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I have always loved the sounds of instrumental guitar. Johannes Linstead is a musician that writes powerfully soul filing music. It is an intimate and passionate feeling you get with his music. You could easily sit down with a glass of wine or across a table with your eyes upon the one you connect with. There is never a day that I could not find myself tied into the music of the Spanish sounding guitar.

There has always been a longing inside of me to play music on the guitar like Johannes plays. My fingers never would cooperate, and it felt too tough to touch the steel of the guitar strings without being uncomfortable to the touch of my fingers. I played all other instruments but could never grasp the playing of the guitar in the way Johannes makes it sound. Hats off to all those that can make a guitar have soul and feeling. That is really a talent that I always wanted to have. He has been named Canada's "Guitar of the Year to four of his best albums", and I can say that I certainly do agree with this honor. Johannes most certainly has gained my attention.

Johannes Linstead was writing a song at the time 911 happened and his message to the world that he produced on a video is one of universal peace. Since that day, then he feels it is note worthy and has taken his message to You Tube. It is taking things like greed and turning it into generosity, and lies to truths, and wars to peace. He sends out a powerful message through his music and hopes for the world that we live in. He is not a musician about himself, but he is a musician who wants to bring forth a change in our environment, and it is with great fondness of his music that I support his cause and his music.

You can go to and find samplings of Johannes Linstead's music. Take a glass of lemonade, or a glass of wine, and romantic date or your soul mate, and connect your sound to some great speakers and just think chill out and enjoy songs like: "Night Dance", "Durango", "Twilight", and "1000 Veils"."All She Is", and these are just some of about 52 songs that he has written. I promise that he will make your spirit rise above your worries and take you where the sun rises and sets. I could be sitting by the shores of the sea hearing the waves come in or, and I can even envision standing upon the highest mountain terrains and looking over the valley below. There is just no other feeling than the music that fills your spirit like the flight of an eagle or a hawk. He takes you where you can take flight into music.

Update for 2013 on Johannes music:

Johannes has really made his presence known, since I first discovered his music on the internet. He is currently performing in concerts, and if you get the chance, then please go and check his music out. You would be in for a real treat. He has written so many good songs, and for the love of a good guitarist that I would till this day still recommend his music to all those of you that love acoustic style Spanish/Latin music, You will be really entertained by his work. I invite you to go and like him on face book , because he is setting a goal for 5000 likes. I know I had to be one of them that liked his music. You will also find his albums have hit the charts from Canada to the US and all around.

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ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

I would like to thank Johannes Linstead for placing the link to this hub on his official site. His music grows on the listener. Please go and sample his work. He is truly a guitar master.

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

When the weather is cold and your heart needs warmth, then go and listen to the rich music of Johannes Linstead. I am sure you will be delighted with his flair for the guitar.

whonunuwho 5 years ago

I think your music is great and wish you all the best. Ladybluewriter you were right on about this guitarist. I love his style of music and thanks for sharing it with me.

Johannes 23 months ago

Gracias! :)

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