Saturday Night Live (SNL) - The Killer Christmas Trees

SNL Killer Christmas Trees
SNL Killer Christmas Trees

Saturday Night Live - The Killer Christmas Trees Sketch

Detective: [into phone] Yeah. Yeah, that's what I said. You heard me! They're killer Christmas trees! ... They're desperate trees, Chief, they won't just settle for tinsel and candy canes - they want blood. ... I don't know, Chief, they're some kind of mutant! ... Well, they hear the traditional Christmas hymn "O Tannenbaum" and then they kill. ... Looks like we've got a full-scale ecological disaster on our hands. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Yeah. All right.

To me, one of the funniest (and most surreal) sketches they ever did on the "old" Saturday Night Live was The Killer Christmas Trees.
It was way back when on the second season of SNL, and that night the guest host was Candice Bergen and the musical guest was Frank Zappa.
Okay, with Zappa there, it was surreal enough.
Wow...I am REALLY dating myself here huh?
A lot of you readers will have to Google Candice Bergen and Frank Zappa to find out who they even are.
Anyway, the cast for the sketch was Garrett Morris as the singer, Dan Aykroyd as a Detective, John Belushi as Lieutenant Bushakis, Candice Bergen as Miss Vaveseur, Gilda Radner as Mrs. Rodriguez, Tom Schiller as Lieutenant Nagey and Frank Zappa as the Suspect.

Of course, with this being SNL there was also the classic (to me at least) "Consumer Probe" with Dan Aykroyd as Irwin Mainway and Jane Curtin as the Consumer Reporter, "Santi-Wrap," for making sure you don't pick up any germs from the Department store Santas, "Adopt John Belushi For Christmas" and the very disturbing "Let's Kill Gary Gilmore For Christmas."
I actually think my Mother finally got up and left the room in disgust during the Gary Gilmore number. You have to realize, back then SNL was comparable to South Park today in getting parents riled up.

I would love to actually show you the sketch, but after looking high and low on the internet, I couldn't even find a clip.
I even checked Amazon's Video on Demand and the clip for the show there was the Patty Hearst skit.
(Okay, look up Patty Hearst now...)
It seems that all SNL references must be within the past two years to be relevant any more.
I guess Dan, John and Gilda just aren't funny today.
Probably your best bet is just buying the Saturday Night Live DVD for season two, or renting it.

The closest thing I could find was a page with a few small pictures and a transcript of the sketch which you can see here:

UPDATE: Kingship found the actual video!
One million internets to him!
(Or her...I don't know)
Anyway, here is the original sketch in all it's glory!

Saturday Night Live - The Killer Christmas Trees
Saturday Night Live - The Killer Christmas Trees
Frank Zappa in the line up
Frank Zappa in the line up

Doctor Who - Killer Christmas Trees

And the idea of Killer Christmas Trees didn't stop there with SNL.
Observe how the Tenth Doctor, Rose and company were menaced by spinning tinsel covered death!

The Killer Christmas Trees Makes Gawker's List

Though it seems lost in the past, Gawker named "The Killer Trees" as one of the The Best Saturday Night Live Christmas Skits of All Time.
They are in no particular order but it did make the list.

Saturday Night Live Christmas

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The Killer Christmas Trees Comments 7 comments

Bieberella profile image

Bieberella 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

It's too bad you can't find a clip. I would love to watch that!


sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

I know!

I looked everywhere just knowing I'd find at least a clip!

Kingship 6 years ago

Albertttt profile image

Albertttt 6 years ago

Ah, Saturday Night Live. Oh, for the good old days.

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

Kingship: Thank you so much!

That's it!

habee profile image

habee 6 years ago from Georgia

Dang! How did I miss this episode??

sandy 5 years ago

In my family we just look at each other and sing "oh tannebaum" in that weird voice and laugh. If you recall, the tree sang this line, then attacked (by pushing a branch through a person's back after it shimmied up behind him). It's one of my favorite sketches of all time.

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