Ok. I watched 1, 2, 3 but after that I made an oath not to watch any more SAW's just because frankley - I thought they were taking the mickey. But then, everyone made such a hype about this 3D one and how amazing it would be, so I thought I'd go and give it a fair chance.

I laughed the whole way through it to be honest. I think they totally OD'ed on the Gore factor which took away from the story line and made it have less affect because the whole thing was one big gore fest, in my opinion.

The effects weren't up to much and in true SAW manner - the acting was pretty below average.

All in all, I'm glad I went but I would say this had more comedic moments in it for me than anything actually scary. Not the best outcome for apparently the scariest movie of the year...

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chenderson00 profile image

chenderson00 5 years ago from South Carolina

So glad someone else sees my point of view. My fiance is dying to see it, and I'm not really willing to. This review adds to my dread of watching it! At least I'll get a good laugh!

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