Padosan is a Mind Refreshing Hindi Film

My native language is Bangla but from my childhood I've been listening to hindi songs although I didn't know Hindi those days. It's melody was very attractive to me. Bangla language is also rich in songs. Kazi Nazrul Islam and specially Rabindranath Tagore have enriched Bengali songs. When I grew up I started to listen to my neighboring country’s hindi songs. Hindi film songs are great too. Kishore kumar is one of the greatest singers in hindi songs. For a long time I only listen to his great songs. It came to my notice that he is an actor too and wonderfully a comedian actor.

Old hindi films are rarely available in my country. At last I found some of his great films where he acted as a comedian. One of them I found very interesting is ‘Padosan’ which means ‘neighbor.’ I enjoyed the film too much. The story of this film is taken from one of a Bengali novel ‘Pasher Barhi’ means neighboring house. In this film the actor Mehmood who is a prominent hindi film comedian acted very nicely. In this film he is a south Indian music master who trains music a young college student Bindu. Bindu’s young neighbor Bhola wants to conquer her heart. The music master also loves her. Bhola is also a member of a local drama group which is headed by a guru. The guru is Kshore Kumar who knows everything. He tried Bhola to learn music but failed. Bhola can’t sing but singing is the only way to conquer Bindu’s heart. After several times efforts of teaching Bhola singing songs, Guru realized that Bhola wouldn’t sing at all. Then an idea came to his mind. He asked Bhola lisping to his song. This time Bhola becomes success. At last it was revealed to Bindu that Bhola is not the actual singer. She got angry with this deception. She threatened Bhola. She told her father to arrange the marriage with her music master. This time too the Guru comes forward to save Bhola. He arranges a fake suicide for Bhola and informs Bindu that Bhola has committed suicide. Bindu comes leaving her marriage ceremony.


She started to cry for Bhola. She urged Bhola to come back. In the mean time the music teacher comes to see Bhola. He was moved by Bhola’s love for Bindu. Bhola who was lying on the bed pretending dead started to move his head slightly and calling Bindu, Bindu…. Bindu gets life and the film ends. Anyone on this earth can enjoy this classic hindi movie even if one doesn’t know hindi.       

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thefundu profile image

thefundu 5 years ago from India

What songs, what a movie....anytime watch...

upal19 profile image

upal19 5 years ago from Dhaka Author

Thanks Amit. Thanks for stopping by.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

Thank you for this fine film review. I will look for it on Netflix right now, based on your recommendation.

upal19 profile image

upal19 5 years ago from Dhaka Author

Thank you sir James for coming. It's a Hindi film. Dialogues are in Hindi yet you'll feel nice to watch this surpassing classic Hindi film.

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