is listen and pass this link around to your fan base on twitter and social media.

Let's make Georgie Swan's music #1 on the charts in the UK. Oh and by the way America you need to be adding him as well on the charts. Producers, management, studios take note- Georgie is coming your way with talent and more talent.

In 2013 Georgie has been busy working to help children and those in need of help by performing at benefits for them. He is going one day to open his own business in the world of talent. He is amazing and has a lot of talent both in music and in acting. Help support Georgie by supporting his causes. If you live in the Uk, then stay tuned in for any special concert event that he might be part of.

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Comments 18 comments

Barbara 5 years ago

Totally agree..

G Fan 5 years ago

Beautiful piece and article! I Believe ;)

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

Please be sure you visit Georgie Swan's music on Reverb Nation and check out the movie promo on Psychosis.

Georgie Fan 5 years ago

I love his music

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

It is time to get behind this music artist and actor and help him to become all he wants to be. He is talented and needs your support as a fan. He has played in the movie called "Psychosis" and his music is featured in the movie.

Kelly 5 years ago

I saw him sing this saturday! one word, WOW! is he's cd on iTunes??

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

Kelly I have been following him for some time and yes he is unique, creative, and most talented. He needs to be up there with all the other great music artist. I fully support his efforts to attain his dreams. So everyone go and listen to him in person, if you can. Listen to his music on sites that support him, and get the word out. Vote him number one on the charts.

Swan fan 5 years ago

I think his singing in London next weekend?? do you know where i can find out? :o)

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

I will ask him and post it back on this hub for you about where he is singing.

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

Georgie says he is singing on the 11th which is a Sunday in Colchester city centre for a Christmas festival day. I hope that will help you Swan fan.

Swan fan 5 years ago

THANK YOU lady blue ! do you know the time?

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

I will see if he can tell me and I will repost hopefully shortly.

Swan fan 5 years ago


ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

He says he is on at 3 PM UK time. Hope you can go and see him perform!

nice piece 5 years ago

i just listened to he's music, super stuff!

Blue fan 4 years ago

He's cute ;-)

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 4 years ago from United States Author

Georgie is definitely a nice looking guy but more important he is a most talented guy. He is an actor and a music artist. Please help request him in your area and also listen to his work. He would definitely appreciate your support.

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 3 years ago from United States Author

Georgie is still working on helping children. He dedicates himself to helping those in need, and that is how I met Georgie ,and he is still someone to follow in the future in the world of acting and music. I just wanted to let everyone know that Georgie is as dedicated today as he was the day I wrote this review. If you get the chance to attend one of his benefit performances or see him perform in the future, then I hope you will enjoy his work as much as I have enjoyed writing about him.

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