SKY & Virgin - How to get more channels for FREE - tips & bartering techniques


Many of us buy our television provider, such as SKY, Virgin, or BT, and we tend to stay with them for many years on end. This is because firstly humans do not like change - we like to keep within our comfort zone, so we very rarely consider changing our providers. Secondly we become confused with the contracts that are holding us to that service provider - we think that is going to more hassle than it is worth and therefore we forget about it again. Thirdly - we are not sure what other providers offer . If you fall into any of the 3 categories than there is a fantastic chance that you can save some money on your television and probably get some more channels at the same time - without much effort and without many problems. Here is what you need to do.

  • Find out how much you are paying for your services. If you use a phoneline and internet as well as the TV then add it all up together so that you have your total package cost.
  • Phone up a competitor to your television service. Therefore if you are currently with SKY then you could ring up Virgin - or vice versa. On the phone you need to explain that you are looking to change because you feel that you are being over charged for the service that you are receiving.
  • 10 Minutes later you will have an offer which is very likely to be better than your current one. - Especially if you have not changed providers for quite a few years - you could be very shocked with how much you can save now.
  • Now phone your provider, and explain the quote you have been given by the competitor - you need to make a very strong statement that you will leave them if they cannot match this offer.
  • Notice how quickly the offer is suddenly matched.
  • Now the offer is matched you have leverage - what can they offer you to swing it their way. If you are going to be paying the same amount for either provider then you should see what they will offer you. Normally this will be extra channels, or a better package, absolutely free.
  • Make sure that you have the right phone numbers which you can obtain from the websites of the SP's.

Many of us make the common mistake of not liking change. Sometimes it is far better to embrace change rather than oppose to it. Change is usually for the better and in the long term we can seek many benefits from it. By constantly changing your service providers - in gas, electricity, tv etc, by using the method above, then you really will get prices and cannot no wrong!

Enjoy a cheaper television bill!

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