Rust and Bone Soundtrack List & Song in the Trailer

Rust and Bone Movie Soundtrack

Update - The Rust and Bone soundtrack album contains 26 tracks from Azari, John Cooper, The B-52's, Lykke Li, Carte Blanche, White & Spirit, Django Django, Colin Stetson and of course, Alexandre Desplat.

The official soundtrack for Rust and Bone is a packed one. In my opinion, it's one of the best soundtracks this year. Containing 28 tracks, it features 18 tracks from composer Alexandre Desplat and 10 songs from various artists like Colin Stetson and one of my favorite singers right now, the always amazing Bon Iver. Iver has not one but two songs in the soundtrack. I couldn't be happier. These two songs are Wash and The Wolves (Act I and II). I haven't seen the movie yet since they haven't shown it here in my country but I'm hoping they will screen it by the start of next year. I've seen the trailer though and a few clips and it does look splendid. Reviews by those who saw the film at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival are mostly positive. So this is definitely a film I'm looking for ward to see. The movie is shot in French since it's a French-Belgian movie but I don't care as long as they have English subtitles in there.

Rust and Bone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Rust and Bone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

This soundtrack album is a must-have if you loved the movie.


Soundtrack List

Artists featured in the soundtrack are Alexandre Desplat, Bon Iver, Azari, John Cooper Clark, The B-52's, Lykke Li, Carte Blanche, Alexis Taylor, White & Spirit, Django Django, and Colin Stetson.

1. Wash by Bon Iver
2. Reckless (With Your Love) [Tiga Remix] by Azari
3. Evidently Chickentown by John Cooper Clark
4. Love Shack by The B-52's
5. I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) by Lykke Li
6. With You by Carte Blanche featuring Alexis Taylor
7. Sexy Phone Girls' Fantasies by White & Spirit
8. Firewater by Django Django
9. The Wolves (Act I and II) by Bon Iver
10. All the Days I've Missed You by Colin Stetson
11. De rouille et d'os by Alexandre Desplat (all the tracks below are also by Alexandre Desplat)
12. Le lac
13. Le train
14. La plage
15. Marine land
16. 1er combat
17. L'hôpital
18. Stéphanie
19. Les Paris
20. L'Orque
21. 2ème combat
22. Sam
23. La loi du supermarché
24. Le combatant
25. Stéphanie et Sam
26. Naissance de l'amour
27. Ali
28. Undercurrent


Rust and Bone Trailer Song

The song in the trailer is by M83. It's called My Tears Are Becoming A Sea.

About The Movie -Directed by Jacques Audiard, Rust and Bone is about a struggling man falling in love with a killer whale trainer. It's adapted from a short story collection by Canadian short story writer and novelist Craig Davidson. The film stars Marion Cotillard opposite Matthias Schoenaerts.

The Two Songs by Bon Iver in the Album

1. Wash
2. The Wolves (Act I and II)

In case you want to know the title of the soaring song featured in the trailer, it's My Tears Are Becoming A Sea by M83.

Trailer Two

Whale Clip

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