Sales Patter

Can I help you Sir?
Can I help you Sir?

You get that on the big jobs...

... Something a friend of mine use to say to customers worried about minor imperfections in his work. It seemed to do the trick and the person would nod happily, safe in the knowledge that, yes, sometimes these things did happen on larger jobs!

Another example of inventive sales patter I received was from a BMW salesman. On opening the boot of the car I noted that it had one of those cheapo space saver spare wheels despite there being plenty of room for a full size one. I politely asked the salesman why BMW didn't put in a proper spare wheel, he quickly replied, "They do that to maintain the 50/50 weight distribution of the car!!??" I thought about this and said that I was planning to, sometimes, have passengers in the back seats and, maybe, even luggage in the boot but was now unsure as this may affect the weight distribution and send the car flying off the road!

I guess sales people are exactly that and have a game plan to get the sale, maybe involving some off the cuff remarks to placate the customer.

Have any of you been on the receiving end of an "inventive" sales pitch? Or maybe you are a salesperson yourself who has a few of these "informative" quips in your back pocket to casually deflect inquisitive customers? If so, comments below please!

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