Road of Dreams

Road of Dreams


Road of Dreams
by Chuck RitenouR 6-19-2K10

Verse 1:
I had a dream, I chased down the road
through the summer's heat and the winter's cold
on the mountain high and the valley low
I chased my dream, chased it down the road.

Verse 2:
Once I had a sweet blue eyed girl
and Lord, she was my whole world
but I lost her love so the story goes
while chasin' my dream down the road.

Yeah, I was lost on the road of dreams
where angels walk and the devil schemes
where many a man has lost his soul
while chasin' his dream down the road.

Verse 3:
Now my hair is grey and my eyes are dim
but I'm packin' my bags for the road again
dreaming of a paradise with streets of gold
and I'm chasin' my dream down the road


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Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

The story of many a life. At least the focus is now on eternity and a better road ahead.

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