Riddick (2013)

Vin Diesel got his break way back in 2000 with the great horror-sci-fi movie Pitch Black. He also starred in sequel the Chronicles of Riddick as the title character Riddick. Unfortunately Chronicles of Riddick did not live up to its predecessor. In fact it played out as a completely different movie all together. The first one was a fun yet tense movie with amazing creatures and the second really wasn’t anything to marvel at. It was more of a mid-century tale in space. Since then Diesel has gone on to be a huge star so it was a bit surprising when he deiced to return one more time as Riddick.

Riddick kicks off five years after the events of “Chronicles” and shows an injured and betrayed Riddick (Vin Diesel) trying to survive the harsh environment of a desolate planet. He soon explores the wasteland of a planet and begins to realize that surviving is impossible. He only has one choice if he wants to get off the planet alive and that’s to hitch a ride on a ship. He triggers a beacon that soon attracts the attention of two teams of bounty hunters who have their crosshairs set on Riddick’s head.

David Twohy the writer and director of all previous Riddick films has not only made up for “Chronicles” but has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Not only has does it have everything that made the first film great but it also has a lot more. The inclusion of the two bounty hunter team keeps the plot fresh and interesting. Twohy has done a great job putting together a film that would not only make fans of the Riddick series happy but fans in general. From the acting to the action scenes to the screenplay.

Waiting for his prey.
Waiting for his prey.

Vin Diesel as always does a great job at portraying Riddick. The cool as ice, stealthy assassin with his one liners and night vision sight. The rest of the cast do a great job as well but none of them ever pop up as have the same on screen impact as Diesel. There are a lot of really great action scenes that set this apart from the other two movies mainly because this time around the crew had a lot more money to work with.

Riddick is an action pack, hard hitting, fun ride that should be enjoyed by all Riddick fans. It brings the series back to what made it great and also adds in a few extra surprises. Riddick is a movie that I would recommend to any fan or sci-fi film or Diesel fans, 4 out of 5.


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