Robin Meade Swimsuit

Robin Meade in a swimsuit

Anyone can see that Robin Meade is gorgeous. You may not have known that Robin became in a swimsuit 1992. (Although some people say Robin Meade was in a swimsuit 1993.)

Her pageant life started by winning the Miss Firelands Festival Title (Ohio) in 1986. Later in 1987 she won the Huron County Junior Miss title. Robin later attended Malone College and went on to graduate from Ashland University in 1991.

In 1990 she had won the Miss Parma Heights contest and was in the in a swimsuit Pageant for the first time, winning the preliminary swimsuit contest award that year. In 1991 she won the Miss Ashland contest and again participated in the in a swimsuit Pageant and was a semi finalist that year.

Winning the Miss Mansfield 1992 title, Robin Meade again tried for the in a swimsuit Crown. This time she succeeded and became in a swimsuit in 1992. Hurray! We love you, Robin.

And many people say that Robin Meade's legs are sexy and elegant. Some people watch CNN Headline News just to see her legs!

Robin Meade's swimsuit talent was Popular Vocal and she chose "Alexanders Ragtime Band" as her feature song, which all New Londoners [Robin's hometown] remember fondly.

After spending the summer traveling the state of Ohio. She went to Atlantic City in September 1993 to represent Ohio in the Miss America Contest. Her platform was "The Importance of Buying American Made Goods."

The little five foot five inch, 110 lb brown haired, hazel-eyed beauty Robin Meade, age 23, captured one of the top ten finishes in the Miss America pageant 1993. Great job, Robin!

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